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Anen Sonbef
Medical Officer
USS Excalibur-A
Gender: Male
Race: Laudean
DOB: 236207.03
POB: Maahes, Til'ahn
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About the Writer
((Docking Umbilical, Starbase 118))

She was different than Anen remembered. Watching Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti assume the podium with a commanding grace befitting a woman of her accomplishments not just as an officer, but an individual, Anen couldn't help but feel that something was amiss. Was something missing? Had something changed? In a way he knew that, her eyes, once a piercing, vibrant brown were now the truest of blue, as if multiple hues and layed themselves on top of each other, creating a brilliance like anything else. But there was something more than the physical. Perhaps he would know in time. It had been over a year since she had left Starbase 118 the first time, and Anen had completed his short rotation on the Starbase under her command.

Anen noticed a man next to her, part of her honor guard but also her second in command, he had read the roster.

Kelly: Response?

Kali smiled slightly and nodded towards him.

Nicholotti: Thank you, Commander.

Her first words were simple ones, but called the assemblage to attention, not in a way that they snap to attention, but... something else. It was as if her first, simple words had planted a seed in each one of them, and was calling their attention to the Captain, and what she had to say.

Nicholotti: Starfleet had called. There is danger out there, threatening what we know and love. There is the unknown out there, waiting to be found. And there are answers to silence we have not heard yet. Starfleet has called, and you are those who answered.

Anen peered out from the crowd, like the others, captivated by her. They weren't mindless, not enthralled to her words, but they responded to them like the words of the greatest leaders. She was evoking a response within them, motivating them, not enslaving them with her personality and charisma.

Nicholotti: Across this threshold, ::She gestured to the umbilical.:: is the future. She is the USS Excalibur-A. The culmination of all we learned during the Dominion War, she is the bright light of all our futures. ::Getting slightly louder.:: She is the finest ship in the fleet, and you have the honor of being her crew!

It was as if the entire mood of the room rose by a magnitude of ten, the sheer determination of will of every officer present solidified into a single force. If one were to take a camera and pan out across the 700 man crowd, they would see narrowed, determined eyes and softly nodding heads. Anen's would be one of them.

Nicholotti: Without me, you are nothing.

It was a surprising statement, and there, at first was a short drop in the mood.

Nicholotti: Without you, I am nothing.

And like a flame being exposed to a new source of energy, the mood of the crowd errupted once again.

Nicholotti: Much is expected of us. Together, we will not fail!

Many of the crew seemed to shout a 'hurrah' at once, like soldiers of old. The Excalibur, if Anen remembered correctly, was a sword offered to Arthur, King of the Britons, after the destruction of his previous one in a battle against his greatest foe. It was gifted by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. After Arthur's death, the Excalibur was lost, but it was said that like Arthur himself, it would return in the hour of greatest need. Perhaps coincidence, deliberate poetic justice or just damn divine intervention, the Excalibur and her crew appeared to be that second coming of the mythological. Anen wasn't sure where everyone fit in to that mythology, himself included, but he couldn't help but feel, like everyone else around him surely did, that he was part of something much greater than himself.

Nicholotti: ::To the crowd.:: We begin now. ::Turning to her First Officer now.:: Dismiss the crew to stow their gear and report to their stations. We leave in one hour.

Kelly: Response?

Well it wasn't much time, but Anen travelled light, most of what he considered dear to him was in his two 'carry-ons' so to speak. The other, bulkier things had been transported over this morning. That gave him more time to set up Sickbay with whoever he was sharing it with.

Iskandar: Lieutenant Sonbef?

Anen turned around to address the voice and saw a strapping young Trill in teal.

Sonbef: Yes?

Iskandar: Dr. Dian Iskandar, we'll be serving together. :: He extended his hand.::

Sonbef: :: Letting his naturally beaming smile show while taking the Trill's hand.:: Pleasure.

Iskandar: :: Lifting his head over to the side, gesturing to the podium.:: Quite a speech heh?

Sonbef: :: Turning to the podium himself.:: Yes she's... something.

The word was totally inadequate but he hoped that his poor vocabulary could be spared.

Iskandar: Yeah not everyday you come back from the dead.

Sonbef: :: Shooting his glance back over to Dian.:: Oh?

Iskandar: Yeah she died, right before I came aboard the Excalibur last time. Something about a rift...? She sacrificed herself to save her crew.

Anen looked absent mindedly at the podium for a moment. He had been right, there was something different about her. Death, it seems, becomes her.

Sonbef: :: With an unusual, vacant look in his eyes.:: Interesting.

Iskandar: Yeah... so we'd best get a move on, only an hour to unpack my things, yet again... :: Dian started walking towards the docking cord with the rest of the crew, though Anen stayed behind.:: ... you know Starfleet really needs to make up their minds about decommissioning ships. If you're gonna mothball it, mothball it, sell it for scrap...

Anen was left standing in the middle of a moving crowd, being jostled around by it before he started moving as well. It was certainly an interesting first day, and it was packed with more than a few familiar faces, though more were unknown to him. Things were shaping up at least, a zombie Captain was certainly up there for 'career firsts'.

oO I think I'll have to talk to her about that... Oo


Lieutenant JG Anen Sonbef Medical Officer USS Excalibur-A