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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

((Chase’s Quarters - USS Garuda - The Next Morning))

:: It was early. Not very early, but still early enough to count as morning. Chase was already up, throwing on his uniform. It wasn’t his shift until later, but there was still a lot of work to be done to fix things the Plant of Doom had taken apart… and Engineering beckoned. ::

:: It was also a very convenient excuse to avoid the “morning after” banter with what was likely to be an awkward Skyfire. Chase hated the awkward, sappy bits, so he liked to not be present for them. ::

:: Chythar’s shields, surprisingly, did hold. Despite how many times over the last several hours they threatened to fail. And he was still half-asleep. Sickbay called to him, the various patients. The followups. His clothing lay in a pile on the floor, just out of reach. And it suddenly got cold. ::

Skyfire: Work calling so early, Chase?

Valaine:  :: Blue eyes flashing to the now-awake CD. :: You know how it is. Always something falling apart on these ships.

:: It was a small joke, and an avoidance of the truth, though he said it with the ease of a familiar smile. ::

Skyfire: Don’t I know it...tests to run, things to do… :: He slowly and with half his focus leaned over the edge of the bed to grab the pile of pants and shirt. :: I want to thank you, by the way.

Valaine: :: An eyebrow raising, he smirked. :: Was I *that* spectacular? You’re welcome.

:: Blunt as a hammer. Though he doubted that was what CD was about to say. ::

:: Life was indeed short, so that’s why they started with dessert the other night. Yet somehow, Chase had given him a reason to have fun. ::

Skyfire: You were right. I need to live a little.

:: Eyeing the man, Chase was quiet for a moment before replying. His gaze moved down to his boots as he buckled
them. ::

Valaine: I wouldn’t thank me just yet.  :: He paused, his hands going still. :: I just used you to get something I wanted. And I’ll do it again, if you let me.

:: There was a long pause before the doctor made any sort of reply. He got dressed slowly, his mind attempting to match the words to the emotion. Indifference. And possibly guilt. Yet...something else remained hidden beneath the engineer’s visage that the doc couldn’t identify. ::

:: The tone, even his expression, they didn’t seem to match the words Chase said. Was this… guilt? Pffft… Chase Valaine didn’t feel guilt. ::

Valaine: But it was absolutely worth it. This was fun.

Skyfire: Fun’s one word to describe it.

:: CD pulled on his shirt, then got on his socks and boots before heading toward the door. He knew they were untied, and didn’t really seem too interested in fixing them before he took his leave. How is it that one could be genuine and elusive after a night of awesomeness? Was he really just being used? Maybe that was his problem -- and he was right not to want another relationship. Damned if he knew. Not like Gabi with the confusing wave of manic emotions or reactions, no. This was different. Like Chase wanted to play hard to get. Or maybe it was himself, CD, that was the hard-to-get prize. This was just one puzzle he’d expend brain power over another day. ::

Skyfire: Guess I’ll be seeing you. :: and pressed the control panel to let himself out. ::

Valaine: Chythar.

:: CD turned back to look at Chase, his green emerald-like eyes attempting to pierce through the cold crypticism that was the tailed Terran. He said nothing, as there was no hint of what words might come from Chase’s mouth. ::

Valaine: If you know what you want, and you take it, no one can use you.

:: It was precisely the opposite of what he’d said only a moment before, but phrased cryptically. He finally raised his head from his boots to look the man in the eyes. ::

Valaine: Seemed to me you knew what you wanted. Don’t let anyone complicate that.

:: Not “anything.” Anyone. ::

:: It was a strange way of easing whatever hurt he’d just caused… and it was weird for him to do it. Because sending someone off with a bit of a sting made sure they wouldn’t bother him with sappy romantic nonsense. The only conclusion Chase could draw from it was that he wouldn’t mind being bothered a little. ::

:: Skyfire’s face betrayed no expression, gave no hint as to what he was feeling. He was dealing with someone who spoke in backwards cryptic-double-talk. Someone who wanted to make his life a bit more interesting, he thought. Yet, even with his limited skills he couldn’t exactly guess what Chase’s motives were. Whether or not they were meant to be. He wanted to be friends with this man, but also something more. Without doing this again, he didn’t know if he could explain it. His voice was perfectly neutral, his face equally so. As he walked away, he gave a nod. ::

Skyfire: I won’t let you complicate it.

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda


Chief Warrant Officer Chase Valaine
Engineering Specialist
USS Garuda

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