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Starbase 118

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Mandany Rose


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Counselor
  • Ship: USS Excalibur-A
  • Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade


Personnel File

Personal Log

Counselor's Log

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Cash on Delivery

Counseling Officer's Log: Stardate 239008.03

After the initial introductions with Commander Matthews and my physical with Ensign Skyfire, Ensign Chibitsu and I made our way to the counseling suite in Tower Seven. It was packed full of boxes, which we relocated to an empty office in the same section, and we alerted the Chief Engineer, Commander Breeman that our lights were not working.

He came and fixed them.

Later I had an appointment with Captain Walker in which we discussed some personal matters. Further counseling is needed and I will follow up.

I eventually made my way to the HUB and was assigned by Captain Nicholotti to be the liaison officer to Captain Mimgar aboard the Astrolabe. I found the captain in the docking ring where he had gone after the explosion on his ship (I was to learn.) We talked of nothing of import and Mimgar seemed to be on a mission to find his first officer, Klart, whom we did find inciting a sort of riot near the broken ship.

Words were exchanged. The Ferengi first officer implied he knew some information sensitive to Mimgar and the captain then attacked, cutting Klart along the ribs. Attempts to talk the supposed mutineers and the captain down were unsuccessful. Mimgar then attacked a security officer, Ensign MGia, and threatened more violence if I did not contact Captain Nicholotti.

Not wanting to provoke the Benzite, I did so, and Captain Nicholotti showed up and began negotiations.

MGia managed to free herself and become injured in the process. Mimgar was knocked unconscious. Klart and he were beamed to sickbay to which I also escorted MGia. On orders from Captain Nicholotti, I conversed with Klart, asking questions towards finding out answers about Vitali 7, the Romulans, the reason the Astrolabe broke down, and his and Mimgar's intentions.

Klart, for the record, was not forthcoming with information, but seemed to think that Mimgar intentionally let the Astrolabe break down.

I had a counseling session with Ensign Skyfire. My professional opinion at this time is that he works too hard and is too hard on himself. There is no scheduled follow up.

I attended the briefing. Discussed were the Romulans in their ship circling the station, the missing canister of Vitali 7, Mimgar, Klart, and the explosion on the Astrolabe.

Then, having not had a chance to question Mimgar (Captain Nicholotti asked for all information from Klart and Mimgar) I went to the secured section where the Benzite captain was being held. He was already giving an interview to two reporters, whose names I do not know. I do not know if this is allowed, but at the time I let it go.

Mimgar and I discussed the Romulans and his desire for revenge against them.

We discussed nothing else until Commander Orman came and took over the questioning.

I went off duty.

End log.

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