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Crew of Shemesh Colony

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

((Counseling Suite - Moonsong’s Office: 0900 Hours))

:: Raissa sat her desk staring at nothing. She was tired. Apparently counselors, like doctors didn’t get to do things like sleeping in or staying up late to party. In a sense she understood why. Shore leave gave people the freedom to catch up on many personal things, like getting therapy. But it certainly cramped any social life she might get at this time. ::

:: Chythar showed up a few seconds early, though only by a few seconds. His hair was a mess, and did actually sleep, with all the craziness that happened yesterday -- the Tan symbiont stuff, his promotion, the quarters swap. And all of that made him look like a wreck. ::

Moonsong: :: She stood up, knowing who it was. :: Come in, Doctor Skyfire.

:: Chythar entered the room and ran a hand through his hair in an effort to neaten it. As he moved toward the comfy chairs, he paused for a moment. Then spoke after taking a breath. ::

Skyfire: Could I start today’s session with something...that doesn’t have anything to do with my abilities?

Moonsong: :: She blinked in surprise but nodded. :: Of course. Would you like something to drink?

:: CD nodded faintly, then mentally fumbled for the right words. oO Drink first. Oo  ::

Skyfire: Tea? Whatever it was I had yesterday would be good. :: Pause. Beat. Then he took a breath and tried to speak slowly. :: I...met an administrative nurse before we went on the away team. :: and he tried also not to blush while he spoke. ::

:: Raissa collected two cups of tea from the replicator. Though what she got were actually sturdy mugs. She kept her expression serene as she joined him, handing him the mug and then sitting down across from him. ::

Moonsong: It’s sometimes hard to deal with the admin side of our jobs and it’s nice when someone else does the filing and organizing so that we can focus on other things. :: she tried to be general and unassuming. ::

:: He sipped his tea, thinking of his words before he spoke. This wasn’t going to be an easy conversation, but it did bother him. Enough to the point where he had to tell someone about it who didn’t work for him. ::

Skyfire: This was different. It wasn’t about me doing my job, it wasn’t about the work. She made sexual advances as I attempted to get the medical staff mobilized for the away teams. She handed me a list, and at some point asked if I wanted to give her a physical. :: Pause. :: And suggested my office. Assistant chiefs, at least on the Excalibur, didn’t get an office. This was before I was promoted to Acting Chief. :: He paused again and had another sip of his tea. He was clearly unnerved by this discussion, not sure how to phrase the rest of it ::

:: Raissa kept her expression calm with effort. The last thing she expected was him to go on a fast ramble that was a little confusing. ::

Moonsong: I see this is bothering you, so let’s work through it. :: She paused as she considered her words.:: I mean if you are comfortable with that?

:: The question, innocent enough, didn’t feel like all the other questions did. This one was genuine and didn’t make him feel like he was the victim of a practical joke. He hated counselors, and it wasn’t a secret. ::

Skyfire: Yep.

Moonsong: All right… you met an admin nurse and she made you very uncomfortable. ::She paused to watch his reactions carefully :: She made… blatant sexual advances…?

:: He nodded to the first, then tightened his grip around the mug as she asked the second question. ::

Skyfire: As you’re aware, I’ve recently become single through no fault of my own. This...series of events was done without even so much as a blink on her part. I guess...Apart from all the seductive winking she did...maybe desperate? At that time, I was picking up massive desperation like she needed physical contact. :: He bit his tongue and sipped his tea again. He wasn’t sure he was making sense. ::

Moonsong: It would be impossible for me to make sense of that without knowing who you’re talking about. :: She held up her hand. :: You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to. But, there is something I want you to think about. Were you flattered or frightened?

:: He thought that over for a long moment. Then spoke after nearly 30 seconds. ::

Skyfire: Both. Ensign Gabrielle Porchevska.

:: Raissa picked up her padd and to make a quick query and then her eyebrows shot up when he realized who he named. She quickly suppressed the first twinge of amusement she’d felt in days. ::

Moonsong: Oh dear…. that explains it…

Skyfire: Explains which? :: He was genuinely confused here, probably more so because the counselor seemed to know exactly what was going on without being in the room when his new assistant scared the daylights out of him. ::

Moonsong: :: She put down the padd. :: She’s Argelian… well half Argelian. They tend to be very…. open about… pleasure. :: She paused a moment. :: This can be very confusing for someone with a… quieter lifestyle. I’m sure if you tell her, you’ll have to be blunt, that you are not interested in a sexual relationship, she’ll drop that topic of conversation.

:: The answer seemed simple. And he thought back to the subsequent conversation in the lounge. He nodded faintly, followed by another sip of his tea. ::

Skyfire: I did. Later that afternoon we met in Ten Forward. I told her I wasn’t looking for sex, she understood, then mentioned something about teaching me to have fun. I guess because I’ve been so busy dealing with the...the after effects...and why I’m on the inhibitor in the first place...that I’ve lost that ability. The ability to enjoy life for the sake of life. You know?

:: Raissa looked at him as she nodded slightly. Overall this meeting was surprising the hell out her. For the first time he was really opening up to her and not being as defensive as he had been in the past. Lt. Taybrim was correct. Just being here was helping. ::

Moonsong: I think I do. But I think we can fix that. Joy and fun are just as important as responsibility and duty.

:: He managed to relax a bit oO She sounds like my brother. Just a little. Oo He emptied the cup and set it down on the coffee table. ::

Skyfire: Let’s get back to that, then? We left off with...defining square one, right?

Moonsong: :: Nods. :: Right. But if you wish to continue with discussing other things we can. :: She attempted to smile. :: It’s all part of the process.

Skyfire: I see your point, but I’d really like to get this damn c- :: Pause. oO Correct yourself...Oo :: talent..under control.

Moonsong: :: Her tone was deliberate. :: You mean curse?

Skyfire: For the moment, curse. Trying to change how I think about it. Not easy.

Moonsong: Changing what you call it won’t necessarily change how you feel about it. It is still a ‘thing’ to you. It came into your life without warning and has made life difficult to the point that finding anything positive is almost impossible.

:: He nodded. She was right. Meaning that either she read through his file or she’d been in contact with Taybrim. Either way, at least now she understood how desperate he was for control of his ability, regardless of what it was called at this point. ::<nowiki><br /><br />Skyfire: I guess my brother’s been in contact with you. Lt. Taybrim, I mean. He’s helped me through it since I was...since that incident. I see square one as trying to accept the fact I have said powers and can’t control them. Square two might be developing at least basic contr-- <nowiki>:: He paused and winced as he felt the inhibitor starting to wear off. ::

:: Raissa decided to work through his commentary in order. There was nothing she liked more than a patient who made an honest effort. ::

Moonsong: I had sent a message to Lt. Taybrim and he was kind enough to respond. He said nothing about being your brother, but it is very clear that he cares a great deal about you. :: She paused before she continued. :: Square one is acceptance that you have this ability and you’re ready to integrate it into your life. Square two is seeing exactly what aspects of this ability you have.

:: He tried not to fidget, letting his hand rest on his knee. It took him a little bit of effort to keep himself from drumming his fingertips against the chair. ::

Skyfire: I love Sal like a brother. He doesn’t mention it to people because he doesn’t know how to recognize those feelings, but he understands them. :: Pause. :: OK. Now that we’ve got a definition for square one, what’s next?

Moonsong: Next, I’d like to talk about meditation. Are you comfortable telling me what meditation you’re currently using?

Skyfire: :: Nodding. :: Not using any at the moment. I burn incense from time to time, but haven’t combined it with any techniques.

Moonsong: I would like to take you through some guided meditation to address the different aspects of your talent. :: She paused and then spoke carefully. :: There will come a point where you will actually have to use your ability.

:: He blinked. oO Use it? Oo He wasn’t expecting that. And it was something that he wasn’t looking forward to. Again, with effort, he kept himself from drumming his fingers against the chair. ::

Skyfire: Alright. Use in what way?

Moonsong: :: She decided he needed to prepare himself for some aspects of training. :: You will actively read someone. It will help us determine how strong you are.

Skyfire: Not something I can easily determine from what little of it I’ve used so far, but I can’t read non-Terrans. If they’re part Terran I can at least get something..but it’s difficult to do. I’ve also determined I don’t need contact with anyone in order to use it.

Moonsong: I’m sure we can get all of that under control. :: She had noticed his fingers twitching and then stilled in response to some of her questions. :: For now, we’ll start with quieting things in your own head with shields.

Skyfire: :: Nodded. :: Sounds as good a place to start as any. Continue.

Moonsong: Close your eyes and breath in and out like last time…

:: He shifted his position so he was sitting up straight, then crossed his legs into a half-lotus to get comfortable before he obeyed. His muscles tensed and relaxed with the first breath, keeping his focus on her voice. ::

:: Raissa shifted to a similar position in her own chair. It was one of the reasons she had chosen these chairs. ::

Moonsong: Breathe in….. and out…. Go to your safe place…. listen to the wind…

:: He continued to breathe in and out slowly, his world fading until he once again stood on his quiet mountain top. The Starfleet teal was gone; it was replaced by a pair of black swim trunks with flames along the sides. He let his breathing continue to slow until he felt himself completely relax. ::

:: For Raissa this was the most difficult part of the exercise. She couldn’t see what he saw. She could only see what might be implied by his body language ::

Moonsong: :: Keeping her voice calm and soothing. :: This is your safe place. You control it. Feel the air moving around you…

:: He nodded faintly, his voice once more sounding distant. ::

Skyfire: The wind howls, the waves crash below. Silence of everything around me, except the wind. The Terran sunset reflecting off the water. All else is still.

::She frowned at his words. Howling winds and crashing waves were hardly still or silent, but it was what worked for him. She had to help him make it work. ::

Moonsong: :: Her voice dropped to a rhythmic cadence. :: Focus on the wind. The air around you. It moves … surrounds you… protects you… shields you…

:: The winds in his mind continued to howl around him, offering him protection from himself. From the noise that surrounded him and threatened to drive him insane. His focus on the wind began to drown out the sound of the waves. He only nodded again. ::

Moonsong: :: She wished more of her patients would follow her direction so easily. :: Quiet now… just you… nothing else… just your thoughts… your emotion… the wind protects you… shields you…

:: He nodded again. The howling winds died down into a quiet breeze, the crashing waves once again audible in his mind. Yet, the breeze was a gentle one. It still protected him, but the speed had slowed. ::

Moonsong: ::she had matched her breathing to his unconsciously, her hands on her knees. Now for the first test. :: The wind protects you…. you control it…… :: Then without warning she projected with her own empathic ability. Since he was the telepath she would bet he would pick up more than just emotion from her. ::

:: He tensed up suddenly as the burst of images flooded his mind. The protection offered by the gentle breeze wasn’t enough, his breathing increasing rapidly as he tried to block them. The emotions he picked up on managed to get through his shielding as he picked up on the attraction she felt toward his room mate; yet something else also broke through -- a genuine desire to help him get a handle on his abilities. He managed to project a weak thought through their connection ~ Stop.. please… ~ before he nearly collapsed against the chair. He didn’t enter convulsions as a result of it, but he was weakened. ::

Moonsong: :: She stopped instantly and shielded her thoughts and emotions. :: Come back now…. :: Her expression was a mixture of approval and respect. ::

:: He took a few minutes to regain his breathing to some semblance of normal before he obeyed, opening his eyes slowly. ::

Skyfire: That...was weird…

Moonsong: :: Clearly impressed. :: You did extremely well.

Skyfire: How do you figure?

Moonsong: :: She shook her head slightly. She started counting off with her fingers :: One, you’ve taken the first steps of creating a rudimentary shield. I may not be in your head, but for the first time your body language was fully relaxed. Two, the shield was enough to prevent you from sensing what I was about to do and I’m human enough for you to read me. And three… :: this really seemed to please her. :: Once I hit you, you used the connection to communicate with me.

:: He blinked a few times to try and clear his head, the after effects of the brief assault filling his mind. ::

Skyfire: So...what I got from you… :: He paused and tried to make sense, speaking slowly. :: Is you’re attracted to Carter and you are truthful about wanting to prevent me from losing my marbles. :: He paused. He wasn’t sure that made any sense. :: Right?

Moonsong: :: There is nothing more revealing than a blush turning her face red, but she chose to pretend she didn’t hear it and not respond to it. :: Of course I want to help you, Doctor. It’s not just my job, but I feel it is what I must do. It’s my calling. To help.

:: His eyebrows raised slightly, not quite ready to drop it that easily. ::

Skyfire: And the attraction to Carter? Was I wrong about that?

:: Raissa tamped down hard on her irritation so not to broadcast. oO Damnit girl, stop thinking about him! Oo. ::

Moonsong: He’s… :: Shrugs. :: attractive… but Ensign Greyson has things he has to do.. :: She was NOT going to mention Carter’s crush on CD. That was a tangled skein she had no idea how to unravel. ::

:: Chythar’s gaze softened, though he felt a bit drained from the experience. He slowly started to un-pretzel himself from where he was on the chair, and ran his hands over his outer thighs to restore circulation. ::

Skyfire: I see. I won’t tell him you said so.

:: She opened her mouth and then snapped it shut. She had to be careful. His expression made her want to confide, but she couldn’t. This was for him. ::

Moonsong: This is about you, Doctor. I want you to really think about what I’ve said. You made a big step today and you need to understand that it is a positive step.

Skyfire: I’ll take the time. Maybe give it a couple days before our next session, so I can work with a meditation technique?

Moonsong: That will be fine. Consider the format I just gave you… It seemed to work for you. If you continue to practice with that imagery, it will become automatic. Over time the mental shielding will grow strong. It’s like a muscle. You keep using it to gain strength.

:: Abruptly she realized she was babbling. His observation about Carter had thrown her off balance. ::

:: He nodded faintly in understanding. ::

Skyfire: Will do. :: And stood slowly. :: See you in two days? Same time, or do you want to shift it? :: Pause. :: And should I lower the dose on the inhibitor?

Moonsong: :: She got to her feet as well. :: Two days is fine. Since we’re on shore leave lets shift to 1000 hours. And lastly leave the dosage where it is for now, but use the time to practice the shielding. We can determine how much to lower your medication at our next meeting.

:: That made sense to him, actually. Stay on it, and it’d wear off a bit before his meeting with her. Total sense. ::

Skyfire: Understood, Counselor. Thanks again. :: He took the cup to the replicator and pressed a button on his way out the door. ::

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Assistant CMO
USS Garuda NCC 73809

Lieutenant JG Raissa Moonsong
USS Garuda NCC 73809

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