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((Holodeck, USS Columbia))

::The feeling of her body being pushed back into the seat was intense, and completely familiar in an unfamiliar way. She couldn’t remember having done this before, but she knew by her instincts that she had. The sky shot past them in much the same way the stars did with a ship at warp, and all Kali could do was smile.::

::This was amazing.::

::Unable to contain herself, she cheered out loud, letting out a woo hoo as she pushed the stick to the side and rolled the plane as it shot almost straight upwards. The feeling of the G forces slowly tugging at the edge of her consciousness.::

::And suddenly she was somewhere else.::

((Flashback - Edwards Air Museum, California, Earth))

::She looked good in her new flight suit. Well, it wasn’t really new, it was actually an antique, but it was new to her. The hot sun cast a glare over the high desert of California that day, reflecting off the metal of the ancient fighter. Some people might call it an old hunk of metal, but for Kali, it was escape from the reality of daily life. It lived and breathed as the fuel hose pumped gallon after gallon of oil based petroleum into its tanks.::

::The same husky voice with the Russian accent drifted down towards her. This time she recognized it.::

Hawk: Saddle up girl. You aren't gonna fly 'er from down there.

::Kali had to shield her eyes from the sun to look up at her grandfather. Hawk was what he was designated long ago when he first joined the Corps, and ever since he had kept the nickname. Kali had yet to earn her call sign, but that was what she was hoping to do today. Though she had logged many a happy hour in the incredible machine before her, today would be the first time that she would take the front seat. It had been a day that she looked forward to since her first flight, when she was 5 years old. Today would be a day to remember, and she wanted to remember everything. Taking one last look over the monster in front of her, she strode up to the ladder and climbed aboard.::

::Listening as her grandfather went through the navigator checklist, Kali settled into the form fitted seat. The five point restraint took some time to adjust, but Kali relished the fact that it would never have to be adjusted again. After today, this baby was all hers. She patted the side panel as she started in on her own pre-launch checklist.::

Nicholotti: Here we go.

Hawk: Good, lets see what you got.

::She lined up the centuries old jet with the equally old runway. The dust swirled around them as she throttled up the engines. Though they were old, they had been restored back to pristine condition, giving the impression of a brand new plane. In its time, the Super Hornet, as it was called, played a huge role in both military as well as space related missions. It had been one of the first to avoid the radar of the time, and it could fill a variety of roles. Everything from high g-force experimentation to the air combat superiority needed back then, could be completed by this so called 'hunk of metal'.::

::Kali grinned as the feeling of the G forces pushed her back into her seat. The ground rushed by faster and faster until she finally pulled the nose up and shot off into the sky. It was as if the whole world belonged to her now, and no one could catch her. Flying at mach 1.8, she pushed the Hornet faster. The roar of the engines masked a distant voice, which was threatening to intrude on her day. Looking around, Kali felt the plane, her grandfather, and the slick exhilaration suddenly drift out of focus.::

((End Flashback))

::Her current cockpit returned as she finished the climb and leveled out, suddenly twice as excited as before. Laughing with a freedom she’d not known in some time, she couldn’t help but call out to the woman sitting behind her.::

Nicholotti: Luna! I remember!

::Truth be told it was but a single moment, a single memory in the grand scheme of things, but it was a memory she didn’t have before, and this one was definitely good.::

Walker: ?


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Federation Ambassador at Large

As simmed by:

Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Science Officer
USS Columbia

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