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::Toni's orders to Ensign Rossi were to escort Ash to Heath's room so she could attend at least part of the meeting, but when he came into the room alone, she nodded to him understanding why she may not have wanted to come. Checking the screen linked to the Conference Room to see how many had arrived, Toni notice that a couple were late, but she felt that they would catch up. They all thought they were there for an ordinary briefing, expecting her to layout a mission. However, she had an official duty to preform that couldn't wait.::

::She glanced around the room on the screen, taking in the faces of the staff a moment, thinking how lucky she was to have them on the ship, then began.::

Turner: Before I do anything else, I want to thank you all for the part you played in rescuing Major West and me. You all acted selflessly, and did what you felt was the right thing to do during a very emotional time. Things were said and done that perhaps would have not been under a less stressful situation. Some can be rectified, and some cannot, but I have faith that we'll all work together to support those coping with their losses.

::She paused a moment then continued by tapping a commbadge she had managed to commandeer from one of the engineers.::

Turner: =/\= Now, Lt. Pulzer. =/\=

::The Conference Room door swished open and Lt. Kim Pulzer entered, sitting a tray draped with a red velvet cloth on the credenza, then nodded toward Toni on the screen.::

Turner: Thank you, Kim. ::addressing the staff:: Lt. Pulzer has agreed to be my personal aide, and she will be assisting me in an official duty that I have long wish to perform, but have been unable to do... until now. I've not even told Commander Jaxx or Major West out of my desire to surprise the entire staff. ::she paused taking a deep breath, then spoke with excitement in her voice::

Turner: ::clearing her throat: Now, would Ivan Petrov and Iolo Llewelyn step forward, please.

::The two officers stepped forward, and Pulzer took two rosewood boxes from the tray, and snapped open one of them and withdrew a full pip.::

Turner: ::as Pulzer pinned the pip on Ivan's collar:: With this pip, I finalize your field promotion. You are now officially a full Lieutenant. It also signifies your request to transfer to the covert side of the Ambassadorial Intelligence Staff as Infiltration Specialist with all the duties, honors, and privileges affording that post. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Petrov: Response

::Moving to face Llewelyn, Pulzer removed two bars from the other rosewood box.::

Turner: These two bars also finalizes your field promotion to Marine Captain with all the duties, honors, and privileges affording that post. Congratulations, Captain.

Llewelyn: Response

::After they were seated, Toni opened a box she had with her and moved to Heath's biobed, pinning an insignia on his sickbay gown.::

Turner: ::smiling broadly, and with much pride in her husband:: Major West, this insignia represents the highest standard of diplomacy that few achieve, and it is my pleasure, and with much pride, to officially name you to the position of Federation Ambassador with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post.

West: Response

Turner: ::turning back to the screen:: Would First Lieutenant Kali Nicholotti please step forward. ::Toni waited a moment then realized that Kali wasn't there.:: Captain Llewelyn, would you come forward please and accept the Lieutenant's promotion pip in good keeping until which time I can present it to her.?

::As Llewelyn stepped up, Pulzer gave him the rosewood box with a silver bar inside.::

Turner: Because Lieutenant Nicholotti has safeguarded the Resolution crew with great determination and dedication to duty. It is with pleasure that I promote her to the rank of 1st Lieutenant, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post. Please congratulate her for me, Captain Llewelyn.

Llewelyn: Response

::As Llewelyn returned to his seat at the table, Toni call two more officers to the front, while Pulzer readied the boxes.::

Turner: Ensigns Hunt and Unum, please step forward.

::Once they were standing in front of her, Pulzer pinned a half pip to Guy's collar::

Turner: Mr. Hunt, your work in guiding the Resolution to missions, has been flawless, and it is with pleasure that I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post, and also Chief Operations Officer with Lt. Commander Jaxx and myself serving as your advisors until you reach the rank of full Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant, a few words, please.

Hunt: Response

::When Hunt had finished, Toni snapped open a rose wood box she had with her, then moved to stand in front of the Medical Officer, pinning the half pip to his collar.::

Turner: Dr. Deron, in recognition of your service, and your demonstration of ability to care for the crew of the Resolution, I'm pleased to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, and CMO with Dr. Aadi serving as your Advisor until you reach the rank of full Lieutenant. The promotion is accompanied by all the duties, honors and privileges affording the post. Congratulations, Doctor. Do you wish to say anything, Doctor?

Deron: Response

::After Dr. Deron had finished speaking, Pulzer moved to stand in front of the former Tactical Officer, pinning the half pip to his collar.::

Turner: Mr. Unum, your performance as a tactical officer has been impeccable, and I'm confident that you will serve as well as in our Security Department as our new CoS with Lt. Commander Boles as your advisor until you attain the rank of full Lieutenant. It is with pleasure that I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, with all the duties, honors and privileges affording that post. Anything to say, Lt. Unum?

Unun: Response

::As they returned to their seats, Toni made a few more appointments.::

Turner: Lt. Barnes, you already have your full Lieutenant pip, but since we are now without a Chief of Tactical, I hereby appoint you to that position. Congratulations!

Barnes: Response

::Toni realized the promotion ceremony was running long, and looked at the staff apologetically.::

Turner: I can't stop now. I'm on a roll. ::smiles then opens another rosewood box, moving to Rossi, giving him the box.::

Turner: Among deserving officers we have, Ash MacKenna is the youngest, and since coming aboard I have been assessing her work, which I might add, has been very satisfactory. It is with pleasure, and with the blessing of Starfleet Academy, that I promote her to full Ensign status with no provisions. Please hold this for her in good keeping. I will present it to her at a more opportune time.

::Turning back to the screen::

Turner: Lt. Talon Lee please step forward.

::Talon stepped forward.::

Turner: For a long time, Lt. Lee has worked tirelessly with Lt. Commander Aadi and at times as a medical officer without benefit of a promotion, and as Dr. Aadi told me, it was because he has long taken her for granted, as we all have. It is with pleasure that I promote her to the rank of Lt. Commander. ::Pulzer pinned the half pip to Talon's collar:: Congratulations, Lt. Commander.

Lee: Thank you, Commander. It's been my joy to serve.

Turner: Okay, last one, I promise... First Lieutenant Hella step forward.

::With that, Pulzer opened the last box, and when Hella stepped forward, she replaced the single bar on her collar with two bars.::

Turner: Hella, I received word that you've served your penelty time in the Marines for your involvement in pirating, and as of today you are released. These two bars now on your collar signify your promotion to Marine Captain, and you will be serving under Ambassador West in any capacity he so deems.

Hella: Thank you, Commander. ::walking off:: It's about time.

Turner: ::leading a round of applause:: Congratulations to you all. We'll take a short break for you to congratulate each other, then we'll have the briefing.


  • Cmdr Toni Turner
  • Commanding Officer
  • USS Resolution NCC-78145