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Roshanara Rahman SIMs


A Pirate Story feat. Silas Finley
  • Nadira

Other SIMs by Rich

Author's Note: Although I'd hinted as early as 2389 in previous SIMs about Roshanara's metamorphic abilities (which wouldn't explicitly be revealed to readers until the sim "Metamorphosis" over a year later), this SIM was the first to show how dangerous Roshanara's metamorphic abilities could be if uncontrolled. Eventually, Harrison Ross, under the control himself of rogue elements, would exploit Roshanara's abilities in 2391 to sabotage the USS Garuda and betray his shipmates.

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 239004.06.

((MV Venture))

::Once the rescue team was back aboard the Venture, a cheery reunion followed with the news that the mission had been a success, even more so then they all could have hoped for.::

::Now though that they were back, that left the matter of the two other Pythron guests Roshanara and the others had brought aboard. The female Pythron turned to the captured guard.::

Thorholm: So Asar, if LeNoir is defeated, your schemes are at an end?

::The other Pythron merely continued to look downward as he remained secured to his chair. Once arrogant and defiant, now he seemed broken by the news of his master's defeat.::

::Thorholm looked back at Trel'lis and Roshanara.::

Thorholm: Send me home please?

Trel'lis: ::nodding:: That would be good, for you and everyone, now that the Inquisitor is no more. ::to Rahman and Fanel:: Is it wise to release the guard?

::Roshanara's eyes glanced over the guard, noting his new quieted demeanor as well, before she looked back at Trel'lis and nodded.::

Thorholm: Thank you!

::Both Pythrons were beamed off and the Venture headed on its way to meet with the rest of the team.::

((Timewarp: R. Rahman's Quarters, USS Mercury))

::The trip home had been relatively uneventful, but it seemed the Mercury herself had gotten into its own little adventure while the senior staff were away. Amazingly, Reez had managed to hold things together rather well. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if Roshanara did decide to go ahead and take a vacation once in a while.::

::Now that DSX was up and running, there was the matter of dividing up some of her staff to help augment the new station's engineering department. More importantly, DSX needed an experienced engineer to lead the reconstruction effort and the new wave of SCE personnel. Senior Chief DeCoste was the obvious candidate for the job. After all, she had just put in the man for promotion. What other recommendation did he need? Walker would no doubt agree. Unless of course Walker wanted the job himself. She made a note to plan a meeting with the chief warrant officer to discuss it.::

::But all of that could wait till tomorrow. She finished unpacking her things and went to the sink to wash up before turning in for the night. She didn't look too worse for wear in the mirror, but she was eager to put the whole ordeal behind her. Her initial doubts about getting involved in the internal matters of another world had proven out, no matter how well the outcome of their mission itself. They were lucky, really. It could have been much worse.::

::Before she crawled into her bed, she took out the last of the vials of medication remaining for her headaches. She had used a few more than she had anticipated during the trip, which meant she'd need to visit sickbay soon to get a refill or find another solution. The effects just didn't last long enough. With a hiss of the hypospray against her neck, a gentle wave of clarity passed through her as she closed her eyes and lay down, content to leave Pythro behind her.::

((A few days earlier: Aft Compartment, MV Venture))

::Roshanara awoke to find herself in the makeshift triage area Dr. Saveron had set up. Indeed, the doctor himself was nearby, looking after another patient... who happened to be the same Pythron who had assaulted her.::

::The engineer sat up and stretched her neck. Looking over at her reflection in a mirror, it seemed the doctor had erased evidence of the guard's attack, and yet her cheek was still a little sore. She got up and gently dismissed the doctor once he was done so that she could speak with their guest privately.::

Rahman: You've made things difficult, but I promise once our business here is done, we will leave your world in peace.

Asar: You think an act of charity will spare your lives?

::The Pythron chuckled.::

Asar: I guess you were telling the truth. You are not Byzallians after all. They would not be so weak-hearted.

::His smile turned into a sneer.::

Asar: They are at least a worthy adversary. You are all as good as dead on Pythro now. My men will hunt down your friends still on the surface. They will burn the whole forest if they have to. When the State Guard captures this vessel, they will add your body to the flames. Release me now, and I will redeem you with a swift execution.

::Roshanara bit her lip, considering her words for a moment.::

Rahman: As tempting as that sounds... I must decline-

::The man suddenly grasped her emaciated left arm as his restraints buckled. The strength of his grip made her fear that he was about to snap her wrist like a twig. Worst, she could see that he sensed her fear as well.::

::No, not just see. Feel. The sick pleasure the man took from her fear permeated the very air between them.::

::And suddenly, the fear was gone. Replaced by his aggression, reflected back. With her other hand, she calmly pulled away his fingers to release her arm and then twisted them upward against their joints. He winced as she pulled harder now with both of her hands until his own wrist was within a few centimeters of breaking.::

Asar: ::through gritted teeth:: Nice bluff... but you've already shown your weakness: mercy. I somehow doubt you'll harm me now after your doctor just finished treating me.

::He smiled at her mockingly.::

Asar: It'd be rather hard to explain how it happened... with these restraints and all.

::She relaxed her grip a bit as she leaned down to whisper in his ears.::

Rahman: Can you keep a secret?

::His lack of response for a moment made her pull his fingers back again even farther then before. He snarled at the pain.::

Asar: ...what?

Rahman: I might not be a doctor... but I've learned how to fix a broken bone or two...

::She gave him back a smile of her own.::

Rahman: ...or five.

::Her eyes caught his for the briefest moment. The fear had returned, only now it was looking back at her.::



MV Venture