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(( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 03 - Solaris' Quarters ))

:: After Sherana had departed from her office Sol had taken the time to finish up the last of her current work and get ready for some nice shore leave. Her promotion and new-ish posting were still fresh in her mind. ::

McLaren: oO I should call home... let Mum and Dad know I'm ok. Oo Computer, what time is it in Belfast, Ireland?

Computer: The time in Belfast is 15:32 hours.

McLaren: Oh good... open a channel to this frequency...

:: She typed in her homes personal frequency and waited. The federation symbol rotated around on the screen for a few moments. The screen soon changed to display a man who looked to be in his mid-40s. He was what most people would have described as 'ruggedly handsome', with brown hair and blue eyes. His face lit up when he saw who it was. ::

James: Rose! :: He turned away from the screen. :: Viv, come in here, Rose is calling!

:: Sol smiled, used to them using her middle name. ::

McLaren: Hey, Dad. I just wanted to call and see how things were.

James: Oh, you know... pretty much the same as it always is 'round here. :: his accent was heavier than hers, but still understandable. :: The regulars miss you at the bar.

McLaren: Oh I'm sure they do... now they only have your face to gawk at. :: she laughed playfully, upon seeing her fathers shocked face. :: I'm kidding, everyone knows you're ruggedly-handsome. Still they should be happy... I'm not taking their latinum at darts anymore... :: James laughed. ::

:: Soon another face joined her father on the screen. She looked even younger than James, though was still in her early 40s herself. She had brownish-blonde hair and blue-green eyes. ::

Vivian: Rose... is everything ok?

:: Sol smiled. Leave it to her mother to be the one worrying. ::

McLaren: I'm fine Mum. Its just been a while since I called... so I thought I would.

Vivian: You work too hard, sweetie. :: Where as James' accent was heavier than Sol's, Vivian's somehow managed to be lighter, and yet still distinct. ::

McLaren: oO You don't know the half of it... Oo :: She smiled. :: How's the flower shop, Mum?

Vivian: Oh you know... busy as always... I just filled a huge order for a wedding yesterday, so I took today off.

McLaren: oO The perks of being your own boss. Oo That's great!

:: James smiled. ::

James: So where's Starfleet got you now?

McLaren: I'm out near Starbase 11... on the Constitution.

James: The Constitution? Isn't that the ship that found the U.S.S. Unity?

McLaren: Yep... I got to walk on a legend. oO There was also that whole World War I thing... but I cant talk about that... Oo

Vivian: Look at you making history...

McLaren: And.. I got promoted! I'm the Chief Intelligence Officer of this ship now... and I'm not an Ensign anymore.

Vivian: That's wonderful sweetie! You always were a fast mover...

:: Sol smiled. It wasn't completely untrue. ::

McLaren: I was just doing what I was supposed to... I guess someone noticed.

James: That's all you need to do... people notice hard work.

:: Sol nodded, smiling. ::

Vivian: And what about your social life? Any ladies catch your eye?

:: Sol blushed. Even though she was 25, hearing her mother ask that was still odd. She shrugged. ::

McLaren: Maybe... I dunno. There's not been a lot of time for those kinds of thoughts...

James: Now, Vivian don't pester the poor girl about it...

Vivian: I know, I know... its just important to have a good social life and to have someone to be with.

McLaren: I know, Mum. We're about to go on shore leave, plenty of time for socializing coming up.

James: Well then what are you doing talking to us? Go have fun!

:: Solaris smiled. Her dad always was the one who wanted to have fun. Sol was about to speak when there was a bark over the speakers. A black and white rough collie soon stuck her head into the frame. She barked again. It was clear Vivian and James were trying to contain their 'Awwwww's ::

McLaren: Awww... hiya Luna...

:: The dog barked again upon hear Sol's voice, and licked the screen. ::

McLaren: oO She always was a smart dog. Oo I miss you too little one... I wish you could be here with me... but it would be too dangerous... oO and there's not a lot of space on a starship. Oo

:: The dog barked again. Vivian and James frowned slightly, knowing Sol missed her dog. ::

Vivian: You need to come visit soon...

McLaren: I know Mum... next time I get the chance, I will.

James: Go on and have fun on shore leave, honey.

McLaren: :: smiling :: I will. Love you both.

James: Love you.

Vivian: Love you too, sweetie.

:: Sol reached up and tapped the computer on her desk, ending the call. She sat back and smiled, glad to have been able to get both her parents. She spun around in her chair lazily before deciding to get changed so she could do exactly what she had said she would. ::


Lieutenant (JG) Solaris McLaren

Chief Intelligence Officer

U.S.S. Constitution NCC-9012-B