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Stardate: 248601.18
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Brenna Parker
Title: Meeting the Captain

((T'Pen's Office, DS24))

T'Pen: Come.

Brenna entered the office, coming to attention hopefully for the last time that day. It was difficult to say her new rank, after spouting the rank of Cadet for so long, but she managed it.:: Ensign Brenna Parker, reporting for duty, Ma'am."  ::She flashed off a salute which wasn't nearly as stiff as it should have been for an ensign fresh off the boat, so to speak.

T'Pen: Take a seat, Ensign.

Parker: Thank you.

T'Pen: Where's your partner in crime?

Parker: ::Brenna started at Koloth being called her partner, then realized it was, of course, just an expression. She looked at the Vulcan with newfound respect, pleased that she seemed to have some appreciation for the need of human humor in discourse. But that was no doubt an influence of her other heritage. If what she had read in the file was true, that was; no Klingon ridges marred the Captain's forehead -- it was as smooth as her own.:: Ensign Koloth had a few more bags to manage than I. I believe he's still settling them in his quarters. Would you like me to summon him?

T'Pen: ::Shaking her head a bit, the twin braids of her hair waging a little.:: The CHALLENGER's been on assignment for the past five weeks. We've received word that they're on their way back now. Should be here day after tomorrow. I'd rather have this conversation one time, but since Ensign Koloth has seen fit not to grace us with his presence, I'll go ahead and give you the low down.

The medical officer coughed, suppressing her astonishment yet again. Sarcasm? Against her will, she was beginning to like the CO, when she had assumed she would have to struggle against every order. T'Pen seemed to understand her coughing fit for what it was.

T'Pen: My apologies. As you may have guessed, I've read your Academy file. I'm assuming that you've read or heard about me as well, so you know that I'm not a pure Vulcan. I'm half Klingon, half Vulcan. I've also been in accustomed to the various races of the Federation, so my euphemisms are slightly askue from the Vulcan colloquial terminology.

Parker: ::trying unsuccessfully suppress a grin:: So I've noticed.

T'Pen: Once the CHALLENGER has made port, the crew will take shore leave. You'll need to check in with my First Officer Lt. Colonel deMarc. He'll have your quarters assignment. Then you'll need to see Dr. Daniza for your medical scan.

Parker: ::Frowning, and automatically preparing to argue.:: They had us go through a final medical check before giving us our assignments. That was only a few days ago.

T'Pen: ::Holding up her hand:: Since the Dominion War and the Changling infestation, I've made it a requirement that all new officers are checked upon by the Ship's Doctor. ::Standing up to walk around the desk:: Can't take any chances, you know.

Parker:  ::checking the urge to argue for the sake of arguing (especially against a Vulcan) Brenna nodded, knowing the truth and good reasoning when she saw it.:: I understand.

T'Pen: I see from your record that you've written several papers. ::leaning over the desk to take a PADD:: My first assignment out of the Academy was as CMO of the KODIAK. During the last stint of my Academy tour, I along with my fellow cadets, contracted first stage OMA's Virus, a Bajoran disease that's more than lethal. We were able to isolate the strain, and I took it upon myself to try and develop a cure.

Parker:  ::Brenna tried not to wince. Her first 'test' so to speak, and she was going to fail.:: I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with Bajoran illnesses. Were you successful?

T'Pen: ::shaking her head:: No. Past stage one, there is no cure. A fact we found out through trial and error, and the Brotherhood.

Parker: ::she was 0 for 2.:: The Brotherhood?

T'Pen: The Scarlett Brotherhood. You could say they remain our nemesis. They somehow stole a strain of OMA's and killed a number of students on Bajor. ::She sat down heavily in her chair, staring off for a moment in quiet reflection. Whispering.:: Including my son.

Brenna was speechless for a moment. Why was the Captain confiding this to her? Did she feel some sort of bond between them, because of their hybrid heritage and shared medical experiences? Or was T'Pen simply informing her personally of facts she would no doubt find out once she was on board? Regardless of the Captain's reasons, it was a difficult moment.

Parker: I'm very sorry, ::she said, unable to think of anything else to say, but knowing that the emotion behind her words was true.::

T'Pen: It's alright. I tell you these things because I want to prepare you for life upon the CHALLENGER. She's seen her share of scrapes, been through more than most ships of her design and designation.

Parker: Thank you, sir. I'm honored to be assigned to her.

T'Pen: Good. ::Standing:: Well, welcome to DS24 and to the CHALLENGER. I'm sure you already have accommodations on the station. Once CHALLENGER's here, see Colonel deMarc and Dr. Daniza. You'll receive an invitation to Boles Beach down on the planet. It's a fantastic good time for all. The entire crew will be there. Just make sure you come on an empty stomach and a passion for beach side fun.

Brenna couldn't help but make a face. She loathed 'beach fun'. The anthropology side of the interactions between males and females could at times be interesting, but for the most part, it was rather dull.

Parker: ::rising and gritting her teeth:: Yes, ma'am.

The half-Vulcan must have seen her expression.

T'Pen: You'll do fine, Ensign. If you need anything, my door is always open.

Parker: Thank you.

T'Pen: You're dismissed. ::Turning back to her desk.:: Oh, one more thing. Tell Ensign Koloth all that I've told you and then have him see me.

Parker: ::lightly:: Will do. Good day, Captain.

T'Pen: Good Day, Ensign.

Brenna nodded once more and turned sharply toward the door. The Captain had certainly given her a lot to think about...and she would start now.


Ensign Brenna Parker
Medical Officer
USS Challenger NCC-12886

With Contributions by:
Fleet Captain T'Pen