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USS Avandar


Luran Sorani

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Spouse None

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((Counsellor’s Office))

::Sorani had taken particular care to make sure she was looking her best, and had even done an extra round of meditation in preparation. Fortunately she’d been going over passages fairly recently in The Fallen Branch so things were still fresh in her mind. People who knew anything of her culture often thought it was very controlling.::

::They failed to see that her culture brought great security, great confidence to it’s people who knew exactly what was expected of them. Everyone knew where to turn in the inevitable moments of doubt and how to get the correct answers to any problem. There were very clear, very strict guidelines and measures in place to make sure everyone adhered to it. Rune Jolara was one of those measures.::

::In her culture counsellors were there to assess whether people were staying true to their branch. To keep track of their progress and offer advice to prevent them from falling from the branch. If they did fall from the branch they would administer attitude readjustment. If that failed the wayward soul would be send for more “specialised” treatment. So it was for that reason that Sorani was feeling particularly nervous today. She clutched a PADD for the counselor in her hand and chimed the door with the other.::

::Rune's discussion with Dr. Robins had left her feeling somewhat unsettled, things she thought had been resolved long ago suddenly seemed to be resurfacing. She tried to cast the thoughts to the wind but when the door chimed, she sighed, feeling a mixed surge of relief and tension. Relieved for the distraction from her own thoughts but tense because of who her visitor was.::

Jolara: ::pushing away from her desk:: Come in.

::Sorani pressed the door release and entered, immediately approaching the counselor to deliver the customary greeting. It was actually nice to have another Al-Leyan on-board, someone who really understood and could relate to her. It’s a shame her job was also to check up on her.::

Sorani: Good to meet you at last, I hope you are settling in amongst these humanoids okay. Watch out for the Klingons, some of them are more venomous than others. ::She noted remembering that while one had been particularly hostile and brutish the other had been surprisingly pleasant.::

Jolara: ::smiling warmly:: Warm winds, Commander. It is good to finally meet you. It has been a challenge but we reach for the sun. ::motioning toward the more comfortable therapy area:: I have been reminded they aren't all... hostile. Still I will remain cautious.

Sorani: Apologies that I haven’t been able to meet with you sooner, I’ve been incapacitated but am better now.

Jolara: No apology necessary. I am happy you weren't damaged worse. Would you care for something to drink?

Sorani: I’d like a Masala Chai tea please. I just recently discovered it. It actually has some taste! ::Delighted:: How are you finding the food here? I miss our own food - something I plan to rectify at least partially over the coming shore leave.

Jolara: ::inclining her head:: I will try it then. I too miss our food. The food here provides nutriment but nothing more.

::Rune ordered two cups of Masala Chai Tea from the replicator.::

Jolara: How are you fairing? ::crossing the room and handing Sorani her cup before sitting at the other end of the sofa.::

::Sorani peered into her cup as she thought about it. She didn’t feel there were any issues with work and was confident in her performance as a scientist. She was still getting used to the move in role however but that would take time. She chose what she wanted to convey carefully because she wasn’t inclined to lie, but she didn’t have to say everything either.::

Sorani: Well I think. The recovery is going well and I am nearly back to full capacity. It’s good to have you with us. ::She added warmly::

Jolara: It is fortuitous I was assigned to Avandar. It is difficult being one among many so different.

Sorani: You must have considerable talent to understand the culture and mindset of so many other species without allowing it to pollute your thinking and falling from the branch yourself.

Jolara: I must admit, much still puzzles me about other species and it has been a challenge at times. There are times I find the need to do much meditation and cleansing.

::Sorani's statement had actually stirred her thoughts but she quickly pushed them back down. Rune took a cautious sip of the tea and almost immediately raised an eyebrow and nodded.::

Jolara: ::smiling:: Now this is an improvement. ::taking another sip and glancing at the PADD, Sorani hand in her hands:: Something is weighing on you?

Sorani: ::Handing over the PADD with the growth tree:: I was assigned a new role. I am sure it is right for me, I am still adjusting however.

::Sitting her cup on the table in front of them, Rune looked over the growth tree and nodded.::

Jolara: You've consulted your mentor and the Fallen Tree. Branching out is always a difficult task.::looking at Sorani and smiled:: Growing is a good thing, though difficult at times. Even the smallest growth takes time.

Sorani: ::Sipping her tea and nodding a little in agreement:: This is true.

Jolara: But that isn’t the only thing weighing upon you is it?

::Sorani was a little reluctant and hadn’t realised her concerns were so plain. She gave a tiny sigh of frustration.::

Sorani: I’m not sure. That’s the root of it. I feel like I was just putting down roots and establishing myself in my garden and someone has uprooted me and planted me in some other strange garden, with foreign soil. The gardener assures me it is the best thing for me and I can see the reasoning, but i’m not feeling it yet.

Jolara: That feeling is understandable. In a way you were transplanted but again, given time your roots will become even stronger.

Sorani: It doesn’t help that I was incapacitated during the last mission. I feel like I never got a chance to bloom. ::Leaning in conspiratorially:: A part of me worries this is some form of punishment. I feel like a leaf caught in the wind with no real department to settle upon. I’m floating between them all and I wonder if it is because they find me incapable of being Chief - having been incapacitated so easily... ::Trailing off and taking a nervous slurp of tea.::

Jolara: ::tilting her her slightly:: I can understand why you would feel that way. However I do not believe that to be the case at all. For one, I do not believe Captain Vetri is one to punish because of an unforeseeable injury. For another, you are being given greater responsibility not less. ::smiling:: Often times we can not see the potential others see within us.

Sorani: Perhaps. ::She said thoughtfully whilst drinking her tea, she was still unconvinced.::

Jolara: Give yourself time to take root and grow... say a month. If after that time you still feel this way, we can re-evaluate and ask the Captain to return you to your branch.

Sorani: Very well, that is reasonable. I have a lot of work to do to bring myself up to standard, if you’ll excuse me? ::She said, wondering if they were finished.::

Jolara: ::taken a little aback but the abruptness:: Of course. And Commander ::pause:: if there’s anything else I can help with... o0Though I’m not sure I’ve helped at all.0o that’s what I’m here for.

::Sorani got up, returned her empty cup and gave a parting gesture to Jolara::

Sorani: Thank you for your time. Perhaps we can meet under more social circumstances next time. ::Smiling::

Jolara: ::smiling as she stood:: Yes, I would like that. Soon I hope.

Lt Cmdr Sorani
Mission Specialist
USS Avandar


Ensign Rune Jolara
USS Avandar