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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Civilian Chythar Skyfire

((Holodeck 7, Enchanted Forest, Starbase 118))

Skyfire: I'm going to go see if I can find that deliciously tasty cough syrup Anscom is teasing me about. Anyone wish to follow?

:: It took a few moments for Taybrim to respond, with everyone else having denied his offer for tasty cough serum except Taybrim made him smile slightly as he began leading the way to the table. ::

Walker: Thanks but I'll wait a bit. Actually, I'm going to talk to Mr. Silveira... keep him distracted if nothing else.

Taybrim: I think that’s a good idea, Scott. ::he paused and added in a murmur:: Just be careful you don’t get sick.

FOLDS: Response

Taybrim: ::Shaking his head::No, I think I’m going to hold off on pranking plans. Despite Mr. Silveira’s raucous beginning, I don’t think he’s in the right frame of mind for that sort of humor right now.

SKYFIRE: You lost me.

:: Chythar lost track of the conversation, his gaze wandering as he began to head toward where he thought the food was, but realized as he got about five feet from it that Kali was about to make her speech. He paused. Turned. Faced her, his captain. ::

::The built in acoustics of it all amplified her voice just enough to allow all to hear her.::

Nicholotti: Good evening all. I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am. Thank you to those who put this together on short notice for us.

::Gesturing towards Silveira, and then the science officer who had written the program (or at least compiled it), she led the group in applause.::

Nicholotti: Of course, I’m learning that everyone had their own part, so whatever that part is or was, thank you for adding to the wonder of the night.

::Another round of applause danced around the clearing, dying down quickly and allowing her to continue.::

Nicholotti: As most of you know, these gatherings are notorious for promotions and awards, both of which I’d like to present before we get too far into the night.

::Smiling, she took a short breath, gathering her thoughts before moving on.::

Nicholotti: This crew, as a whole, has performed admirably in every way, and as a Captain, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to serve with. That said, there are a few who Captain Walker and I reviewed for promotion shortly before the events of our last mission. ::Taking a deep breath.:: In his absence, I will now present those promotions in a manner he’d appreciate. First, I’d like to congratulate the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Livingston on his most recent promotion. Though he’s already received his new pip, I feel he deserves recognition for the hard work that brought him to this new rank, complete with its rights and privileges.

:: Chythar joined in the applause, happy for the new commander. His own emotions of depression, loneliness, and weariness didn't bother him at the moment. He was enjoying the atmosphere, and soon he'd eat his tasty concoction that was alleged to taste like cough serum. He knew differently -- it tasted nothing like. He'd just laugh at Folds, Taybrim and the others when they realized it tasted better than cough serum. ::

Nicholotti: Would you join me up here, Commander?

::Waiting for a moment, she allowed him time to join her. Perhaps this was all a test run, or maybe her mind was already made up. Either way, this would be an exercise in the potential future.::

:: Nicholotti leaned over to whisper something to the newly minted commander in a brief exchange before there was a continuation. The applause was not quite deafening, but enough so that Chythar couldn't quite make out what the two were discussing. Once it died down, the captain continued. ::

Nicholotti: First, let me ask that you join me up here when I call you. ::She paused.:: Ensigns Folds, Cuthbert, and Skyfire.

::Skyfire joined his two comrades in a processional march to the stage. When they got there, she took her time, walking first to Folds,handing him his new half pip, and shaking his hand, then to Cuthbert, doing the same, and finally to Skyfire. As the half pip landed in his hand, Chythar's eyes widened for just a moment. The captain was looking at him with a look that said 'You done good, kid' and grin to match. He forced himself to return her gaze and meet those pride-filled eyes. He blinked first, as though seeing the well of pride within her was nearly blinding to him. At the instant he blinked, she returned her gaze to the crowd assembled. ::

Nicholotti: I hereby promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all rights and privileges therein.

:: His eyes widened just a smidge more, as though they weren't wide enough already from feeling the half pip in his hand. oO Did I hear that right? I'm a Lieutenant Junior Grade? My hearing must still be borked. Oo A moment later, another thought. oO No. It isn't. Oh, Johanna...I am sorry you couldn't be hear to share this moment.... Oo The grief struck him rather hard, and he forced himself not to think of it. The two of them wrapped along together nicely after they'd put their initial incident behind them, and he tried to envision her smiling face watching this moment. ::

:: There was a long pause, as each of them tried to find words. ::

SKYFIRE: oO Say something, you idiot. Oo :: Beat. :: Thank you, Captain.

:: Lt. Folds was silent, uncertain what to say. ::

Cuthbert: ::echoing Skyfire, because those were the only words that would come to mind.:: Thank you, captain.

Nicholotti: Furthermore, Lieutenant JG Folds will also be stepping into the Chief Medical Officer’s role. ::Turning towards him.:: Congratulations!

:: Now Chythar was truly surprised, but he forced himself not to show it. oO Did I hear that right? I'm the senior officer in that I've been here the longest, and yet...I'm passed over? That doesn't make any sense. Oo A few seconds later, another thought. oO She must've seen something special in Anscom to deem him worthy of that role. I don't have any leadership qualities. He does. That's why. Oo He continued to remind himself that Anscom displayed leadership where he did not, therefore no reason to get jealous. He forced his face to schooled neutrality as applause roared once more and Folds remained silent, still awe-struck. ::

:: A hand was held up to prevent their leaving the stage. He paused, taking a moment to put his new half-pip in his shirt pocket. ::

Nicholotti: While I have you here…

:: Her voice trailed off for a moment as she moved over to the newly promoted Folds. ::

Nicholotti: Anscom Folds, for participating in an event that uncovered an Iconian gateway during our last mission, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. For working to cure the plague, I hereby present you with the Medical Science Ribbon. For saving the lives of countless Agurthan citizens, I present you the Lifesaving Ribbon. And for saving Lieutenant Cuthbert on Agurtha, I present you with the Gold Lifesaving Ribbon.

:: Folds was silent, too surprised to react. ::

::Another shake of the hand and she stepped out of the way, gesturing towards Livingston to step in and actually hand the man his newly earned ribbons. While he did so, Kali moved to Cuthbert. More applause as ribbons were dispensed. Once it died down, Chythar kept his gaze on her and wondered. oO I doubt anything in that box is for me. If she'd read my report, she'd know I wasn't after any awards. She would have seen my note about how I wasn't after a promotion either. Oo::

Nicholotti: Alden Cuthbert, for participating in an event that uncovered an Iconian gateway during our last mission, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. For the injury you suffered in the line of duty, I present you with the Purple Heart. And for working diligently with our Romulan counterparts on Agurtha, I present you with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

:: Both Cuthbert and Folds stood in silence at that. ::

::Again, Kali smiled and offered the new Lt. Cuthbert her full attention for a short moment, shaking his hand and moving to the side to allow Livingston room to move in. She stepped up in front of Skyfire and her smile grew just a bit bigger. The look on the captain's face was one like a proud mother would give her son for making the honor roll. As she stood in front of him, he swallowed hard and he gave her his full attention, sweat starting to form on his forehead from nervousness. He'd never been in this kind of position before, so he had no idea what to expect. Muscles tensed, his half-pip tucked away in his shirt pocket, he wondered strongly now what could be in that box. He wasn't ready to receive it, whatever it was. oO In this fashion, on top of a promotion...what did I do....? Oo ::

Nicholotti: Chythar Skyfire, for participating in an event that uncovered an Iconian gateway during our last mission, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. For your miracle now known as the Skyfire Cure, I present you with the Medical Science Ribbon. I also award you the Legion of Merit for this accomplishment. You saved an entire planet, and perhaps more. ::She paused a moment, letting that sink in before continuing.:: For your work with our Romulan counterparts, I present you with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. And for saving lives in the line of duty, I present you with the Lifesaving Ribbon.

Skyfire: oO Say something, you idiot. Oo :: Beat. :: Thank you, Captain.

:: Chythar shook the captain's hand with a firm grip, wishing he could feel the pride that she felt for him. He was amazed and overwhelmed by the sensation of the emotional high, and his thoughts were racing. He seemed a bit too emotionally stunned to think clearly about any of it. He needed to respond. He needed to say something else, to assure her he was fine; but he couldn't think of anything more. As she stepped aside and Ben presented him with his own fruit salad, he swallowed hard. He wasn't sure what to make of it. He now had a whole lot of things to mention at their counseling session, which was to take place after the festivities. Possibly before he got so drunk he didn't remember any of this. ::

Nicholotti: Would Ensigns Morgan, Taybrim, and Shedet join me please.

:: Chythar watched and collapsed into a chair once offstage. The emotional high was still overpowering to him, his pulse racing. He was still recovering from the nervousness that went with being called out like that, even more so from the promotion which caught him by surprise. ::

Nicholotti: Sal Taybrim, though you came to us during the later stages of our mission, the impact of having a capable counselor aboard has already made itself known. As such, I am presenting you with the Gateway Ribbon for your participation in the events that involved the Iconian Gateway.

Taybrim: Thank you Captain.

Nicholotti: Alexander Morgan. You also joined us a bit late in the game, but your contributions to the mission and the medical care of officers we held dear is well deserving of the Gateway Ribbon as well.

:: Each man was handed ribbons, and Chythar felt himself calm down slightly when she reached Shedet. He was still tense, but he was still staring at his ribbons in his hand. Wondering if he truly deserved them. If he could really do his mentor proud. oO If only... Oo and abruptly killed that line of thought for himself, as it was dark and negative. Not the sort of thing for the mood right now.

Nicholotti: Shedet, for participating in the discovery of the plague, and the Iconian gateway, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. For your work with our Romulan counterparts on Agurtha, I also present you with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

Shedet: Th...tha...thank'am.

:: More applause filled the room. More moments for Chythar to sit and reflect. More moments for him to calm himself. It was as he struggled for calm he remembered his fractured mental shielding, so he took a few deep breaths and made an attempt to work on it. ::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant JG Collim Kieran.

:: There was a pause as the Lieutenant made her way to the captain's side. ::

Nicholotti: It is my experience that there are two kinds of Intelligence officers out there. ::Indeed, she had discovered this not long ago in digging up the dirty type right here on 118 during the Reikara crisis.:: There are those who are interested only in the power that the cloak and dagger approach can grant. ::Turning towards the woman next to her, she continued.:: Then there are those who do an amazingly good job right when we need it.

:: There was something passed between the two, and Chythar couldn't quite see from his not-vantage point what it was. ::

Nicholotti: You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have become an integral member of this crew. Your hard work shows, even if the end result isn’t always what I see. Therefore, it is my pleasure to promote you to full lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges therein.

KEIRAN: Thank you, Captain.

:: There was another pause, with an allusion to more. Chythar blinked. He wondered idly oO Everyone receive an award for this? Really? Oo but quickly shut that thought down. He needed to calm down, rebuild what was broken in his mind. He needed to focus. Breathe. So he did so, taking a few more deep breaths and exhaling slowly. ::

Nicholotti: Collim Kieran, I also present you with the Gateway Ribbon, for your participation and contribution to the discovery of the Iconian Gateway on Agurtha. For working with our Romulan counterparts on the planet, I present you with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award as well.

KEIRAN: Thank you again, Captain.

::This time she shook the woman’s hand and moved out of the way. Livingston stepped in and Kali presented the newly promoted Lieutenant to the crowd.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant Silveira, Lieutenant Commander Brek, Lieutenant Walker, and Lieutenant Commander Orman, if you would please join me.

Nicholotti: Luna Walker, it is with great pleasure that I present you with the Gateway Ribbon for your part in our last mission. Though you arrived late, I think everyone will agree that you played a pretty important role. I also present you with the Prisoner of War Ribbon, and the Purple Heart, for having gone through the experience you suffered while in the hands of the Romulan Tal’Shiar.

L. WALKER: Thank you, Captain.

:: Chythar listened, not understanding Luna's experience. All he knew was that she had been crucial in his research toward his curative miracle. He took a breath and exhaled slowly. ::

Nicholotti: Vitor Silveira, for your part in the discovery of the Iconian Gateway, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. Though you were not ‘in the thick of things’ as they say, without you and your contributions, things might have turned out dramatically different.

Silveira: Of course they would. Thank you Captain.

::Once she'd finished speaking to the shindig-instigator, his pulse slowed a bit as he began to relax enough to what was considered a normal pulse rate for him. ::

Nicholotti: Brek, for your part in the mission where the Iconian Gateway was discovered, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. Your work with the Romulans was essential to the overall cure and the potential future stability of the planet.

Brek: I'm always happy to serve, Captain.

:: More movement. More words. She moved to the security officer, and began again. ::

Nicholotti: Katy Orman, for participating in the events surrounding the discovery of the Iconian Gateway on Agurtha, I hereby present you with the Gateway Ribbon. Once again, you have proven that I am much better off with you on this crew.

Orman: You can count on me.

:: More applause rang out, and Chythar continued to relax as he finally felt the drive to put his newly acquired rack of ribbons in his shirt pocket, alongside his half-pip. He felt it all start to come together. Starting to slowly make him feel more...complete. Like someone more. He hoped that one day, he would be able to hold the position of CMO of any base, but it was not today. ::

Nicholotti: Ben Livingston, for your participation in the events surrounding the discovery of the Iconian Gateway, I present you with the Gateway Ribbon as well.

Livingston: Thank you, Captain.

:: The group that was on stage had been released back into the crowd. He watched the expression on her face change, no longer the proud parent. Instead, battle hardened warrior with sorrow tinging her words. Somber, like channeling the energy and voice of the Grim Reaper, whom he knew as Hades. His muscles once again tensed as he continued to watch and breathe slowly. ::::

Nicholotti: It is apparent that there are those who are no longer with us, and we mourn their absence. In their memory, I feel it important to present them with their awards as well. ::She paused before continuing.:: Captain Benjamin Walker, the Gateway Ribbon and the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Johanna MacLaren, the Gateway Ribbon, the Purple Heart, the Explorer’s Ribbon, the Medical Science Ribbon, and the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Kevin Breeman, the Gateway Ribbon and the Purple Heart. Though they are no longer with us on this crew, they will always be a part of this family.

:: At the mention of the not-traitor, he winced. At the mention of his former mentor, his regret she could not be here to witness this came crashing down upon him like a ton of bricks. She was lying in sickbay, clinging to life by a thin thread. At the mention of Breeman, he closed his eyes and fought back waves of emotion that began to berate his mind. His mental stability he'd just finished attempting to rebuild began to fall apart, the shielding he'd worked on for only a few hours starting to weigh heavy on his mind. ::

Nicholotti: And with that, let the festivities begin!

:: It was at this point only that he decided to get up and make his way toward the food, deciding to opt straight for the Stew Surprise he'd made without saying anything to anyone as he attempted to gather his thoughts and composure once more. His emotional high had been replaced with a mix of emotions ranging from excited to depressed to sorrowful within a span of what felt like five minutes, but in fact the entire ceremony may have lasted an hour. He did not know. His sense of time was distorted still. He became oblivious to anyone walking nearby him. Until Sal rejoined him, followed by Anscom.::

Taybrim: ::Grinning and offering a hand to both doctors:: Congratulations, Lieutenants!

Skyfire: Thanks. I think. ::returning the handshake::

Taybrim: I think the point now is to eat and mingle. Meet people we haven’t met before. Or have met before. ::He smiled and flagged Shedet and Cuthbert over from where they were still hanging out after the awards ceremony:: Shedet! Cuthbert! We’re about ready to head to the grand unveiling of Skyfire’s Stew Surprise. I am told this is a momentous occasion, would you guys like to join?

:: Skyfire followed the man's gaze, noting his new friend and the Orion he patched up earlier. He took a breath and tried to calm down, still a bit overwhelmed by it all. ::

Shedet: Stew? Sounds delicious! Want to come, Alden?

Cuthbert: Sure. Don’t see why not.

SKYFIRE: Doesn't taste anything like cough serum. You people are just paranoid.

Folds: Hey—I mostly meant it about my own cooking.

Taybrim: I’m just being over dramatic. Though I’d love to hear a drumroll when that stew is uncovered. ::he winked::

:: Chythar nodded and looked to Sal after he got himself a bowl of soup. ::

SKYFIRE: After dinner and mingling, I'm all yours...I really want to talk now.

:: The Lieutenant's voice sounded nearly desperate now, as opposed to the slightly hesitant message he'd sent to Sal earlier ::

(( Flashback --- Skyfire's Quarters ))
:: He felt exhausted. He looked it. He walked over to his mirror and checked his eyes: bloodshot from lack of sleep or too much coffee. oO If it were a fatal dose, I'd be dead by now. Oo He yawned and pulled off his boots and uniform, walking over to his bed and typed out a quick message to Ensign Taybrim.

To Ensign Taybrim
Re: Counseling session

Someone in command (probably the captain) thinks I should talk to you after my near-death experience during the blast. Add to that the fact I nearly lost my mentor Lt. MacLaren...when is a good time for us to meet?
From: Ensign Skyfire
(( End Flashback))

Taybrim: ::quietly:: I’m here… if we need to leave early, I’m certainly OK with that. I don’t know if there are any other important announcements so if you can linger, we should see if the Captain has anything else to say.

:: Chythar's own emotions were a wreck, though somewhat dampened by the hastily built mental shields he'd built up during the ceremony. He was overwhelmed, and needed a good strong drink. Helping himself to a bite of his tasty soup, he smiled softly and feigned that he was having a good time. There were so many emotions coursing through him right now since he typed that letter. ::

TAYBRIM: ::Testing the stew, a smile grew on his face:: Surprise, the stew is a hit! ::looking over towards Skyfire, upbeat and trying to get the younger man to focus on the positive, at least until they could break away from the party.:: I suppose Stew Surprise is also Stew Secret?

:: Skyfire thought about his words, his own emotions still overpowering him. His own thoughts, muddled though they were; mingled with grief, regret, pride, and uncertainty all at once, were enough to cause him to fall silent. Instead of giving an answer, he only nodded. ::

TAYBRIM:Secret family recipe? Or just an inborn knack?

CUTHBERT: ::Trying to join in the conversation, though a bit halfheartedly:: Yeah, great job Skyfire.

:: Following the small crowd to the buffet, they all huddled around a crock-pot of stew and Shedet quickly filled her bowl and grabbed a nearby spoon. ::

Shedet: This is delicious, Skyfire! Great job!

::Skyfire looked to his comrades and ate quietly, not sure how to react to this most recent question. Instead of saying anything, he continued eating in silence. ::

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