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((Deck 11, Main Engineering, USS Vigilant))

::Kael entered Main Engineering and for the second time today, Kael was brought out of his own thoughts by members of his crew. Looking up he noticed Dueld, and a young female Vulcan.::

taJoot: Si-- I mean, good morning, Lieut-- I mean, yeah, hi. This is T'Rella; T'Rella, this is Kael Thomas.

Thomas: Morning Ensigns.

T'Rella: Good morning, Lieutenant.

taJoot: Oh, we were just trying to finish up the big To Do list, before we pass it out to the department. You and I got most of it, but we still don't have enough people to cover transporter duty and get everything else done. I was wondering if we could bug Science for people?

Thomas: Excellent. I was just about to get to that. Ensign T'Rella could you call together all the Engineering staff, and Operations Staff to duty and to meet for a meeting here in Engineering in five minutes?

T'Rella: Of course.

::Kael turned to Dueld, who, despite his status amongst the crew, looked quite uncertain and at unease.::

Thomas: Dueld, I'd like you to take a team and inspect the outside of the Vigilant.

taJoot: Yes s-- sssshure, I can do that. We'll grab some mag boots from one of the EVA lockers, unless you think there are places the hull can't handle people walking on it yet.

Thomas: The construction to the oustide should be entirely complete. Additionally it would be handy to have you on hand out there, should we need to make any adjustments.

taJoot: No problem, I'm on i--

Handley: =/\= Page to Foster, Matthews and taJoot â€" we have more work to do in Prak Zel. See you at the transporter room in thirty minutes.=/\=

taJoot: =/\= Aye, sir. =/\=

Thomas: Well Ensign, it looks like you've got work elsewhere.

taJoot: ::blowing out a breath:: I'd rather be working here, sir. It's a lot warmer, and I'd have some idea what the heck I was doing.

Thomas: Just don't stir up any trouble. We're not quite ready to take off just yet!

::As the young Ensign left, the Engineering Bay was quickly starting to fill up. This was going to be a long few days for the Engineering team, especially given that the time line had now dramatically shifted.::

::Kael went through the list of reports that needed direct attention and filtered our the systems that were not directly important for take off from the planet. The list was expansive, but hardly critical. Regulations demanded a battery of diagnostics before take off, many of which would need to be delayed. One glaringly obvious oversight of the Zakdorn assembly, was the incomplete nature of the ODN. The ODN link from Engineering to the computer core was incomplete. Something that should have been picked up weeks ago.::

T'Rella: Lieutenant, I have called all officers from both departments and many of them are now in attendance. ::The doors hissed open and a group of four officers joined the assembled throng.:: I believe that is the last of them.

::Looking up Kael could see a large number of officers, in their yellow duty uniform assembled in Engineering. He needed to deliver the bad news to them, and he much preferred to do that face to face. Afterall, he had not yet met many in his team.::

::Looking up to the upper deck and around him, he addressed his team.::

Thomas: I'm Lieutenant Thomas. For those of you who don't know me, or haven't heard, I will be the Chief Engineer aboard the Vigilant. I know I can count on all of you to give your best, and unfortunately I'm forced to ask that of you earlier than I'd like.

::He was addressing a room full of Starfleet officers. Everyone one of them had a look of a consummate professional. He could be asking them to work until they collapsed, and he knew everyone would. ::

Thomas: The political situation on the Planet is such that the Vigilant might be required to take off sooner then she is ready. We won't have the help of the Zakdorn locals anymore so we have to do it alone. The Captain has asked that we all pull double shifts to get the Vigilant ready to fly.

::Kael knew it was a tough request, given that most of the officers he is now looking at, were working as late as he was last night. ::

Thomas: Our time is limited, so we will be focusing on the essentials. I want all crews that are working on Holodecks, crew quarters, mess halls, science labs, or astrometrics to stop what they are doing, and be reassigned to the primary system diagnostics. I will assemble crew tasks shortly. Thank you everyone.

::Knowing full well, he couldn't pull everyone into Engineering, he linked up with the Ships Comms.::

Thomas: =/\= All hands, this is Chief Engineer Thomas. All available crew members are needed to expedite the Vigilant's readiness to launch. Please report to Engineering for assignment. =/\=

::The Engineers dispersed and Kael turned to T'Rella.::

Thomas: I'm going to be leaning on you heavily over the next few days Ensign. ::Kael didn't bother to pause, given the look on her Vulcan face was one that was unmoved by the sentiment.:: To begin with, you and I are going to begin work on the completing the ODN network.

T'Rella: Understood. I would have assumed that, given the point that we have reached on the schedule, the Zakdorn should by now have completed that particular element of the Vigilant. However, it would appear that their attention to detail has been somewhat lacking. I will pick up where they... left off.

Thomas: Replicate the required lengths of optical fibre, and have it transported to these co-ordinates ::passing her the PADD he was holding.::

Thomas: You and I'll transport there when I'm done here.

::Kael's mind was thinking ahead of itself. He still needed to organise some more crews.::

Thomas: =/\= Lt Thomas to Kyreth, Chen, Coxon, please meet me in Engineering =/\=

Coxon: =/\= On my way sir =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Engineering to the Bridge =/\=

Block: =/\= Ensign Block here sir. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Ensign, we are going to be repairing the ODN network, I'll need to re-route your bridge processes through relays in sub-junction alpha 25 for the meantime. =/\=

Block: =/\= Ay sir. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Also, we have all hands on deck in regards to repairs. You'll need to be the contact point for the away teams. You'll be responsible for any communications and transports. Keep me informed. Thomas out =/\=

::Normally Kael wouldn't leave the Ensign on the Bridge, but he wasn't in a position to be doing it himself. He needed to be down here, doing what he loved. Grabbing his PADD he went through the list of repairs and diagnostics still to be completed. He assigned the tasks to the Engineers whom he had pulled off secondary projects. Getting Holodecks up and running was not a priority over sensors or propulsion. ::

::Kael had forgotten all about how tired he was. The adrenaline was pumping all through him. Organising and structuring repairs was what he got up in the morning for, it's what he did best. Sitting at a station to double check last nights deuterium tank diagnostics, he awaited for Kyreth, Chen and Coxon to arrive.::


written by

Lt. JG Thomas, Kael
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Vigilant

with content from

Ensign Dueld taJoot
USS Vigilant


Ensign T'Rella
USS Vigilant (as simmed by Diego Herrera)