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USS Avandar


Luran Sorani

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Al-Leyan
  • Spouse None

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((Ready Room))

::As the staff meeting began to break up, S’Lone made a point of avoiding going up to the podium to grab his bolo badge instead moving with a slight limp to the door leading to the bridge trying to make the least contact he could. ::


::For those few shipmates that approached with congratulations he smiled, looked them in the eyes, nodded his thanks and returned their handshakes firmly. ::

::As he exited the Ready Room onto the bridge he noticed someone with their back to the bridge across the room. Female.::

::Sorani waited for the turbolift to arrive, she was feeling pretty excited about the discoveries to be made. Once the lift arrived she stepped in and glanced back towards the bridge to see if anyone else was trying to catch the lift. She saw S’Lone approach and held the lift for him out of courtesy more than a desire to speak with him.::

oO(S’Lone) Luran!! Oo. His heart skipped a beat. oO Still breathtaking. Oo

Luran: ::Pressing her palms together and bowing forward a little in a gesture of respect.:: Congratulations. ::That was all she said. She was still very annoyed with him after that prank he’d pulled but she would acknowledge his achievement. They were alone in the lift and she chose not to look at him.::

S’Lone: ::Stepping into the lift beside her he nodded briefly and with a deadpan voice:: Luran. Nice to see you in person. ::Grinning slightly.::

Luran: Computer, hold lift! ::She turned and glared at him, her face turning pink:: You will *not* humiliate me like that again, do you understand Lieutenant!? ::She was furious, particularly as he knew better than to pull pranks like that.::

S’Lone: That dear Luran was never my intention....humiliation...that is......I would rather take a phaser to the face than cause you real pain. I was...impulsive.. And by the way I am only partly to blame for things getting out of hand. I will try to remember your planet’s peculiarities. I am sorry.

::Sorani looked at him skeptically. She narrowed her eyes.::

S’Lone: No REALLY sorry. ::Giving her his best swashbuckling smile.::

Sorani: What do you mean partly? ::It was getting harder to be mad at him. That smile was always so infectious but she held a steady expression.::

S’Lone: My construct...err buddy? has the ability to add portions to his existing code… semi-adaptive. I wrote him for some Intel Ops and he worked out really well. So I kept his code...uhh running...and running...Currently on his down times he spends too much time on 21 Century Terran movies. They are like holo-novels but without the interactive element. View only. He fell in love with an actor in a move called Magic Mike... He really does spend too much time adding adjuncts to his code. Sooo not my fault...

::Sorani really didn’t know what to make of that, so just stared at him blankly for a while. She eventually decided to let it rest since she didn’t really need to add to the list of people on this ship to avoid.::

Sorani: Very well, I forgive you. Just don’t let it happen again. ::She could already think of a few creative ways of getting her own back should it be required.::

S’Lone: Err... Luran can you hit the resume button. Last time I was on this lift I had a....malfunction and there were injuries..... and.... well...folks will begin to wonder. Please... ::Giving her the big round doe eyes.:: (Well as much as a 1/2 breed Romulan/Betazoid can do.)

Sorani: ::Breaking into a mischievous grin.:: Are you sure? I was really rather enjoying our little private catch-up booth. ::Playing with a braid.::

S’Lone: Ummm ::Feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.:: You know I still can’t read you. You smell nice.

oO(S’Lone) Halfwit, did you just say that? Smooth, very suave. Now say something else equally inane! Oo

::Sorani wasn’t too sure what to make of the complement. Her people had a very poor sense of smell so it wasn’t common to discuss the smell of anything. The only time she could smell another individual was if they were in season.::

oO(S’Lone) She really did smell like Orion Cinnamon. FOCUS! Oo

S’Lone: Hummm...the button? Please consider pushing that one. You certainly can push..nevermind...I think I will just hold my tongue now.

Sorani: ::Slowly moving her hand and reaching out to press the button that would start the lift again.:: You could have pressed it yourself you know? ::Tipping her head to the side slightly, grin widening:: Scared you might break it S’Lone?

S’Lone: Ouch ::Feigning injury:: My arms still hurts. ::Cradling it like a broken wing.::

Sorani: ::Feigning disappointment.:: That’s a shame. I remember you used to be... tougher.... more masculine...

S’Lone: I had a Romulan Massage on my tender parts. It was enlightening. Still recovering....Anyway.... ::Trying to change the subject.::

Sorani: I see. ::Turning back to face the doors, but stealing the odd sly peek at him. She was curious to see how he’d changed these last nine years. He looked every bit as good looking as before and hadn’t aged much. Neither had she really. She thought he must have fallen down a few branches though if he was getting beaten up so easily.::

S’Lone: You know it’s been... ::Watching her body language out of the corner of his eye.:: ...a long time since our last hello. Bet I look very different not wearing my Greens.

Luran: ::Turning to face him properly and putting a finger to her lips as she took the opportunity to size him up properly.:: You’re right, you do. I liked green better... Why are you wearing black?

S’Lone: I left the Corps, joined the Fleet and took a detour down the Intel branch.

::Sorani considered how close the two branches were. In her mind it was still military branch, and a lot like the difference between chemistry and biology. Different, with some overlapping... not that it was her place to judge. She always tried to remember she had her culture and he had his.::

S’Lone: ::Trying to change subjects again:: It is really good to see you. ::Hand moving to her shoulder but stopping short as he remembered her personal space issues errr requirements.::

::Sorani raised her hand to his shoulder and gripped it firmly, a little closer to the base of the neck than normal. It was a gesture used mainly between good friends. She couldn’t remember him being this shy before and wondered what else had changed.::

Luran: I’m glad you’re here, friend.

S’Lone: ::Quietly:: I need one....When do you get off duty?

Luran: I have a few things to do before I finish up. I haven’t had any real rest or break since arriving, so I’ll want to grab a few hours downtime at least before getting stuck into the new mission. What about you?

S’Lone: I need to finish an interro...err chat with Lt Cmdr Eerie. There was a phaser-related incident.

Luran: ::Looking at him with raised brows:: I know. I’ve been investigating certain elements myself.

S’Lone: Really? And....?

Luran: It was very well thought out and as a result, well covered up. The evidence that has been gathered has been of limited value. Either engineer has the skill to do this.

S’Lone: Gut...which one is the dirty one?

Luran: ::Slightly disapproving:: I don’t know either personally and even if I did I still wouldn’t comment. I will allow the evidence to do the talking.

S’Lone: Unfortunately evidence can be made to speak many languages.

Sorani: ::Nodding. She had to admit he was right there.:: Truer words were never spoken. ::Her many years of experience taught her this.::

S’Lone: The talk should only take a couple of hours. Want to meet up after and align our mission clocks.

Luran: Of course!

S’Lone: ::As the doors begin to close and completely deadpan:: Heck I can even have Rik dance for you?

::Sorani flicked her hair briskly and walked down the corridor, her heels clicking on the decking and her head held high in defiance.::

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Lt Cmdr Sorani
Chief Science Officer
USS Avandar


Lt (jg) S’Lone tr’Khellian
Intel Officer
USS Avandar