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((T'Pels Room, Guest Quarters, SS Tananda))

::T'Pel placed the PADD on her desk, a piece of music written upon it... one of her instruments was on it's stand in the corner, a beautiful instrument from Earth known as a clarinet. She had not owned this one for long but she was gaining experience with it...::

::Now was not the time for practicing however, it was an 'illogical' time of day or something, so her mother would complain. It was late, and she was tired, thus she changed for bed and turned in for the night... She shut her eyes, her thoughts straying before focusing on a large, orange structure...::

::T'Pel could not recognise it, the colours suggested it might be on Vulcan but she had never lived there... she looked down at herself, her nightdress replaced instead by robes of some sort, white in colour. There were decorated with writing of some type, she vaguely recognised it but she was not sure where from... She entered the structure hoping to find an answer...::

::She didn't get one, at least no straight away... the walls were inscribed with writing similar to that on her garments, a text which was not quite Vulcan yet... she had seen it before, but where? She walked along the hall and into a large chamber, a high ceiling with pillars along the edges... the room was lit only by candles, meditation lamps located along the edge of the room...::

::That's where she'd seen the script before, her families meditation lamps. The text was Ancient Vulcan... She glanced around the room, the distance dimly lit but a figure moving within it. The figure seemed tall, but little more than a silhouette. As he approached, it became clear he was wearing a uniform, Starfleet... she looked straight towards him, wanting to know whom he was and then it dawned...::

::But before he could speak, he vanished... T'Pel confused and afraid... she ran out the building, the temple...::

::She sat bolt upright, her eyes wide open. Her running hadn't stopped... she jumped out of bed, her eyes turning towards it in fear. Why had her Brother simply vanished? She turned to the door and left the room, going into the living space; she needed an answer...::

::Her mother was stil asleep. Her answer, she thought, may lie where the dream did, her sub-conscious. Thus she decided to try what her family had advised her for so long... She reached for the meditation lamp from the shelf and tried, with difficulty, to focus her thoughts...::

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