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((Sickbay, DS24))

Satscher: Toni Turner, that's the name. Yes! Oh, thank you Cody.

Parker: I'm sorry?

:: Vojana was still between sleep and wake, but realized she said that aloud. ::

Satscher: Cody, oh it’s someone I worked with years ago. He got badly injured on duty and Doctor Turner helped me repair his face, to be honest she did it and perfectly while I was working on his hands which ended... well usable. :: Her eyes blurred obviously showing her went to a place and time away from here. Vojana smiled happily! :: He’s my hero. He could accept bionical solutions, but choose natural healing and skin re-growth. It was long and painful process but he was brave all the way. :: She ended in low voice, almost whispering. :: Great man!

Parker: Ahh, I see. ::She looked at Briar.:: I can inform the Commander you're awake then, if you'd like.

Satscher: No, no, no, I don’t want to be a trouble. Commander, wow. :: Vojana smiled again remembering Toni. Shook her head. :: We met only a few times. Who knows does she even remember me. No, you just tell me what is it nurse couldn’t discussed with me!

Parker: So, let's talk a bit about you. How are you feeling?

Satscher: :: Vojana was looking at young doctor trying to find some smartass answer but when couldn’t come out with anything smarter just gave her sad puppy look and responded.:: Woof!

Parker: ::smirking slightly at the acerbic reply.:: Right then, cutting the crap. In the explosion, part of your legs were caught under a set of stairs that were crushed by debris. I'm afraid we had to remove them in order to get you back to sickbay for treatment.

:: That was a fast cold shower Vojana didn’t expected. She was ... shocked. of a sudden realized she think and feel but nothing about it. She never before felt such emptiness and it was almost painful. ::

Satscher: And I wandered why I lost consciousness so fast? Blood was spraying from my shoulder, but that was far too small a wound. Is it clean? :: Vojana uncovered her legs and a shock of knowing turned into even bigger shock of seeing, or better say not seeing... her heart was bumping like mad, but there was still no reaction. ::

Parker: It was a pretty clean cut, and we managed to get out all the fragments. We should be able to grow a new set for you, to be reattached, but it's a very difficult procedure, and even if it works, it will take time for you to be able to walk again. You'll be using braces for quite some time.

:: Vojana was staring into a place on a bed where her feet supposed to be. She never loved them, especially that long second toe which prevented her ballet career, but now would give everything to can see them here on this bed. ::

Satscher: I changed my mind. I would like you to tell Commander Turner about my case. :: Vojana put a hand on her mouth while her eyes went wet. But she kept tears at bay. :: How long doctor? :: Vojana faced young woman. :: I... I’m Vojana, Vojana Minerva Satscher. :: She leaned on left hand extending right for handshake. ::

Parker: Brenna Parker. :: She watched the woman carefully, impressed by how she was holding it together but wary for the break. ::

Satscher: Pleasure’s all mine, Brenna Parker. :: Shock was still here. But stronger than shock was fear. There were decisions to make, and she knew the best can do is making them now when it’ll help her think of something not as frightening as... not having legs. ::

Parker: Your recovery will be slow, but I trust that being on the station will--

Satscher: No, absolutely not. :: beat :: I trust you’re capable, wouldn’t be Starfleet medic if not. But I cannot stay here where it happened. That’s why I want to talk to Commander Turner. I want to ask her to help me run away from this place, it frightens me. Be absolutely sure it has nothing to do with you...

Parker: :: Brenna shrugged.:: Not a problem with me. I'm actually not assigned to the station, myself. :: And it was so much easier not having long term patients -- they tended to want to get close to their doctors, and rely on them as counselors, and that's not what Brenna had signed up for.:: I’ll inform Commander Turner of your situation. Is there anything else I can do for you in the meantime?

Satscher: Yes, get me a therapist. I need to train my hands and back for excess pressure when start rehabilitation. Not to mention the fact that I’m going to be in bed for a long before that, need to exercise regularly.

Parker: Well, Nurse Briar and I will be around if you need us.

Satscher: This was a shock. I have to rest. :: Vojana felt old. Suddenly a fear of possible inability to heal, hit her so hard that she just wanted to sleep and run away from all this. ::

Parker: :: Brenna walked out of the room.:: Stay with her until the counselor comes to speak with her.

:: Briar stepped quietly back into the room: Vojana looked at a woman seem trying to think of something to say. ::

Satscher: Go with your work, dear. You don’t have to babysit me. I’m going to get some sleep. :: Looked at woman under the eye, with just a shadow of smile. :: I promise. :: Winked. :: Just awake me for Commander Turner when.. if arrive.

:: With those words she turned on a side and fell asleep. ::