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(( Crew Lounge - Deck 5 - USS Thunder-A ))

:: The Lounge was a spacious place with durasteel tables for the crew to eat at and in the corner, a group of gray couches of varying size for conversation and quiet moments. The part of the lounge that Nugra liked the best was the open view to the stars, which at the moment, were streaking by in the optical illusion of warp travel. ::

:: The lizard looked about at the empty place imagining in his mind how the crew would stand, the best place to position the senior staff. It was the sound of the door whishing open that woke him up from his thoughts. Turning, he saw Alucard approaching. ::

Nugra: Commander Vess, your suggestion of the crew lounge was an excellent idea. I think standing you and the captain in front of the viewport would be the best effect for the debriefing.

Vess: It'll be just yeh and me fer the first part. Is everythin' ready?

Nugra: Yes, sir. I've got the awards and the pips over there.

:: Nugra gestured to the spot on the gray couch near the viewport window where two little dark oak boxes sat closed and a purple velvet plate bearing the ribbons he had been told to replicate. It was only 10 minutes later when the crew of the USS Thunder began to enter. Like the security officer he was, he took up position by the rewards and guarded them from curious eyes and fingers. ::

::Once everyone had arrived, Alucard stepped forward. As one of the tallest on the ship, it was easy for everyone to see him, and eyes from all over the room fell on him.::

Vess: Before we begin, Ah just wanted t' say Ah appreciate how well yeh all performed during our unexpected mission. Ah know it wasna easy doing a shakedown and a mission at the same time, and yer stress levels were probably through the roof, but yeh handled it very well, and Ah'm proud of each of yeh. Do yeh have anythin' t' add Commander.

Nugra: I do not have a lot to say myself, except that you all preformed admirably in the situation at hand. You have my respect.

Vess: Would Chief Martinez and First Lieutenant Chip Bolden please come forward?

::When Martinez and Bolden had joined him and Nugra and turned to face the crowd, Alucard stepped in front of Hannah and accepted the first box held out by Nugra.::

:: Nugra made sure that each of his movements were crisp and precise as to the formal occasion as promotions were.

Vess: Chief, yer service t' this crew has been invaluable. Yer a weapons specialist by training but a... Jackie of all trades by experience. Yeh do work far above what's asked o' yeh. It's time yeh stepped into a role more suited fer yer abilities.

::He opened the box, revealing two round pips.::

Vess: Ah could keep yeh in the noncom track, but Ah feel that would stifle yer abilities. Because o' that, Ah hearby promote yeh t' Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Martinez: Thank you, sir.

::Nugra held out the other box as Alucard stepped in front of Chip.::

Vess: Lt Bolden, yer one o' our most experienced Marines. Whether it's flyin' a fighter, ground combat, or more secretive work, we can always count on yeh t' get the job done. ::He opened the box containing a double set of bars.:: This is long overdue. Ah promote yeh t' Marine Captain. In addition, fer yer injuries from this last mission Ah present yeh with the Purple Heart.

Bolden: response

::He allowed Nugra to present the ribbon, then stepped back for the next part. ::

:: With the promotions out of the way, Nugra picked up the velvet plate with the ribbons on it. ::

Nugra: Will, Mr. Hella, Parker, Martinez, Valentino and Somers could please step forward.

:: He waited for them to get up and form up in front of him. he removed the velvet cover and began to remove the ribbons and attach them to their uniform as he spoke. ::

Nugra: For your bravery in the face of great adversity and superior technology, your dedication to duty in a situation of almost certain death at the hands of the Thrallians, you steadfastly stayed the course and brought victory to this ship. For that courage, I have been authorized to present you each with the Silver star.

Parker: Thank you , Sir...

Martinez: Thank you , Commander....

Somers: Thank you sir, I am honoured ::Alex said as the medal was pinned on her chest.::

Vess: That was some great maneuvers yeh did out there. Yeh'd give m' Da a run fer his credits.

Nugra: Also, because of our contact with the Thrallians Star Fleet has authorized the Explorers Ribbon for the ship. Congratulations to all!

::A yeoman passed through the crowd dispersing the ribbons. Alucard was about to dismiss the crowd when he saw the Captain was stepping forward.::

Vess: Yeh have somethin' t' add, Captain?

Turner: ::grinning:: Yes, I would like to add something. ::taking a full pip from her pocket:: Alucard Vess, front and center. ::Taking the half pip from his collar, Toni replaced it with a third full pip.:: For the third time during my career, I have the honor of promoting one of starfleet's finest to the rank of Commander. With this pip, comes all the duties and privileges afforded to the rank, and I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more than you, Commander Vess. Congratulations, Alucard!

Vess: Thank yeh.