SIM:Orman Waking Up Again

Lieutenant Katy Orman - Waking up... again

((USS Victory, Deck 5, Sickbay))

::Kat had just woken up in unfamiliar surroundings and sat bolt upright.::

Orman: Where the Hell am I?!

::The person near her (Female, probably human, clearly medical, strange uniform, untrained movement, low threat) jumped back, giving her a moment to assess the situation. It was chaotic, clearly a busy trauma unit. She could see several humanoids, one of whom looked to be a candidate for psychological discharge. The others--the ones who weren't busy being, or treating, the sick or injured, that is--were responding to the madman with wary confrontation; thus the chaos. She could hear a person or two outside of her immediate field of vision as well, but no immediate threats, so she didn't turn her head to assess them, instead turning her attention to the situation in general. Where was she, and how did she get here?::

Raizel: You're in sickbay. It's okay Lieutenant...

oO Sickbay? Lieutenant? Aww, sheisse. Most probable: I'm undercover, and something happened to cause short-term memory loss. Could be attatched to an allied force as a Brevet Lieutenant, of course. Probably not, though; I don't recognise the uniforms--familiar though they seem--so they must be an obscure group. Better play nice 'til I find out who I'm supposed to be. And the quickest way to do that... Oo

::She reached out with her mind to probe the doctor's thoughts - or at least tried to. Her mental perceptions remained firmly in her own head. Her eyes went wide, then immediately narrowed as she tried to rein in her panic. She looked down at herself; no obvious injury, wearing a similar uniform to the others but clearly more combat-appropriate. Her skin was really pale, though. Maybe she'd lost a lot of blood? What the Hell could be blocking her telepathy?::

Orman: What happened to me?

Raizel: Calm down...::She smiled.:: You're going to feel tense...your blood was becoming's okay now...

oO Toxic. Okay. Some sort of poisoning. Maybe that explains it. Oo

::She looked back up at the woman, covering her panic in a mask of gratitude. She found herself distracted by thoughts of the doctor's attractiveness, but put that down to another effect of the poison.::

Orman: Thank you for your help, doc.

Raizel: I was prepping another round of treatment... ::She looked down at the vials on the floor.::

Orman: Oh! I'm sorry!

oO She was surpised to find it was true. What was this verdammt poison *doing* to her?! Oo

Orman: I really don't feel well at all. I'm sorry I scared you.

Raizel: I believe Counselor Damaer wanted to speak with you too.

::The last thing she wanted to do was speak to a mindbender, but it was probably unavoidable in this situation. She could use the memory loss to her advantage, get filled in on the situation.::

Orman: ::nodding slowly:: Maybe that's best.

Raizel: Counselor, she's awake...


::She turned her head towards the voice, one of the people who'd been outside her field of vision--::

oO Cardassian! KILL IT! Oo

::She launched herself out of the bed like an arrow, fingers stiffened knifelike, lips drawn back in a snarl. It would be a quick kill, the first strike a kick to the femoral nerve cluster to incapacitate, then a hard blow to the underside of the dexter carotid ridge would cause a spasm that would cut off blood flow for several minutes. With all this medical equipment around she'd need to make sure no doctors got to it in time, but that was no problem--::

::--except it didn't go that way. As soon as she leapt from the bed she was overwhelmed with loss of equilibrium. Her implants should have taken care of that, kept her going despite her condition, but like her telepathy these too betrayed her, failing to do anything at all. She tumbled to the ground facefirst, and then there was pain, and then there was blackness, and then there was nothing at all.::


::Katy woke on a biobed feeling awful. She thought back on how she'd gotten there, and her thoughts immediately recoiled. But she wasn't going to pretend it had never happened; that would somehow, she felt, dishonour the loss they had suffered.::

oO May... Oo

::She opened her eyes, which were already watering. She squeezed them shut again for a moment, squeezing the blurriness away. When she opened them again, Meira was there.::

Orman:  ::quietly:: What happened? Did I take a hit? I... ::she forced a half-smile:: I feel awful.

Raizel: response

::Katy frowned, not comprehending::

Orman: What?

Raizel: response

::Just then someone else approached the bed, a Cardassian woman Katy didn't recognise.::

Damaer: response

Lieutenant Katy Orman Chief of Security USS Victory