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USS Avandar


Talya Robins


Personnel File
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The Writer

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((Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Avandar))

::Talya almost stumbled into Sickbay. She was tired, sore, and briefly wishing she'd tried ritual Hegh'bat instead of spending that night with Chase just nine all-too-short months previous. She wasn't ready for this, and doubted she ever would be.::

Robins: ::clutching her stomach:: Sorry, Nikki, to ruin your quiet afternoon, but...

::And she was definitely thankful for the 'quiet' part. She had no wish for spectators to this.::

Robins:...I'm not having a particularly quiet afternoon either.

::Dr. Nikki Ryan looked up from the reports she had been filling out. Dropping the PADD, she immediately moved to Talya’s side. ::

Ryan: Come on over here. ::helping her to the nearest biobed:: Is it that time already?

::She sat - or perched, would be more accurate - on the edge of the biobed as best she could, and stretching a little, sent an annoyed glance the Doctor's way.::

Robins: I did pass all my exams. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't at the three in ten minutes stage.

:: Nikki didn’t take her snide remark personally. It was all consistent with most humanoids who were going into labor and she was sure the verbal snipes would get worse before it was all said and done. ::

Ryan: ::smiling:: I’ve no doubt you did pass all your exams. ::reaching for a tricorder and ran it over Talya’s swollen belly:: Everything is looking good. I’ll have a room prepped.

Robins: ::groaning at the lingering pain:: Mmm, thanks. Who's that to save? Me or the other patients?

::Ouch, that. She was a patient now.::

Ryan: ::grinning:: A little of both. ::turning serious and hesitating for only a moment:: We haven’t really talked about this but if there’s anyone you want to be with you...

::Talya glanced at the Doctor, and then at the floor. The reason they hadn't talked about it was that Talya had always avoided doing so. She'd tried to keep busy; keep her mind active on anything else. But now the baby was on its way...she couldn't hide from it any longer.::

::And there was only one person she wanted to be here. She was still a little mad with Chase, but...having done the terrible deed - and hearing the results of that with Cmdr Blake - she wasn't anywhere near as angry as she had been - alright, maybe she was still with Blake and her very convenient "overhearing", but not with Chase. She'd had her revenge. And she *did* want him here for the birth. She wanted him to see his baby the minute it was born.::

Robins: ::quietly, throwing a nervous smile up at the Doctor:: Thanks, I'll...get him down here in a moment.

::She wanted privacy when she called him, not the entire Sickbay listening in. When that privacy was finally hers - or at least a measure of it, seeing as the Doctor was with her behind the curtain - Talya started gnawing on her bottom lip in nerves. She could feel another contraction starting to head her way.::

::She wanted Chase up here and *now*.::

::But as she went to tap her comm. badge to call Chase to Sickbay, the contraction hit, and as her muscles all did their thing, there was nothing she could do but simply sit, doubled up in pain.::

::When the latest one began to ease, Talya took her comm. badge in hand. She couldn't face anymore contractions on her own, and she was close to breaking the badge when she squeezed it.::

Robins: =/\= Sickbay to Mr Valaine. =/\=

((Down in Engineering))

:: Chase, being in Engineering at the time, elbows deep in a complex relay set, tapped his comm badge to open the line of communication, noting the strain in Robins voice before he replied. ::

Valaine: =/\= Valaine. Whassup, Talya? =/\=

Robins: ::a little breathless:: =/\= You *might* want to come down here. Sprocket wants out, and I don't think I can refuse at this point. =/\=

Valaine: =/\= Sproc... Ooooooh. Yup. Coming asap. =/\=

:: Retracting his arms from the relays carefully so as not to catch flesh on the sharper bits, he gave a nod to his fellow engineer and left the job to them without explaining his sudden departure. ::

((Back in Sickbay))

::Talya was nervous now. Nervous and in pain. And very slightly annoyed that it had to be the females of the human and Trill species that had to do this. Why couldn't there be more races out in the universe where it was the males that got lumped with giving birth? Or at least to *share* the whole thing. Making the women do it all seemed highly unfair, now that she found herself in this position.::

::It would take Chase a few minutes to arrive, and in that time she tried counting the lights set into the ceiling as a way of keeping her mind off the next impending contraction, and when she lost count fairly early on, took up trying to read her own stats.::

::Never a good idea, and impossible anyway, seeing the angle she was at. She flopped back down onto the biobed with a sigh.::

Robins: Nikki, if I ever talk of doing this me out of it, please?

::If Nikki had a strip of gold pressed latinum for every time a pregnant patient said that to her, she'd retire to some place nice and quiet.::

Ryan: ::smiling as she checked the bio-readings:: I will do my best.

:: The doorway to sickbay opened, and Chase zeroed in on the quiet area where they’d set Talya up. It was curtained off and semi-private, but he walked in past the curtain without bothering to ask permission first. ::

Valaine: So today’s the big day, eh?

Robins: ::startled by his sauntering in:: Hey! Do you *mind*? ::settling for a small glare and a mumble:: You could say that. comments, okay? Or you'll be on diaper duty for the next 18 months.

Valaine: No comments, and no thanks. Diapers... ::he made a less-than-happy face, waving a theoretically bad-smell-in-the-air hand:: Just don’t take too long. Thirty minutes, tops.

:: The humor had returned to his voice, but he hoped that didn’t count as a “comment.” He figured she needed to keep the mood light at least. ::

Robins: ::sarcastically:: Thanks, good to know I'm on a time limit.

:: Chase slid down into one of the available chairs that was nearby but just out of reach, out of the way of the doctors range. ::

Valaine:  ::a bit more serious now:: Naaa... I can stick around longer than that. I don’t think rushing is advisable with this sort of thing, anyway.  ::pause:: Do you want anything?

Robins: Short of asking for a vacation on some back-water world? ::then she smiled a weary smile, grateful for his offer:: No, I'm fine. Or...will be, anyway. Once sprocket is out.

Valaine: Do I... *do* anything? You don’t want me down there watching, do you...

:: He gave her a slightly unnerved glance, clearly not interested in the down and dirty part of it all. Not that he’d be one of those dads who faints at the sight of nature taking its course. ::

::She almost laughed at his expression - which she was counting as a miracle right now - and gently shook her head.::

Robins: No, I'd really rather you *didn't*. But...::and she couldn't help herself::...someone's got the fatherly jitters.

Valaine: Jitters?  ::he stopped himself just shy of some witty sarcasm:: … Maybe.  ::he glanced at the doctor:: How long does this typically take, anyway? She stresses a lot, so if you have to drug her you have my permission.

:: Okay, he’d at least keep the “comments” to a minimum. ::

Ryan:  ::barely glancing at Chase:: It takes as long as it takes, Chief. ::looking at Talya:: But I can give you something...

::If he hadn't been out of reach, Talya would've thumped him one for that. Instead, she settled on a glare...and directed her comment to both Chase, and to the doctor.::

Robins: Don't even *think* it.

Valaine: Okay. Then you can drug me.  ::he smiled innocently::

::The glare turned into a horrified stare for a long moment. He couldn't...he *couldn't* have found out that she was the cause of his first ever "encounter-gone-wrong", surely? Not *that* quickly?::

Ryan: ::grinning while looking at the bio-readouts:: Don’t tempt me.

::She was saved - well, if you could call it saved - by another contraction building and then hitting her hard. She writhed on the biobed, her hands tightly gripping the edge, trying to escape and ease the pain. She clamped her jaw shut to stop her from shrieking the entire Sickbay down.::

::Not that she was yet at the stage where she could get the little residing demon out. Oh no, she was only just *beginning* the damn thing.::

Ryan: ::waving the Chief to move closer:: You’re job is to sit right over here and let her break your fingers. That way you get to share in a small way the pain of child birth. After all it’s only fair. ::placing one hand on Tayla’s shoulder and the other on her stomach:: You’re doing great and you can scream at me all you want... or at him.

Robins: ::through the pain:: You may regret saying that, Nikki. I know the patients will.

Ryan: ::shaking her head:: You aren't the first patient who's yelled at me and I'm sure you won't be the last.

::After another few moments, the searing pain eased and started to fade again and a breathless Talya rolled onto her side as best she could, to face Chase.::

Robins: ::panting, already tired:: I'm not going on that treadmill for a month after this. You, nor anyone else, can make me.

Valaine:  ::trying not to wince at the first of many contractions:: I don’t doubt that.

((Six Hours Later))

:: Chase cringed in pain as the contractions hit harder and faster now than ever... not directly, of course... rather, his hand clutched in Talya’s was crushed every time she experienced them. He was sure it was bruised... perhaps nerve damage if this kept up. He was just glad she didn’t have a hold of any of his more delicate body parts... they’d never be the same again. ::

((Half an Hour Later))

:: It was suddenly over. Not entirely, of course, but with the sudden wail of an infant it seemed an insurmountable hurdle had been leaped. Chase’s hand was suddenly freed from the terrible, hormone induced strength Talya possessed, and he stretched his hand several times as he stood. First, to make sure Talya wasn’t suddenly dying... though he’d been certain most women would certainly die during the process of labor after having now seen a good deal of it. ::

::Talya simply lay, panting for breath and suddenly desperate to hold on to her baby now it was all over. Chase had gone over to the doctor, and Talya wished that she could be the one mobile enough to do that, and to get the first glimpse of her new little baby.::

::Still, as she watched through a fuzzy, hormonal haze, she was glad that Chase had stayed with her through the labour, and that he was taking an interest in the baby.::

::But she did so want to hold it *now*!::

:: Chase turned away from the bio-bed to the doctor. When he spoke, it wasn’t in the tone of a happy father... rather... someone with a potential problem. With a little happy father mixed in. ::

Valaine:  ::promptly:: Is it female?

::Nikki cleared the baby’s airway, then glanced up and smiled in spite of noticing the tone he used when asking. She wasn't sure what was going on between the two of them and it really wasn't any of her business. She didn't much care for Chase, but she did care about Talya and hoped he wasn't going to end up hurting her.::

Ryan:  ::nodding:: Yes, you have a healthy baby girl.

:: Nikki then wrapped a warm blanket around the tiny bundle before moving to hand her to her mother.::

:: As the baby was whisked away to mom, his face fell, but he tried to save his expression before turning to Talya again. The doctor was handing her the baby. The messy, whiny, fussy baby. His daughter. ::

::Talya clung on with shaky hands and an enormous smile to the gorgeous, bundled-up new life that had just been handed to her, and she peered down as best she could into the sweet, slightly vernix-smeared face of her baby. *Her* baby.::

Robins: ::chuckling, gently stroking the baby girl's cheek:: Oh look at that, she only has a few spots here and there. ::cooing at her:: I guess that's what happens when you're only a quarter Trill.

:: He leaned down to Talya, giving her that first moment with the baby before interrupting. Before she could come down from her hormonal high and the relief of her pain to realize her baby girl presented a problem, he whispered in her ear... ::

Valaine: I’ll take care of everything. :: And with those whispered words, he was turned and out the private area, sickbays doors *whooshing* behind him. He just hoped she trusted him... and that she wouldn’t panic when she got the news. ::

::When he whispered in her ear, she glanced at him in concern, first of all not understanding what he meant. And then as he walked out, the hormonal fog began to lift, and Talya peered once again into her daughter's face.::

::Her daughter.::

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(NPC) Nikki Ryan Medical Officer USS Avandar (Simmed by Jolara)


CWO Chase Valaine Engineer USS Avandar


Lt(JG) Talya Robins Medical Officer USS Avandar