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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

(( Holodeck 2 ))

:: Chase entered the holodeck with his typical care-free swagger, hands partially tucked in his pockets. He wore civilian clothes, being officially off-duty. He’d spent most of the day in Engineering, so was happy to get out of his uniform for a while. After a shower, he’d changed into his typical untypical clothing… a fashionable black v-neck, three quarter sleeve shirt, with inlaid silver detailing running in sharp angles along the collarbones. Very dark boot cut blue jeans, and his well worn favorite buckled boots. A chain fell round his neck, a pendant hiding beneath his shirt. ::

:: Heavy footfalls accompanied him into the empty grid of the holodeck. Stopping several feet in, Chase set his weight on one leg and crossed his arms over his chest in thought. ::

:: CD had seemed to think this was a “formal” date… that was fine. But he was most interested in a bit of fun, more than any formal courting. He wasn’t interested in drawn out dating plans. He was really only interested in one thing, and one thing alone. ::

:: Himself. ::

:: It wasn’t as if anyone *else* was going to worry about what he needed, after all. ::

:: For a moment his thoughts stilled, and he thought on Sky. Not Skyfire, or CD as he was training himself to say, but someone else. It had really been a long time since he’d heard from her… he wondered what she was up to… Sabor, too… then there was someone else on his mind. A woman named Talya, and a little girl named Xena. ::

:: A little girl who had his blue eyes… pre-alteration, of course. ::

:: But he physically shook his head, clearing his thoughts. They were far away, and it was like they said. Out of sight, out of mind. ::

:: They were probably happier not having to babysit him anyhow… ::

:: ……. ::

Valaine:  ::breaking the silence :: Computer. Load program Valaine, “Under The Sea.”

:: The holodeck shimmered as it complied with the order, bringing the environment into view. It wasn’t exceptionally bright, but well lit enough to see the cafe-style setting. The ceiling was a large cylinder braced against the great weight of the bright blue ocean water all around them, and beyond the clear walls were fishes of all kinds. It was a vast assortment from several planets, a hand picked cacophony of sea creatures from various oceanic planets, all living in holographic harmony. Most of them were small to medium sized, swimming in swarms, but now and then something more unique or larger would sweep by at a relaxed pace. ::

:: A gigantic great white swam with ease through the water and past the cafe walls. ::

:: But as things were with Chase, this program was a bit odder once one took a closer look. The great white, being a good twenty five feet long and monstrously thick… ::

:: Was also a Borg. ::

:: The eye laser glimmered against the glass wall of the underwater cafe as it effortlessly passed, then disappeared into the distance, its swishing tail and the glint of its mechanical eye gear in the water the last that could be seen of it. ::

:: Setting hands on his hips, he could relax a bit in this, his hand crafted environment. He glanced at the Borg walking in the door… it carried a tray of utensils and a glass carafe of water, the basics of what they would need for a meal. It lumbered past him to set the table. ::

Valaine:  :: to himself :: This is nice, isn’t it?

:: Chythar was out of uniform, wearing a V-neck black tank top and a pair of black boot-cut jeans. Around his waist, a leather medieval style O-ring belt. There were signs of little claw marks along his arms, just enough to indicate he’d been playing tug of war. The doctor entered the holodeck as the doors swooshed open. ::

:: CD’s eyes glanced around the room, taking in the surroundings. The water, the sounds of the ocean. He’d finally gotten away from sickbay, and wasn’t expecting Chase to have this set up by the time he was done with his counseling appointment. Yet, it was one of the most beautiful holo programs he’d ever set foot in. His eyes widened a bit with wonder as he continued to glance around. ::

Skyfire: Wow...

Valaine: Welcome! Have a seat.  :: He motioned to the two seated table being set by the Borg. :: We’ll start with dessert.

:: As if on cue, another Borg waiter lumbered past him carrying a tray covered in small sized desserts, an array to pick from. ::

:: The chief’s voice shook CD’s attention from the surroundings and he smiled softly at his tailed-Terran acquaintance. He took the indicated seat and grabbed one of the chocolate oreo cake slices, a Terran delicacy he loved as a kid. He sat there staring at it for a moment then raised his eyes to meet Chase’s as he began the conversation. ::

Skyfire: You have no idea how much I’d been looking forward to getting away from sickbay for a few hours…

Valaine: You’re going back after this?  :: eyeing the doctor with a lack of subtlety :: But I had plans for you.

:: The response was somewhat surprising. And his mind was crystal-clear: Chase wasn’t giving manic reactions or conflicting signals. Debra produced mixed messages and had a difficult time being clear with what she wanted. Gabi said she’d teach him the values of having fun, and had been relatively true to her word yet was a master at giving confusing messages. Due to the Argellian genetics of his nurse, he wasn’t ever sure what she’d do. The last conversation made it seem like she was going to hate him forever up until she punched him in the jaw, before giving him a kiss to make up for it. ::

(( Flashback -- CMO’s Office, USS Garuda ))

:: Gabrielle looked up at him as he approached her. As angry as she was, he was foolish to think reason had a place in an emotional discourse. She wanted to slap him. She intended to just slap him. She really did. The impulse jumped from her brain, down her arm and almost to her hand. Her fingers never extending. She punched him in the jaw. Fortunately Gabrielle was not very strong, but it was enough to get any wandering bit of his attention. ::

:: He took the hit without flinching. There was a mark where the blow landed, and he blinked as pain shot through his system. She now had his undivided attention, as she had when she’d walked into the room. ::

:: Gabrielle stared up at him in horror as she wrung her badly bruised hand. She was Argelian. Non-violent and pleasure loving hedonist. She just punched a senior officer. She acted without thinking. Just as impulsively she reached up with her uninjured hand and grabbed his collar, pulling him closer and she kissed him hard, all her pent up worry and fear merging into it. ::

:: He admitted he deserved the punch. The kiss, he was less sure he deserved, but allowed himself to get lost in the moment. The emotions he was picking up from her had him very confused, but at the moment that didn’t matter. He’d sort them out later. ::

Porchevska: :: She broke the kiss reluctantly. :: You…. scared… me…

Skyfire: And I suspect you won’t be the last. :: He blinked, not sure what to add next. He took her bruised hand into his own, taking a medical tricorder from his desk and scanning her wrist. :: Just sprained your wrist with that blow. And I admit I deserved it.

:: Gabrielle was standing close to him, their body language more intimate. She found herself leaning a little against him. ::

Porchevska: :: Her voice was quiet. :: CD you can’t keep doing things like this. You have a responsibility….

:: He nodded faintly and whispered to her as he held her close. ::

Skyfire: I know…and I will be more careful… :: He felt tears sting his vision, the concern she felt radiating strongly from her. ::

Porchevska: New rule… Discuss it and actually listen to them. ::She lifted her head to look up at him, her green eyes shimmering with unshed tears. :: Promise.

:: His own green eyes shimmered as well, and he nodded faintly. He knew she was right, and the emotions he was picking up from this conversation didn’t add any simplicity to his mental shielding. In fact, this woman had a unique way of tricking his mind; shields or no shields. ::

Skyfire: Promise. I will.

(( End Flashback ))

Skyfire: You are one of the most...unique individuals I’ve met. Uncomplicated. :: Pause. :: And I will admit you were the first person I actually connected with telepathically on purpose.

Valaine: :: an eyebrow raising. :: Seriously?

:: The doc just nodded to that. How should he respond? Honesty was usually the easiest. ::

(( Flashback -- Sickbay, the previous day ))

Skyfire: Did you want to reschedule that date, since we’re on the subject?

Valaine: You kidding? I need a drink now more than ever.  :: Pausing, he gave the man a sneaky glance over his shoulder:: And maybe I won’t be *comfortable* sleeping. You might have to nurse my injuries for me. Or let me sleep on top of you. You know… for the therapeutic heat.

Skyfire: :: The doc gave a light-hearted chuckle. :: I’d love to, but I’m still on the clock. As long as there are patients to tend to, I’m bound to stay. I’ll call you when I can break away, alright?

Valaine: Fine, fine… :: waving it off with a smile, he slipped off the bio-bed, intending to free it up for someone who needed it. :: Comm. me then.

Skyfire: I will. I promise.

(( End Flashback ))

Skyfire: The first Terran since my...since the accident. When you had the respiratory problems, it was easier to reach your mind and get the answers that way than it was for you to try and tell me verbally.

:: Chase took a breath, thinking on that admission. He’d been taken aback the first time CD had shown his ability, clamping down on his mind as well as a non-telepath could. Then in sickbay it had been a very focused situation. But… he was the “first?” That was a delicate thing, wasn’t it? And “uncomplicated?” If only CD knew! That was likely the last word he’d use to describe himself, though on the surface it was true as day. He let people know what he wanted. No need for games there. ::

Valaine: For the first time at it, it was pretty seamless. I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

:: The first time he’d had a telepathic wall shoved in his face from a non-telepath was the day they met: Chase’s physical. It was a similar technique he used quite often before Azin’s treatment for the sensory issue scrambled his genome. ::

Skyfire: I haven’t had much of an opportunity to practice telepathic contact. I’ve gotten better at the empathic part of my abilities, but it’s not the same thing. Telepathy is still a weaker point for me, and I want to get better at it. thing at a time, I guess.

Valaine: Well… I’m glad it worked, because I wasn’t talking.  :: meaning in Sickbay. :: But… I would like a heads up prior to, if you get the idea to do it again.

:: Because some thoughts weren’t meant to be shared. Like the Borg currently pouring them tea, it could be equally terrifying and strange, and misunderstood when taken out of full context. ::

:: At that moment a gigantic eel, at least fifty feet long and rather horrible looking, slithered past them in the water. It was something alien, and also Borgified, the eye laser glimmering in the water as it passed. The first Borg creature CD would witness in Chase’s menagerie. ::

Valaine: What do you think?  :: Nodding his head to the sea serpent. :: I put this together myself.

Skyfire: I’ll try to keep that in mind, circumstances allowing. :: Pause. He turned around to glance at the serpent, eyes widening a bit before returning to an un-surprised expression. :: It’s a scary-looking critter, but I love the setting.

Valaine: Just wait. I combined nearly forty different oceanic environments to build this ocean. The big guy is actually pretty harmless, he’s a filter feeder, not like eels on Earth. Now the sharks… *those* are impressive. I’m pretty proud of my Megalodon, honestly.

:: Hey, he was allowed to brag a little. ::

:: CD nodded and started to eat the oreo cake, allowing the calmness to fill his body. After the hell he had endured of rushing off to treat patients, he was enjoying the uncomplicated and simple pleasure that one of his childhood favourite desserts could provide. Chase’s company was also a different level of calm in this setting than what he’d gotten used to with Devlin. Debra was right about one thing: he needed someone to talk to. Whether that was romantic or not would be only Time’s to say. ::

Skyfire: I can’t wait to see more.

:: Sliding the dessert of his choice nearer to him… a small slice of rich, Red Velvet chocolate cake… Chase eyed the doctor sitting across from him. He was clearly still all wound up from the plant incursion, and all the injuries. He wasn’t a counselor… nor would he care to be one… but he knew what he liked to do to unwind. He took a small bite of the cake... ::

Valaine: :: Smirking slightly. :: So I mean to take you back to my place. And I want that to be as “uncomplicated” as you think I am.

Skyfire: And discussing some of those treatment plans at the same time? :: He asked with a wink as he took another bite. ::

:: The doc was referencing the end of their prior conversation in sickbay about the therapeutic heat and allowing it to get physical. ::

Valaine: I don’t imagine there will be much to discuss.

:: They were on the same page. Chase definitely liked that. Perhaps CD was projecting his “uncomplicated” approach onto him, and he could roll with that. So long as he got what he wanted. For the moment though, they would eat and chit-chat, allowing a bit of intelligence gathering. In the distance the sea serpent swam off and out of sight. ::

Valaine: Is DeVeau still alive? I heard she got body-snatched.

Skyfire: She’s going to be alright after a few days of rest. :: He paused and had a bite of cake. He couldn’t go into more detail. And had made that mistake before. :: Why do you ask?

Valaine: Curious.  :: Pausing. :: You look like you’re still in Sickbay. Mentally speaking.

Skyfire: Sorry. :: Pause. :: I can’t go into more detail about her status than that. Ethical reasons.

:: CD didn’t state that he’d already screwed up by telling Captain Reynolds and Commander Calderan about Trel’lis’ condition, but he recalled the lesson well. And bit his lip in contemplation as he recalled it. ::

Skyfire: Young Greyson will be fine though. He needs to focus on his studies for a bit until he can get back into a full shift of engineering.

:: Icy blue eyes remained on Skyfire, reading expressions, looking for ticks. There had been something there, though he didn’t know what that something was. He would guess someone had done something they shouldn’t have… that was usually the case, he hardly needed to guess that much. ::

Valaine: Right. Doctor patient privilege and all that.

:: Wondering how far he could push that… he put it on the shelf for the moment. ::

Valaine: Not something to worry about. I get it. There are things any of us can’t talk about, for whatever reason. Professional or otherwise.

:: For an instant his mind wandered… the face of a stern, cruel, but quite happy Cardassian slipped into his mind. He almost flinched at it, but was able to set it to the side, bringing forward the base, petty nonsense he typically used to cloud up his actual thoughts. The “uncomplicated” stuff that was his public persona. ::

:: The doc had another bite of cake and gave a silent nod. As he savoured the chocolaty decadence that was the cookie-cream melting in his mouth, he pondered over the questions that rose to his mind. ::

Skyfire: Were you planning on taking me back to your pad after we finish dessert?

Valaine:  ::Smiling. :: Quite right. Unless you intend to fight me.

Skyfire: No. Not fight. I just...want to warn you I’m very inexperienced.

:: He remembered his last romance, how it died tragically before it ever actually went forward. His transfer to the Garuda followed by a letter of painful admission from the marine he’d fallen in love with. CD also had no idea if his mental shields would hold while he would be conducting these experiments in human behaviour. It was half physical, half mental and 100% necessary for him to learn if it was even possible to maintain some sort of shielding while engaging in having a life beyond his sickbay. ::

:: Chase just smiled at that. Straight forward, wasn’t he? ::

Valaine: Not a problem, I guarantee you. Just don’t expect breakfast. I don’t cook.


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda


Chief Warrant Officer Chase Valaine
Engineering Specialist
USS Garuda

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