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Malcolm begins his time as Operations Commander at StarBase 118.

::Breathing deeply, I sit down into my chair. The leather is soft, and the stuffing is deep. No expense was spared here. With PADD in hand I read over my new officers. I nod to myself as I find them agreeable, and place the PADD back on the desk::

::A StarBase!! How many captains get to command a StarBase?! This is great...::

OPS: =/\= Sir, all new officers for the CC have arrived and are waiting for orders. =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Alright. Tell them I'd like to see them all in the command lounge in 10 minutes. =/\=

::I stand and stretch. It's been a long night... Othello was up all night complaining of stomach pains and a headache. Rubbing my temples slowly I feel sorry for the kid. Sickbay couldn't even do anything for him besides prescribe lots of fluids, and give him a hypo. I'll have to check on him in a little while::

LYSANDER: oO To the lounge. This place is huge... miles of corridor I'll never see, and I command the place! I knew just about every inch of the Bellepheron. Oo

::The lounge is comfy like my ready room. It's just recently been renovated with all new lighting, and a dark, but crisp navy-blue look. Slowly the fifteen or so ((yes, I know there's not that many of us, but we'll also have some Non-playing Characters too :) )) enter and sit. Finally, I take my place at the head of the table and begin::

LYSANDER: You are now a part of the one of the most under-appreciated crews in this fleet. But you're also one of the most noble, and overworked. ::I smile as I see the look on their faces. Somewhere between "What have I gotten my self into...?" and "What's the procedure for transferring out of here?":: You watch over the operations of thousands upon thousands of people, 18 verticle miles of deck, and the comings and goings of an uncountable number of ships and shuttles. Our job is both interesting and taxing. Be ready for that.

::I push a few of the touch sensitive areas on the desk to bring up a display of the notes I planned for this meeting:: Our first order of business is getting you all acquainted with your posts. Please be sure to check in at them, in the CC as soon as possible. Next --

::There is a beep and I am cut off::

OPS: =/\= Captain, we have an emergency here on the bridge. =/\=

::I look to the crew::

LYSANDER: It starts already.

OPS: =/\= Excuse me, sir? =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= We'll be there in a minute... =/\= Alright folks, look like we're going to be getting started with the urgent matters of a StarBase sooner than we thought. Everyone report to their stations on the bridge.

::They all stand as I stride out of the lounge and down the small corridor into the CC. People are bustling everywhere as we step inside. I raise an eyebrow and move to my command seat, between the two other, unfilled chairs, in the center of the room. The new crew takes their positions::

LYSANDER: Tactical, explain our situation please. ::Locke stands behind the TAC officer who's currently sitting, and waits for him to finish the order before moving::

TAC: A transport ship from Earth brought in some type of alien articfact at 0500 hours today. Upon delivering the artifact to a cargo bay to be catalogued and readied for experimentation, an officer discovered that the artifact was eminating a high pitch frequency. A science team was sent in to investigate, and just a few moments ago, the artifact exploded, destroying the cargo bay and killing twelve members of the team.

LYSANDER: Damage? ::I look to Janvier who has taken his position at OPS::

JANVIER: Three cargo bays are completely destroyed. The hull was breached, but a field was erected by the computer immediately.

LYSANDER: Alright, bring the base to yellow alert. Gugarin, Hede, Jones and Atrayu, I want you four to go down there and begin an investigation. Bizak, I need to know if that explosion caused any other problems in the surrounding areas on the base. Janvier, contact Earth. I want to know more about that artifact. Locke, keep an eye on incoming and leaving ships, we need to know if someone initiated this problem, or if it was purely from the artifact itself.

::With that, I stand and leave the CC for my ready room again. I have some investigating to do for myself::

Frightening News

The investigation into the destroyed artifact continue, and Lysander receives frightening news about his son.

LYSANDER: oO Such is the life of a StarFleet captain... Someone once said that. I don't remember who, but someone. Oo

::I nip my nails as I sit and think at my desk. StarFleet sends us an artifact to experiment on. It explodes. People die... what the heck is this? Why didn't it blow up at StarFleet instead of on the base? None of this works out in my head... I look down at my desk and review the names of the dead. Incredible... over twenty!::

BIZAK: =/\= Bizak to Capt. Lysander, Sir, the explosion knocked out some of the relays to the inertial dampers surrounding the cargo bay and it could effect the whole deck. I don't know how long it's going to take me to fix it. I was thinking, it might be a good idea to warn the crew, they may start to feel sick, the fluctuations are quite severe. =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Very well. Lysander out. =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Lysander to all crew within three decks of the explosion: Please note that inertial dampeners are experiencing some problems. Check in with your nearest equipment officer for the needed garb to work in those areas. All other officers should evacuate to shelters within the vicinity. =/\=

::Messages begin scrolling over my desk concering the blast. Various officers are reporting in the damage, and further injuries. Valleri has retreated to sickbay to help the wounded::

LYSANDER: =/\= Lysander to Valleri: What kind of injuries are you finding? Any patterns here that would lead us to some kind of conclusion on what happened? =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Lysander to Janvier: I'd like you to immediately pull up all visual records the computer has of that explosion and begin investigating what you can. Work with the team that's on the site tow piece things together. =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Lysander to Locke: Have you noticed anything suspicious about the ships coming and leaving? Also, find the records on the ship that brought us that artificat and tell me everything you can about it. =/\=

::I grab a PADD and scribble in a note to the crew: "All staff on the investigation of the explosion should have a preliminary report ready by 2100 hours. You are then relieved of duty until tomorrow, at 0900 hours when I'd like to see everyone in the staff lounge for a meeting regarding security on the station."::

::With that, I stand and leave my ready room, handing the CC over to Solari Riven, our XO.::

LYSANDER: Deck 782.

::The turbolift, which was already waiting and ready, drops rapidly as I lean against the back wall of the capsule. I wonder what Othello's been doing today... poor guy, probably still feeling ill. Closing my eyes for a moment, I listen to the hum of air as it flows by the outside of the walls. My stomach tightens. What if it got worse while I was gone?::

LYSANDER: Computer, priority two! Hurry it up!

::The turbolift drops faster as the computer reroutes other lifts to make room for me. How come I didn't hear from him all day?! I step out between the barely open doors of the lift and head off in a jog towards my quarters.::

.oO Good goddess... what if he's been unconsious all day long... open damnit, open!! Oo.

::He's nowhere to be found inside the quarters. Did they already bring him to sickbay, without telling me?::

LYSANDER: COMPUTER! Location of Othello Lysander!!

COMPUTER: Othello Lysander is located in main sickbay.

::I don't stop. I don't think. I don't wait. I run.::

LYSANDER: Turbolift shaft twelve, lift ready when I arrive, computer! Destination, main sickbay, priority one!

::A response beep as the walls of the corridor blur behind me. My breathing is steady even as my heart pounds::

LYSANDER: oO It has to be serious if he's there... where IS this damn lift shaft?! Oh please... not today. Not here... Oo

::The wall slams into me as the doors slam shut. Every sound becomes louder. Climbing, climbing, and not feeling a thing. Smell of carpet. Feet hurt. Face hot. Othello...::

LYSANDER: Where is he?!

::The nurses look startled. Minor wounded crewmembers from the blast are lying in bio beds all the way down the long room::

NURSE JANICA: Captain... I presume you mean Othello?

::Head spinning::

JANICA: We tried to contact you, he just arrived a few minutes ago. <Oh please... no...> I'll bring you to him.

::A worried look in her eyes. I knew it...::

LYSANDER: What happened?

JANICA: The computer initiated a medical alert in your quarters. Apparently he began vomiting just a little while ago. ::She stops me and looks at me:: Captain, this is a serious illness that we haven't been able to diagnose yet. We need your understanding in that you must be rationale as we treat him.

LYSANDER: What do you mean?

JANICA: Right now he's in isolation, and you won't be able to go in. However, you can talk to him. We're going to do everything possible to fix the problem.

::I fall against the wall and cover my eyes. Tears forced back. I have to call Nell. Janica brings me to the window of the isolation room. It's a small cubicle, with enough room for a bio bed and a few people. The quarantine alert over the bed is blinking slowly, indicating that a shield is erected around the bed to prevent the spread. He looks so pale. I lean my head against the glass...::

LYSANDER: I'll be right back. ::I walk slowly out of sickbay and tap on the black wall panel::

COMPUTER: Initiating link to StarBase 12, Nell Lysander.

::The UFOP shield flashes for a few moments before a disgruntled and disheveled Nell arrives on screen::

NELL: YES Malcolm? I'm kind of busy here.

LYSANDER: No time for that now Nell. Othello's sick... very sick. ::Her face melts as her hands fly to cover her mouth::

NELL: What?! I'm on the next shuttle...

LYSANDER: Fine. I'll arrange it. You won't be able to see him though, he's in quarantine. ::Her eyes well:: I'll send you data on the transportation when I can. Malcolm out.

::I tap the panel and turn back into sickbay, still in a weary, shocked trance::

LYSANDER: =/\= Janvier, before you get started on reviewing that footage, I need you to arrange a transport from StarBase 12 to 118, as soon as possible, for Nell Lysander. Notify the crew that I'll be in sickbay if they need me. Lysander out. =/\=

::With that, I fall into the softness of a couch in sickbay.::


As Lysander takes vigil at his son's bed, it is soon realized that the Trills injured in the explosion need hosts immediately. Officer Bizak is distraught, and Lysander attempts to befriend her.

::Othello continues to lie, silently, on the bio bed. A look around this small area of sickbay, simply a cluster of quarantine rooms connected to the main sickbay area by a hallway. I can hear commotion at the end of the hall, and I stand, walking out::

::The din has died down from when I first came in. Most of the dead have been, or are being removed. All the seriously injured are being moved into a quieter area of the sickbay. I turn to my left to see two of my new officers speaking loudly::

BIZAK: But.... how? ...... Why? What's going on?  ::She grabbed hold of Valleri:: What about the symbionts? They can't all be dead? Have you contacted Trill? Are they sending new hosts? The symbionts need hosts and they need them now! Oh God!

LYSANDER: oO Isn't she a Trill...? Oo

JONES: ::Valleri pushes her away:: Get off me!  ::She brushed off her hands as if dusting of Taalia.:: Most of the symboyants are dead. Those that aren not are being taken care of. And, why do not you contact Trill?

::I am taken a little aback. Not exactly the kind of attitude we expect from our new CMO::

BIZAK: Val- I don't think you understand the seriousness of the situation.

JONES: Who is the medical officer? I know very well how devistating this situation is, and I have been at work for hours trying to correct it. And, if you have any more questions-

BIZAK: ::Begins to turn green:: What should I do if I get sick again-?

LYSANDER: oO Uh oh. Oo

JONES: Aim away from the crew members. Stay in sick bay if you like, but I will not be attending to you.

::I frown. This simply won't do... I watch as Jones storms off. Bizak stands, a little confused for the moment, before seeking out another nurse for help. Janica, I believe... she injects her with something for the nausea and Bizak is quickly shooed out. I lean against the wall for a little while, thinking about this entire situation. Bizak is a Trill, but was not effected by the artifact. She WAS here, at least for a little while, before the artifact blew up...::

::Soon enough Bizak returns. She says a few words and leaves, with me behind her. She walks slowly, boarding a turbolift, and eventually finding Valleri's quarters. I stand a good distance away as she enters, then leaves a few minutes later. I approach::

LYSANDER: Hello...

BIZAK: ::Cautiously:: Hello Captain...

LYSANDER: I'm interested to know about your Trill past. Care to join me for a drink?


Lysander and Bizak talk over drinks.


::The Tamarian Frost is sweet, just the way I like it. This girl... she is... intruiging. All she wants in the world is to be a host::

LYSANDER: What about your Vulcan heritage? Do you still deny it?

BIZAK: No, that was what go me into trouble in the first place. To be honest, I didn't really inherit that much. I've got the ears, and the logic. I can't mind meld, I don't control my emotions, although with training I could. I'm just trying to integrate using logic and trusting my emotions into my life. Which isn't as easy as I first thought.

LYSANDER: We all are. And we've all found the same thing. ::I sit back a little in the chair:: I remember when I first go to this StarBase, months ago. All of it was so new, so big. I've only served on two starship before, and neither was spectacular in any way. The Berlin was an Excelsior class ship. Interesting, so say the most. The Bellepheron was a Nebula class. Neither were like this. I could probably walk for years in this base and never see the same people. And yet... now my son won't have a chance to revel in that...

::My emotions stray::

LYSANDER: oO What am I thinking...? Why am I telling her this? Oo

LOCKE: =/\= Locke to Captain Lysander... =/\=

LYSANDER: ::I touch my badge:: =/\= Lysander here. =/\=

LOCKE: =/\= I believe we may have a problem captain... =/\=

New Revelations

Lysander begins the next day with a run, interrupted by Jones. He receives word that their new mission is to ensure the joining of the injured symbionts and new Trill hosts. New clues are discovered in the investigation into the explosion.

((2200 hours, day 1.))

LYSANDER: oO This is only the first day? Oo

::I rub my face as I sit at my desk and reflect on the day. Today's choice spot for drama seems to be sickbay. Othello is there now, still sick. Bizak is considering accepting the symbiont. Jones is no doubt throttling some of her medical staff::

LYSANDER: oO Nell, on her way... I only wish I didn't have to deal with her at my lowest point. Just her face... the memory of the times we had together. Those few days after Moth was killed, and Lucio... Oo ::shiver:: oO She was my only confidante, and my worse enemy. Her essence reminding me of Moth... That I couldn't keep us together... my worst failure by far. Mother's sadness when I told her still weighs heavily on me. Oo

::A sigh escapes me, and I open my eyes, confused::

LYSANDER: Computer, the time... ::I ask groggily::

COMPUTER: 0721 hours.

::I fell asleep::

LYSANDER: My back...

::Sitting up, I stretch. Everything cracks loudly. I should know better than to fall asleep sitting at my desk. Rolling my head, I stand and drag myself to the closet to change. Othello and I would usually go for a morning run now, but... I have to go alone this morning. My mind drifts to the day's tasks as I change into a jumpsuit and jog out of my quarters. Rounding the corner I speed to a sprint. The halls are just now beginning to show life. The gamma shift is fast asleep, and the alpha shift people are all at their posts. Beta staff are probably still asleep as well, making for peace and quiet all around::

::Crisp, cool air fills my lungs deeply. I'll be in the zone soon::

LYSANDER: oO Senior crew meeting at 0900 hours. End meeting at 1000 hours. Visit Othello at 1015 hours. Check on status of Nell's transport at 1115 hours. Lunch at 1130 hours... all other planning can wait till after then. Oo

::... Breath, breath, breath ...::

LYSANDER: oO Perhaps lunch with one of the crew? Locke maybe. Or howabout the new doctor? That could be an interesting experience, she's quite a card. Oo

::I turn sharply off of the curved hall, into the long, straight hall that runs from end of this deck of the base to the other. The base has this wonderful pattern of corridors on most of their decks. Two perpendicular halls running from one end of the base to the other. ... Breath, breath, breath ... An X, in essence. Then 'rings' of hallways getting successively smaller, starting at the outermost rooms and working their way in. Each hall is seperated, on average (depending on the deck) by about 50 feet. (Each standard housing unit is about 25 feet across, and they're back to back, so they're 50 feet apart.) This deck is only about two miles across, to it adds up to about six miles in total. I can run a six minute mile, so I'm usually done my entire morning workout in about 45 minutes. Breath, breath, breath...::

::Turning another corner I start down another curved corridor. A mile to the next straight corridor::

LYSANDER: oO The Trill... will they make it? Perhaps I should send a crew to rendevous with the incoming Trill hosts. I don't think the symbionts will make it if we wait much longer. Which ship though? Oo

::... Breath, breath, breath ...::

LYSANDER: oO I don't know if we have a mercy ship in dock with the capabilities to do a joining surgery. Of course, there IS another option. Oo

JONES: =/\= Jones to Captain Lysander! =/\=

LYSANDER: ::I tap my com badge:: =/\= Yes Ensign? =/\=

JONES: =/\= I need to see you in your ready room immediately! =/\=

LYSANDER: =/\= Can this wait? =/\= oO Base problems are important, but I _do_ have a life... Oo

JONES: =/\= I don't think so Captain... =/\=

LYSANDER: oO Of course not...Oo ::Sigh::

LYSANDER: =/\= Meet me there in five. =/\=

:: ... Breath, breath, breath ... Board the turbolift, order my deck, fall to the floor and do some situps. 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 36, 37, 38 ... stand, ... Breath, breath, breath ... jog to ready room. She's already there::


::I walk around the officer for half a minute. Catch my breath. It doesn't take much, that wasn't a full run, and my lungs are strong::

LYSANDER: Alright Doctor, what can I help you with?

JONES: Captain, we're having an outbreak of the same virus your son has. Extensive vomiting, comatose like symptoms... it's dangerous to the symbionts. Trill has made it very clear that the symbionts are to be protected at all costs.

::Nodding, I continue to walk slowly, thinking. My desk beeps quietly. Giving Jones a thoughtful glance I approach my desktop and look to find a message waiting. Fleet Admiral Wolf::

=/\= Incoming Message, Confidential =/\=
  • FROM: Fleet Admiral T. Wolf
  • TO: Captain Malcolm Lysander
  • SUBJECT: Trill situation.
  • PRIORITY: Confidential.

Trill has contacted Fleet command with information regarding their hosts. They've notified command that they have a ship en-route to the base to deliver the hosts for the symbionts, but it is not due to arrive for another 48 hours. As well, scans have picked up a hostile, incoming vessel, no doubt attempting to destroy the host-carrying transport. Take appropriate action.

=/\= Incoming Message, Confidential =/\=

::So like everything I know of Wolf. Timely, yet apathetic to true StarFleet concerns. He doesn't even specify if he wants me to send a ship out or what!! I frown and look to Jones::

LYSANDER: Prepare the symbionts for transport. We're going to meet an incoming transport carrying Trill hosts, en-route to the base. We'll be using the USS Tiger, which is at dock ... ::I reference with the computer:: 9. I'll see you at the meeting. Dissmissed.

::She leaves quickly to begin preperations as I sit down. I have a few things to do on my own to ready the crew. I'm going to need to take the new staff. They're suited for the job. And the Tiger is the best ship for the job at the moment. If we meet the Trill ship en route, we can transfer the symbionts to the other ship, and protect that ship during the joining process, if need be. The Tiger's a powerful ship, and can easily hold her own::

((Later, after a shower...))

::The crew is seated, finally. 0908 hours, not bad, but it could be better::

LYSANDER: Alright folks, here's the story. Trill is sending a ship to the StarBase with hosts for the symbionts. However, the symbionts are at high risk of death at the moment due to our outbreak of whatever this virus is. At the same time, we have an incoming hostile ship, most likely intent on stopping the hosts from reaching us. Thus, we'll be taking the USS Tiger to rendevous with the Trill hosts, and escort that ship back to Trill. After this meeting you are all to immediately return to your quarters and pack your away gear. I want everyone on the Tiger, and that includes all necessary symbionts and equipment Jones, by 1200 hours. We'll depart at 1230 hours. ::I decide to sit, myself:: I have a suspicion that this incoming ship, is none other than the delivery boy of our infamous artifact. Which leads us to our next point of business: Locke, your report please.

LOCKE: ::Locke gives his report, detailing information on the Maquis, and how they may have gotten the artifact into the base:: ...well, that's it, Captain. That's as much as my contact in Starfleet Intelligence could give me. With that and Dreckel's leaving the base, I think we have a connection to this artifact.

::Nodding, I think for a moment. We only have a few hours before leaving, but I want more information to take with us::

LYSANDER: You may be on to something, Ensign, but don't jump to conclusions without more evidence. Check into Dreckel's service record and search his cabin for anything connecting him to the explosion. Be quick about it. I need to have some evidence to take with us when we rendevous with the Trill hosts, should Dreckel, and, or, the Maquis ship show up.

LOCKE: Aye, aye, sir.

LYSANDER: And take a security team with you when you go. Alright everyone, you know what you have to do, meeting dissmissed.


As the StarBase crew departs to rendevous with the Trill hosts, Lysander muses on his new crew.


::The crew arrives late, as expected, and takes their posts::

LYSANDER: Alright crew, status report.

LOCKE: Tactical all ready, sir

ATRAYU: Yes Captain, all systems check out, Starbase 118 states we can now leave Docking Bay 9.

LYSANDER: Thank you Ensign.  ::looking to someone else:: The symbiants are onboard and stable?

JONES: ::Seated in the rear of the bridge at the medical panel:: Aye captain.

LYSANDER: Engineering?

BIZAK: ::From engineering:: =/\= All systems report normal captain. =/\=

LYSANDER: Alright then, Atrayu, you have the helm. Take us out please, 1/4 impulse.

::I take a seat in the command chair as the docking clamps disengage. Atrayu is cautious, and moves the ship out well, following the lit beacons along the way. Outside of the StarBase's bay doors, and past the warp marker, I give the command::

LYSANDER: Atrayu, pull up the coordinates for our rendevous point with the Trill host and set a course. Engage at warp 8.5. ETA?

::She takes a moment to make a few adjustments before we jump to warp

ATRAYU: Estimated Time of Arrival is 38 hours captain.

LYSANDER: You're all free to do as you wish. However, I want you all at your command posts at 0100 hours the day after tomorrow.

::The bridge crew stands and leaves, the backup crew replacing. This is a small ship, and there's only about 50 people onboard at the moment. Three bridge crews, as well as a number of engineering, and medical officers. I hand the bridge over to Solari Riven and head off myself. Within a few minutes I am in my quarters, checking on Othello's status. Nell won't be happy that I left before she could get there, but I don't have much of a choice. Othello's in a semi-stable condition, and he has some of the best doctors in this sector looking after him. With my personal things unpacked, I begin my first log::

LYSANDER: Captain's Log, stardate 9910.06

LYSANDER: The crew is amiable, to say the least. Our medical officer is a quirky one. Sometimes she's got a biting anger, other times she's wearing off-duty clothes made for prostitutes. To say the least, she's interesting. Our tactical officer will work well. He's a big man, with a strange past that including a life on a deserted planet with a Klingon. He's a loose cannon though, who doesn't follow orders as well as he should. I think he'll work well, but I'll need to keep my eyes on him.

LYSANDER: Bizak won't be taking the joining, I'm sure. She has no preparations and I think she knows that it just won't work at such short notice. Atrayu's been quiet, but she seems studious. I hope to get to know them all better in the next few days...

LYSANDER: And I think we'll have quite a chance. From the sound of it, we'll be facing at least one loaded Maquis vessel, maybe more. The question is, just how loaded, and what is it that they want from the Trill? Hopefully we'll have a chance to find this out. End log.

::I stand and leave my desk, changing into something more comfortable. With a quick check, I find most of my crew in the lounge. With my troubles quickly leaving my mind, the further we are from the StarBase, I walk down the comfortable halls of the Tiger. It's a new ship, and a fast, powerful one at that. From it's logs, I've read that a crew of captain level officers used this ship to discover what seems to be a new enemy... however, the further logs are locked, and I don't have the access to find out what exactly this enemy is. No matter, we won't be anywhere near where this ship's been. I do know that whatever happens, we'll be coming out on top... I hope::

::The doors of the lounge slide open. Most of the crew are sitting around a large round table, drinking. I smile at them and grab something slightly alcohol from the replicator, then sit. They are quiet::

LYSANDER: You don't have to stop talking just because I'm here. ::I lean forward:: What's the discussion?