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SIM:Tai Ilsam-Overprotective Caregivers

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Ensign Tai Ilsam
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Blackwell (Andaris Task Force) NCC-58999
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((Ilsam’s Quarters, USS Blackwell))

::Looking around his quarters, he smiled softly. With his duties having calmed, he had at last been able to unpack. On a tall bookshelf near the sofa sat hard copies of his favorite collected literature works, a bin containing various PADDs, as well as a few unique artifacts he’d collected over the years. Most were reproductions, of course, with their original counterparts sitting in museums across the quadrant. But even the facsimiles offered a measure of connection to the histories behind them. His passion for art covered the walls of his quarters, a reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and many other classics, as well as a couple of his own paintings.::

::On the desk in the far opposite corner with his monitor sat various images of his parents and his sister as well as one particularly good image of himself, Usatt, and Ilara. It had been taken on their first trip together. Until meeting his partners, he’d never been outside his home province. They’d travelled the world together, mostly for Usatt’s business conferences. Tai had often kept Ilara entertained with various museum visits, both sharing a passion for art and culture.::

::A nostalgic smile touched his lips as he lifted the image and framed Ilara’s face gently with the edge of his thumb. She’d been so full of life. Even now, he could hear her laughter ringing out like bells as they danced under the clear, starry skies. The three had been seriously discussing conceiving a child when Usatt and Ilara had been killed. Tai had imagined a thousand times over the wife of his heart cradling the child in her arms after its birth, singing a soft melody in that perfect, lyrical voice of hers. His smile faded, replaced by an implacable longing to hold her in his arms again one last time, if only to tell her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him. How much she’d changed his life.::

::Setting the image aside, he slid into the chair in front of his monitor, his gaze flickering to the image of himself and his sister, Prielle. His work had kept him rather busy, preventing him from contacting his sister for their daily communique. Given that he was on assignment, those calls were, unfortunately, likely to become fewer. He was uncertain how he’d cope with this drastic change in his life. Prielle had been a source of strength for him since he’d made the difficult choice to leave Bactrica and had kept him going when he’d wanted nothing more than to return home. He entered a series of commands into the panel, calling up the screen he was looking for.::

Ilsam: Computer, contact Prielle Greyes.

Computer: ::chirps:: Working. ::two chirps:: Connecting.

::A few moments later, Prielle’s smiling face appeared on the once-black screen and Tai couldn’t help the crooked grin that touched his lips at the sight of her. Any confusion or anxiety he’d been feeling about both his arrival on the Blackwell and his unusual reaction to Rhyn faded, replaced by a feeling of calm and warmth.::

Ilsam: ::murmurs in Bactrican:: Sister. You’re looking well.

P. Greyes: ::smile widens and she inclines her head:: As are you, brother. ::teases:: Perhaps this life in Starfleet is doing you more good than even I had anticipated.

Ilsam: ::smiles sheepishly:: For the first time since losing Usatt and Ilara, I have a true purpose.

::There was an affectionate twinkle in her eyes as she regarded him. Not for the first time, he was grateful to call her his sister. Not all were fortunate enough to be born into such a supportive, loving family unit. Despite having turned his back of the traditions of his race, he still had a good relationship with his parents. Though he didn’t speak to them as often as he did to Prielle, the conversations with them were equally warm and comforting. They’d made the trip all the way from Bactrica--their first time off-world--to attend his Starfleet graduation. Though Tai’s true whereabouts could never be known by the Bactrican elders, Prielle said that their father constantly talked at home about how proud he was of his son’s accomplishments.::

P. Greyes: ::murmurs:: I’m glad for you, brother.

::There was a slight twinge of sadness in her voice, as though lost in memories. He knew how much his depression had affected her. She’d spent months keeping him from giving in to the mandates...keeping him from taking his own life. She’d been his saving grace and, if one believed in that sort of thing, his guardian angel.::

Ilsam: How’re Mother, Father, and Emix?

P. Greyes: ::smiles:: They’re doing well. ::teases:: Emix is talking about visiting you on your ship. You know how ne is.

Ilsam: ::blushes:: I’m not a child. Ne doesn’t need to--

P. Greyes: ::laughs:: We know. But again, you know how ne is. ::teases:: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were nir favorite.

::While his time in the nunnery had done nothing to foster closeness with his family, it also didn’t appear to have affected the reception he received following his union to Usatt and Ilara. There had. of course. been a certain level of awkwardness as his parents got to know their son. The gender identification had been a particularly difficult hurdle given that he was biologically genderless. His sister, however, had welcomed him with open arms...Emix even more so.::

Ilsam: ::smirks:: Of course. I’m the wiser of us, after all.

P. Greyes: ::teases:: Don’t flatter yourself, brother. Your worldliness is limited to the scholarly realm.

Ilsam: ::arches an eyebrow:: My previous lovers would beg to differ.

P. Greyes: ::blushes and laughs:: Tai!

Ilsam: ::smiles:: You started it. It’s not my fault you’re a prude.

P. Greyes: ::grimaces:: I don’t need the details of your sex life, thank you.

::Tai shrugged nonchalantly. He really didn’t have one to speak of at the moment. True, he had an interest in someone, but it wasn’t likely to turn into anything. He had no idea if she was even interested in a relationship, much less interested in going on a date with him. If he told his sister, she’d likely badger him into asking Rhyn on a date, resulting in him making a complete fool of himself. He’d seen it happen often enough to colleagues and peers that he was in no hurry to experience the bitter sting of rejection.::

Ilsam: So how are you doing with your new position?

P. Greyes: ::smiles:: It has been a wonderful blessing. I have finally found a place where I feel valued.

Ilsam: ::smiles in return and nods:: I am glad for you, sister. Knowing one’s purpose is a marvelous thing. You become capable of doing things that you never dreamed you could do. ::pauses:: As much as I wish our discussion could continue longer, I should finish my report.

P. Greyes: ::nods:: Of course. ::smirks:: Don’t be a stranger. Call anytime.

Ilsam: ::chuckles:: Yes, sister. ::smiles affectionately:: Until our next meeting.

P. Greyes: ::laughs:: So formal. A simple goodbye will do.

Ilsam: ::smile wanes:: I don’t like goodbyes. But I will talk to you soon.

P. Greyes: I love you, Tai.

::He chuckled as his little sister batted her eyes in typical Prielle fashion. It was easy to forget that she was a grown woman in her own right when she did that.:: Ilsam: ::murmurs:: I love you, too, Pri. <nowiki>::With that, the screen went black. He turned away, a sudden tightness in his throat at the thought of her so far away. Communiques, though better than nothing, weren’t enough to completely fill the void. He longed for companionship...friendship. He hoped, given some of the easy conversations between himself and Rhyn as well as himself and Wilmer, that maybe he was on the road to finding the connection with others that he so desperately craved.::


Ensign Tai Ilsam
USS Blackwell
Andaris Task Force


PNPC Prielle Greyes
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