SIM:Transfer of Command of Independence-A 238402.07

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((Bridge of the USS Independence-A))

::Jessa stood on the bridge next to the Command Chair. Seated in the chair was acting CO Michael Caragan. Running his fingers over the leather armrests one final time, he rose slowly to his feet.::

Anassasi: Commander Caragan, I relieve you.

:: Mike turned to face the ghost captain of the Ithassa region. He smiled. ::

Caragan: I stand Relieved. Computer, this is Commander Michael Caragan. Transfer all command codes to Admiral Jessa Anassasi and log her as Commanding Officer as of stardate 238402.07. Lieutenant Commander Riley note Admiral Anassasi's assumption of Command in the logs.

Riley: Response?

Computer: =/\= Confirmed. All command codes transferred to Admiral Jessa Anassasi, stardate 238402.07. =/\=

::Mike offered a hand to the Admiral. ::

Caragan: Relief noted Admiral, welcome aboard! She's a fine ship that will serve you well for many years to come.

:: Jessa smiled, accepted the terran's hand. ::

Anassasi: Thank-you, Commander. You have command of DS17 while we are gone. Take care of her for us. She's a bit beaten up but has a heart of gold. Dismissed.

:: Snapping off a salute, Mike exited the bridge. Jessa watched him go before turning to the hybrid terran. ::

Anassasi: I believe we have a briefing on Deck two. Shall we?