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((Hallway - Maklau Resort Hotel, Risa))

After the group session in Meidra's Office, Talos had met with several of the people who had offered to help with the Remembrance Celebration and they'd all gone away with different action items and tasks. He was still sort of in awe at how his random, spur-of-the-moment idea had blossomed into a real event that everyone seemed interested in making happen.

Talos had returned to his room, thankfully finding it empty, and had taken a long thorough sonic shower that seemed to have rid him of his body glitter infestation once and for all. He had put on some fresh clothes and headed back out to start accomplishing his various small missions to facilitate the festivities. He'd left the wing of the hotel where the Junior Officers had been stashed away, in search of the Resort Administrators, but he must've taken a wrong turn and found himself in the Command Officer's wing.

He was turning around to leave when he saw the XO, Commander MacKenzie, seemingly returning to her room. He went to give her a little smile and nod as she passed, but something caught his eye and caused him to do an unintentional double-take.

In her hands was a little, oddly painted Horga’hn. Being a subject relevant to his interests, Talos knew all about the Risian fertility symbols and the ritual of Jamaharon. Talos sort of stopped for a moment, cocked his head slightly and opened his mouth to speak, thought better of it and closed it again. He ALMOST walked away, ALMOST, but his nature got the better of him. He casually pointed at the Horga’hn.

Dakora: Commander MacKenzie... ::He smirked.:: Are you seeking Jama-

An expression on the XO's face caused his courage to falter halfway through the question and he trailed off.

MacKenzie: Really, Ensign?

Facing down a glare that felt like it had burned through to his soul and left two singed MacKenzie-eye-sized scorch-marks. Talos rapidly backpedaled.

Dakora: No. Right. ::He swallowed.:: Definitely not.

MacKenzie: Definitely not.

Sometimes bad ideas were fun, but sometimes bad ideas were just... bad.

This certainly felt like the latter. With all of the dignity of a dog with it's tail between it's legs, Talos tried to make his escape.

Dakora: Uh, well... Enjoy the rest of your day, M'am.

MacKenzie: As you were, Ensign…

Sheepishly he continued on his way to find the Resort Admin area, vowing to steer clear of the Command wing for the rest of the shore leave.



Ensign Talos Dakora

Intelligence Officer

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