SIM:Nicholotti Memoirs: On the Wings of a Memory

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((Ambassadorial Office, USS Columbia))

::There was a preoccupation with the two real memories she now had, bordering on unhealthy, and certainly falling into the realm of obsession. The doctors and shrinks on Earth had poked and prodded her, putting her through just about every test possible and then a few that weren't, only to find that she remembered nothing more than she had the day she was brought home. But now, by the grace of whatever gods commanded the elements of the universe, she could say that she actually remembered.::

::The fact that what she remembered was summed up in little more than a couple of still-frame images was irrelevant. No, the important thing was that she remembered.::

Jones: You ever plan on sleeping again?

::For the moment, Kali ignored the head of her security detail, choosing instead to read the report one more time as if doing so would bring the memory more to life. As horrific as it was, and terrible as the attack had been, the fact that she remembered the Hirogen blade that had killed her so long ago was a massive leap in the right direction. Now if she could just remember more.::

::Doctor Eliaan Deron had worked a miracle. The security feed from the sickbay of the Resolution had captured the moment that she'd appeared on the biobed after the attack, complete with the blade deeply embedded within her chest. Kali found herself enraptured, completely caught up in the video. She didn't notice the man come around her desk and lean himself against the edge of it, crossing his arms in front of him.::

((Flashback/Contents of the Video))

Deron: By the four deities!

::The two men ran over to the surgical biobed, Kaedyn activated the sensor cluster above them. The surgical support frame from the sides of the biobed slid up and joined over the body of the injured marine.::

Tann: What the hell happened down there?

::Eliaan looked up at the Trill, the shock of what had happened less than half an hour after he had left the planet clearly evident in his eyes.::

Deron: I have no idea; everything was fine when I left.

::Kaedyn looked down at the readings on the biofunction monitor.::

Tann: B.P. is 90/50, PO2 is 68, pulse 130bpm

Deron: Her right lung has collapsed and the weapon has penetrated her heart. The aorta is intact, but she’s got severe internal bleeding. She’ll need immediate surgery.

Tann: Yes, doctor.

::Kaedyn called over the surgical nurse and as the two nurses began to prepare for surgery, Eliaan leaned down and spoke gently to the young marine, remembering when they both arrived on the ship together for their first assignments following their final cadet training mission together. It felt like only yesterday.::

Deron: Kali, can you hear me? It’s Eliaan. You’ve been stabbed in the chest but you’re going to be alright, just hang in there for me. Okay? I’m going to help you; you just have to keep fighting like I know you can.

::In silence, Kaedyn helped him into the red surgical gown and cap. The Trill reached out and gripped his forearm, giving it a reassuring squeeze.::

Tann: Are you okay?

::Eliaan looked down at his patient, overwhelmed with guilt that he had escaped a similar fate and anger at whoever had done this to his friend.::

Deron: I’m fine. ::He paused, his jaw clenched:: Do me a favour, find out what happened.

Tann: Understood.

((End Flashback))

::The video continued, but her attention was broken by the sound of her badge.::

Walker: =/\= Commander Walker to Fleet Captain Nicholotti. =/\=

::A quick tap on the console stopped the playback. She blinked before tapping the badge.::

Nicholotti: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

Walker: =/\= Fleet Captain, I setup some time for us to meet today, but forgot to share the venue. If you could please come down to deck 11, holodeck 3. =/\=

::With raised eyebrows, Kali forced herself back from her desk ever so slightly. Had she forgotten an appointment? Perhaps. Either way, it seemed to come at a good time. Whatever this interest was with her two, single memories, couldn't be good for her, especially given her incredible lack of sleep along the way.::

Nicholotti: =/\= I could. What should I expect? =/\=

::Luna Walker had a very specific and important role in her past, she just couldn't remember it. Perhaps she could help her. After all, two heads were always better than one, and together they stood more of a chance of getting somewhere than she did on her own. Pouring over the logs and the videos over and over again would only offer so much in the way of potential.::

Walker: =/\= Hopefully an exercise that will access more of your memories. Worst case, something I have reason to believe you'll enjoy regardless. =/\=

::That intrigued her. It had been more than a few days straight that she'd occupied herself with the vision of the Hirogen blade. Ever since she'd had the vision she had dug in to the moment in her life. It just so turned out that it was one of the most depressing and horrific moments that she could have possibly remembered.::

::It was also one of the moments that had defined who she had been.::

Nicholotti: =/\= I am on my way =/\=

::But it was time for something different. Something more pleasant.::

Jones: I guess that's a yes.

::Something that still wasn't sleep.::

::With a grin, Kali stood, offering a knowing look at the man who had been there then, and was somehow still here now, before heading out the door and leaving him behind.::


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Federation Ambassador at Large

As simmed by:

Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Science Officer
USS Columbia

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