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Crew of Shemesh Colony

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Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

(( Skyfire's Quarters ))

:: Skyfire’s mind traced back a year with a routine visit to Sickbay, perhaps not quite so routine as Ensign Azin stumbled in and was blind. An argument ensued between the two doctors, one attempting to be calm and patient with the new species, the other apparently flipping out because he couldn’t see. Then, Azin collapses. Skyfire attempted to brace him, and in doing so linked nervous systems and minds with the Dokkaran. The foreign entity inside Azin’s brain depleted the mental strength CD had built up, and when contact was broken, CD was on the floor. Sensations of being gut-punched by a Tellarite accompanied the memory. More discussion, steady breathing. And then, a second attempt was made to meld minds and cure Azin of his sensory difficulty. The library that was some sort of maze, which was Azin’s mind -- the name of Vehsa bearing some importance though more to Azin than Chythar. Azin engaged in life or death combat with Vehsa, while Chythar merely struggled to survive having his DNA twisted like a ball of yarn and thus rewriting his genetics to make him telepathic. Contact between the doctors broke once more, and CD was once again on the ground. Relieved of his balance, incapable of immediate movement and whatever mental shielding he had in tatters, CD staggered to his feet and fought to stay conscious. ::

:: A traumatic experience, and one which Chythar seemed to re-live as he relayed it. A ‘Var bolau var-tor’, a tale that needed telling. It might have been overwhelming were Saveron not trained in shielding himself from the minds of others, his discipline allowing him to remain an observer, rather than re-experience the trauma with the other man. ::

:: That vision faded, and CD’s breathing began to falter slightly. It took about ten seconds for him to regain it, tensed as the memories resurfaced and he relived the struggle for his life. Devlin gave a soft whimper and attempted to lick CD’s face. ::

:: The scene shifts forward several months, to the familiar walls of the CMO’s office aboard the Garuda’s sickbay. On the console, an image of a Peppalaxian provided by the admiral. Muffled voices which can be presumed to be the Captain’s and Chythar’s own. Then the transport down to the planet. The confusion that accompanied the away team. The uncomfortable hike through the swamp. Blackness. The cage -- King, Davenport and Chythar. The throne room. The audience with the queen. The reliquary. The artifacts of the tricorder, Core’s box of tools, and the phaser. The bodies fossilized; ripped clothing of the three colors: red, gold, and teal. Here, the image lasted the longest. A flash of light. The sickbay. The three dead bodies back to life. Then it fades to black. ::

:: Overwhelming confusion, inability to reconcile realities, subsequent mental rebellion. The reasons behind Skyfire’s obvious confusion and odd behavior became abundantly clear in a rapid-fire revelation that would have left the untrained dazed and confused themselves. Then suddenly nothing, as the other man pulled away from his hand. ::

:: Contact broken, and Chythar crumpled against the couch with shallow yet rapid breathing. Devlin whimpered loudly, and began licking CD’s face to get his attention while trying to get him to open his eyes. He was still conscious, but only barely. Movement, he decided, was out of the question. ::

Saveron: Are you well, Chythar? :: He asked in the face of evidence to the contrary. ::

Skyfire: :: breathing heavily :: I...I wasn’t expecting...intensity like that… :: cough  ::

:: His pulse was racing now, the adrenaline rush from both his struggle for life and of seeing the three corpses who weren’t really corpses nearly enough to send him into neural shock. ::

Saveron: I did endeavour to warn you. ::The Vulcan replied evenly. Telepathy was not something that his species undertook lightly for that very reason. :: However you were not gentle with yourself, during the meld.

:: Or with him, but he could defend himself from the mental onslaught. ::

Skyfire: :: sat up slowly, the puppy shifting in his lap. :: There’s… :: cough :: I didn’t know there was… a way to be gentle about these things...

Saveron: I can only assume that it stems from the nature of your first contact; Dokkaran psionics are known to be overwhelming for many other sentients. :: Certainly his inadvertent contact with Azin seemed to have been particularly forceful and draining. :: However, deep mental contact need not be so.

Skyfire: Perhaps we...can get into the science of gentleness during melds...another time…

Saveron: As you wish. There are aspects of Vulcan meditation and mental technique that aid in developing control during telepathic connection.

:: Chythar nodded faintly and petted Devlin with his free hand, attempting to both calm the pup and himself. ::

Skyfire: Perhaps...we can schedule...meditation sessions another time?

Saveron: Certainly. :: The Vulcan picked up his mug again. :: Are you at least satisfied that I am alive, now?

Skyfire: Yes… Thank you, Saveron. :: He picked up his mug of tea and took a sip. :: You seem preoccupied.

:: The Vulcan considered carefully all that he had just learned, sorting through the experiences that Skyfire had shown him. ::

Saveron: I consider it likely that you originally possessed an innate sensitivity to telepathy - such is not uncommon amongst Terrans. However I think that the key to the changes that you are experiencing is your genetic alteration - you understand that such is extremely unusual.

:: Largely because deliberate genetic enhancement was illegal in the Federation. Genetic therapy however was used to alleviate inherited medical conditions. ::

:: He nodded faintly and stroked Devlin behind the ears. The Dokkaran didn’t mention whether or not he was the first human this had been attempted with. It was, in fact, something unusual. At the time of the mind meld aboard the Excalibur, his mental discipline was amazing for an ordinary human. ::

Skyfire: As far as I know, such a meld hadn’t been performed before with a human.

:: The Vulcan could believe that. The Dokkarans were a new and elusive species. ::

Saveron: As we both know, genetic changes take some time to express. It may be that the extent of the changes that Azin wrought in you have yet to come to full expression. The stresses of the recent mission may have expedited the process, leading to this advancement in your abilities.

:: Chythar had another sip of tea and pondered a little more. He then recalled something that he wasn’t sure was revealed in the meld, but there was something he felt he should mention. ::

Skyfire: During the quarantine on Deep Space 10, I somehow telepathically reached out to Ris without realizing it. Doing so was apparently like a catalyst for her own abilities…

:: That was interesting. And somewhat concerning. ::

Saveron: I understand that Counsellor Moonsong was also telepathically sensitive and somewhat empathic, due to her Betazoid ancestry. It is interesting that contact with you advanced her own abilities. The question is, could she then bring about this change in another?

:: Was it infectious? The Vulcan doctor was considering the possibility that the mental changes could take on aspects of a disease. And they did not yet know the full extent of Skyfire’s abilities. ::

Saveron: The question is, how far will these changes extend, and in what direction. Have you had your genetic changes sequenced?

Skyfire: I don’t believe so. It’s not part of a standard Starfleet physical.

Saveron: It would be advisable, and may provide us with answers as to the extent of the telepathic changes you can expect. Given your affect on Raissa, she may wished to have her genes screened as well.

:: The Terran doc nodded faintly and rubbed Devlin between the ears, sipping his tea with his free hand. It’d be a good idea, at any rate. Even better if he wasn’t the one performing the tests. That way he could get an outside perspective. ::

Skyfire: I would be grateful if you would perform said screenings, and would like to consult with you on the results once we have them.

Saveron: I would be honoured. :: He had undertaken similar work previously. :: The tests can be undertaken at your convenience.

:: Skyfire nodded. At his convenience would likely be once he made sure Shandres was, in fact, fine, which would happen on his duty shift in the morning. His pulse finally started to return to normal, and that meant, in theory, that he could go to sleep. Eventually. ::

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda

Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog
Simmed by: Lt. Skyfire


Lt. Cmdr. Saveron
USS Garuda

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