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[[Category:Chythar Skyfire|Sims]]

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Crew of the USS Chin'toka


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire

(( Captain’s Ready Room ))

:: As she had several times before -- but, Cassie thought, not nearly enough times to accurately describe the high level of competence of her crew -- Cassie waited beside her desk. As she did so, she eyed the small box on the desk itself. Not per any custom, but because she had wanted to start a new way for her future self to do things, she’d replaced the box that other captains tended to use with a worn-out plasma condenser. It was an aesthetic eccentricity, she knew, but she permitted herself very few of those and, to her surprise, she found that she really was a little more comfortable with the connotation of utilitarianism than she had been with the rosewood or velour boxes she remembered.

Her chime rang, and she moved around the desk to sit down before she granted entry. He was, of course, punctual, as she knew he would be. ::

:: Chythar came in and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary or pique his suspicions this was going to be anything more than a simple update. He figured it’d be a “so, how’re your patients?” type of conversation. He didn’t pick up anything out of the ordinary either via his abilities, because they were, at this point inhibited by his meds. ::

EGAN MANNO: Doctor Skyfire, please have a seat.

SKYFIRE: Captain. Always a pleasure. :: He had a seat, taking a slow breath. :: When we aren’t discussing bad news.

:: The circumstances during which they had last met had been less than ideal -- the situation with Alleran Tan -- but there was no crisis now. Still, Cassie noted that there was some rigidity in the way he sat. ::

:: He felt tense. A bit nervous. Bad news happened on a regular basis. Though why, if he had just spoken about it being a pleasure to see her, did he feel so tense? ::

EGAN MANNO: First, please.

:: She indicated the condenser and the small hatch within. Despite the condenser’s silver, the full gold pip was easy to see once the hatch was opened. ::

:: He noted the condenser that was on her desk once she motioned for it, reaching a hand out to take it and forced it not to shake as he took it into his hand. When he saw that gold pip, his eyes widened slightly. He didn’t think anything he did warranted such action at first. Then he thought back: patching up Commander Calderan. Twice. Patching up Ensign Greyson. Once. Patching up Commander Core. Once. Saving Commander Tan’s life and not screwing up the extraction operation on a Trill as the primary. oO Did I do all that? Oo ::

SKYFIRE: :: hesitantly :: A---a lieutenant’s pip?

EGAN MANNO: Effective immediately. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

:: He was stunned. For a moment. Similarly to an experience he had before; aboard the Excalibur, during his promotion to Lt. JG. The thought that haunted him then haunted him now. oO Say something, you idiot. Oo followed by a second thought oO Saying “first” usually implies there’s something else to add. Should I be nervous? Oo followed immediately by a third thought oO Say something, you idiot. Oo ::

SKYFIRE: Thank you, Captain. :: Beat. :: I’m guessing that wasn’t the sole reason you requested to meet with me. :: He closed the lid of the condenser and held it in his lap. ::

:: Slowly, Cassie shook her head. She glanced at the condenser and wondered, for a moment, about asking for it. But, then, she realized that this could become part of the promotion ritual -- and it wouldn’t hurt the thing for Skyfire to hold on to it for a moment. ::

EGAN MANNO: No, not entirely. :: beat :: Have you spoken with Doctor del Vedova in the last few days?

:: He knew of the fact that del Vedova had been rather quiet, almost elusive, since they returned from the Mercury. He hadn’t seen the man since, and all the reports from his activities detailing the injuries and all of that were probably still on the chief’s desk. The last time he was in this room, he was being offered the Assistant CMO position on a silver platter. This time, it was possible to upgrade his position another notch. As well as his rank. ::

SKYFIRE: Not since Lt. Trel’lis’s surgery.

EGAN MANNO: He’s resigned his position as acting chief of medical. According to him, he intends to remain on staff, though perhaps after a sabbatical. However, it leaves me without a chief medical officer, even an acting one.

SKYFIRE: I...this comes as a surprise. The last time we spoke in here, you offered me a vacant spot for an assistant because Dr. Kotir took an LOA.

:: Cassie nodded. That was very true, and she would prefer that not all such meetings took place in the wake of the emptying of posts. Or, rather, she supposed that they had to -- but, for once, let a promotion take place because the officer vacating the position had herself been promoted! ::

EGAN MANNO: So it was. :: beat :: Lieutenant, it may be that you would be a strong, capable chief of medicine.

:: Skyfire nodded faintly, pondering over his word choice. He’d just been promoted, and couldn’t refuse. He had, therefore, one logical option. ::

SKYFIRE: I accept with pleasure, Captain.

EGAN MANNO: However, there is the matter of your position. Your promotion to full lieutenant stands, but I am less certain about your promotion to full chief of medicine.

:: He bit his tongue. He gave a silent nod for her to continue, keeping his emotions and thoughts in check. ::

EGAN MANNO: You are extremely good at your job, that’s true. I have no quibbles with your results, but I am concerned about you as a professional. To be blunt, Doctor, you are sometimes arrogant and dismissive, and while those qualities don’t always affect your work, I am potentially concerned about them given that you would be in command of a staff of medical professionals and a sickbay of patients.

:: Cassie paused briefly, tipped Skyfire a penetrating look, and continued. ::

EGAN MANNO: Therefore, you’ll inherit Doctor del Vedova’s position: Acting Chief of Medicine. :: beat :: I hope that the position will become permanent, but I would like to see improvement before that occurs.

:: She must’ve read the reports, or had spoken in greater detail to the staff. Did he really come off as an arrogant and dismissive son of a gundark, or was he just oblivious to things? Perhaps he needed to discuss it in greater detail with the counselor. ::

SKYFIRE: Understood, Captain.

EGAN MANNO: You have an excellent staff -- enlisted, non commissioned, and civilian alike -- so I would suggest you use them. Doctor del Vedova did mention that he apparently found Ensign Porchevska to be most insightful.

:: He gave her a nod. He had to agree with his former boss there, and knew full well that he was going to be availing himself of her insight in more ways than he wanted to imagine. ::

SKYFIRE: I have to agree with him there, Captain. :: He then slid the small silver box back across the desk after he removed the golden treasure within. ::

:: At last, Cassie reached a hand across her desk. She accepted the condenser back, but then she still held out her hand for Skyfire to shake. ::
EGAN MANNO: Congratulations, Doctor. You’ve done good work here. All I ask now is that your work continues to improve. No -- I challenge you.

:: From what she had observed of Skyfire, this might be a desirable thing. It would have for her, she thought, but that wasn’t why she’d said it. ::

:: He gripped her hand firmly with his own, his gaze locking as one would pick up a gauntlet from the floor. She’d thrown it across the desk with those words, and he knew it. ::

SKYFIRE: Thank you, Captain. I accept your challenge.

:: She nodded, though just once. She’d taken a chance on del Vedova and, while it hadn’t worked out, that didn’t mean that she’d been wrong, or that she shouldn’t take another chance. She nodded again, though again just once. ::

:: Before she could speak, he cut in. ::

SKYFIRE: If I may ask...a personal favor?

EGAN MANNO: You may.

:: He didn’t have anything against Carter; the officer was a good kid but CD needed his space. He wasn’t aware of whether or not Captain Egan Manno was aware of his room mate situation. ::

SKYFIRE: I would like to request my own quarters. I currently share with Ensign Greyson, and given the circumstances think it might be wiser if I not room with a former patient of mine.

EGAN MANNO: Of course. It’s the prerogative of all officers at the rank of lieutenant or above to request single quarters, if you aren’t given them by default.

SKYFIRE: Thank you, Captain.

EGAN MANNO: Very good. Dismissed.

SKYFIRE: Very good, sir.

:: He stood slowly from his chair, the pip in his hand as he walked out the door. ::

(( Bridge ))

:: Once he was on the bridge, he took a moment to adjust his collar and swapped the half a pip with the shiny gold one he just received. Then headed for his room to pack as he prepared for a quarters swap. ::

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Acting CMO
USS Garuda NCC 73809
Captain Cassandra Egan Manno
Commanding Officer
USS Garuda NCC 73809

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