SIM:May the Road Rise to Meet You

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Author's Note: The following is a six-way joint post that served as the final sims for Veritas chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller and assistant chief medical officer Addison MacKenzie before they transferred over to Duronis II Embassy as executive officer and chief medical officer respectively to assist OOC with strengthing the ship staff of that simming installation.

As a special treat, this joint post had two separate easter egg/codas sent depending on whether it was on the Embassy list or the Veritas list. On Embassy, the main joint post was followed up by "The Buddy System," an easter egg sim for those who wanted to read Teller and MacKenzie's first new sim on Embassy. In it, Teller is surprised by one more colleague who wanted to give him a special send-off. Meanwhile, on Veritas, the main joint post was followed by a heartfelt coda by Lt. Wil Ukinix, assistant chief engineer of Veritas.

The events in this SIM occurred on stardates 239701.25 through 239701.26.

May The Road Rise to Meet You

JP: LtCmdrs. Geoffrey Teller, Addison MacKenzie, and the Crew of the USS Veritas: May The Road Rise to Meet You

((Corridor, Approaching Shuttlebay 1, USS Veritas))

Addison moved through the empty corridor relatively quickly, her hands rifling through the duffle bag which hung over her shoulder. She was late - according to the itinerary, the shuttle was to depart in ten minutes - and there was still no sign of Geoff.

Until she nearly ran him over in one of the junctions close to the shuttlebay.

Teller: Hey Doc. Looks like I’m not the only one with lead in his boots.

MacKenzie: Oh, good, I’m glad you’re here and not there- I mean, I’m glad I’m no more or less on time than you are.

Teller stopped shifting his gearbag around and smiled, taking one of Mackenzie’s hands into his own. He’d never once seen her flustered like this, and in other circumstances it might have concerned him. At the moment, he felt exactly the same way.

Teller: You alright, Addy?

MacKenzie: Oh, it’s nothing. I think I lost the PADD with my orders on it. I know I put it in here somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

She paused and nearly put her whole face into the bag, as though it would help her search. Disgruntled, she pulled her head up to look at Teller.

MacKenzie: The whole “presenting the PADD with your orders” thing is just a formality, right? No one does that anymore - she knows we’re coming, after all… She sent for us. ...right?

Teller: It’s a bit of symbolic protocol, I think. I’m not sure if Admiral Turner is a stickler or not. Don’t worry, we’ve got a long flight between here and Duronis to work it out.

MacKenzie: I’m sure if I can’t find it, I can have a copy of the orders sent to me during the trip. It’s fine.

They resumed their pace.

MacKenzie: Let’s just get out of here - it’s hard enough as it is to leave this place, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone looking. It’ll be easier if we go now.

Teller: Agreed. We said our goodbyes, and this ship is bigger than just the two of us. I’m sure everyone that isn’t completely hung over is back at their posts, getting ready to head back down to the planet. As a Doctor, I’m sure you can see the value in a nice clean break.

MacKenzie: My thoughts, exactly. C’mon.

((Shuttlebay 1, USS Veritas))

Gathering a large group of officers from multiple departments and duty shifts was difficult enough even with open orders. To do so *in secret* for a cruiser like Veritas was nearly impossible, and yet when Teller and MacKenzie walked into the shuttlebay, the clear look of surprise on their faces seeing the assembled officers and crew standing in rank and file had made the effort worth it.

Crossing into the shuttlebay to a literal sea of smiling faces stunned both Geoff and Addison to a halt midstride. Somehow it seemed like the entire crew was here, standing in parade formation, with a small path down the middle...just wide enough for two.

For them.

Blake: Attention to orders.

At once, the other men and women in the bay snapped to attention, their heels ringing on the deck and echoing off the high ceilings. Somehow, it sounded like applause. Seeing Teller and MacKenzie still standing by the door, the captain called out to them.

Rahman: I believe your shuttle awaits, Commanders.

Addison was biting the inside of her cheek in an attempt to conceal an overly emotional outburst, but in order to speak, she had to release her jaws.

MacKenzie: Captain, this is too much...

Geoff choked back a sob. For one brief moment, he was certain he could feel the crews pride in them, mixing with and amplifying his own emotions. There was a warmth within him that was almost overwhelming.

Teller: For once...I don’t know what to say, Captain.

With herculean effort, Geoff unglued his feet from the deck and began moving forward, catching the eye and shaking the hand of anyone he could. Lt. Maravosh, the Risian helswoman who had made a starship dance. Nurse Gabrielle Porchevska, who he had shared a wonderful evening and, perhaps, something deeper with. His engineering gang stood together, Angie Loupaz, Chalmers and even C’lem Phan’ta’go, making a rare public appearance, smirking at him as he shook their hands one by one. He made quite certain C’lem could hear him as he said goodbye.

Addison made her way one step behind Geoff, exchanging handshakes and quick embraces with those whom she’d serve with most closely - those who’d worked with her in Sickbay, namely Commander Rouiancet and Nurse Porchevska; those who served under her on Diligent like Lieutenants Maravosh and Cumar, and even those who served to get under her skin. Yes, for the first (and likely only) time in her life, she was glad to see C’lem.

...She wondered if he could hear her say goodbye.

Too soon, they were at the shuttle, and the final line of senior staff stood waiting, with the Captain and First Officer at the head.

MacKenzie: This is… quite something, Captain.

Teller: There are no words, Skipper. None.

Rahman: Before I say anything, I believe these two wanted a chance to say their own good-byes.

The attention turned to Blake, standing close by. Her arms were crossed, wrapped around herself as if to provide a kind of self-comfort. Emerald eyes glanced up at the two -- Teller and MacKenzie.

She straightened, her chin rising as a small but warm smile dusted her cheeks.

Blake: I have… an incredibly limited amount of experience in transferring between postings. But when I stepped away from Veritas for the first time, I.... struggled with the idea of returning, because we’d had such a change in senior staff. Captain Carrero had passed away. My friends, my mentors, had been moved along. Veritas didn’t quite feel like home. So when I hesitated to come back into service, one of those that had been moved told me in no uncertain terms that transfers are a part of this job -- and if I didn’t like it, I needed to throw my hat in, and leave.

The Brekkazoid uncrossed her arms, letting her hands clasp together.

Blake: Embassy does not know how privileged they are to have you both. The step you’re taking is huge in comparison to anything you’ve ever done here in the Shoals. And I am proud of you. ::She gave a steadying breath, her eyes beginning to water.:: You are incredible people. And frankly, you are irreplaceable.

Addison offered a soft smile.

MacKenzie: Commander Blake, your guidance and leadership has meant more to me than words could possibly convey. I owe you a great debt of gratitude...

Long ago when they had been trapped on Limbo, Blake had been badly injured and nearly died. Teller, fortunate enough to be close by, had come to the woman's aid and dragged her back to camp. It had won him a medal, and when Blake had pinned it on all those months ago she hadn’t shown a fraction of the emotions she now revealed. Allowing them to see her like this, in this moment and setting, was as moving a tribute as any Teller could imagine.

Teller: Thank you, Blake. For everything. I don’t think you realize just how much I learned from your example. You’ve always been a role model for me.

The Veritas XO addressed them individually now, one at a time.

Blake:::jokingly:: Doc… you know my deepest darkest secrets. I have to ask that you take ‘em to the grave.

MacKenzie: ::smiling, and nodding affirmatively:: My grave. Not yours. You’ll likely outlive me, anyway

Blake: I owe you my life. Probably twice over. I’m not sure I’ve ever told you how grateful I am.

Addison’s face turned serious, her gaze communicating more than the rest of the crew could imagine.

MacKenzie: You can be grateful when Teller and I get you squared away...

Blake: From the reports, Duronis II often sees its staff get into many binds. If you thought you had to be patient with the crew here… be sure you keep yourself steady when you get to Duronis.

Addison closed, bowed slightly to her, and embraced both of her hands with her own.

MacKenzie: I will keep your words close at hand, my friend.

Finally, emerald eyes turned to the shorter red-headed Terran.

Blake:::with a slight laugh:: It doesn’t feel like too long ago I was being slapped by Ensign Teller as he bravely rescued me from the middle of a burning forest on a planet locked in time.

((Flashback, jungles outside basecamp, Planet Limbo 239601.05))

Did someone just slap her?

Noree her body felt numb, but her cheek felt as red as it probably looked. She cringed at the stinging sensation, but it by no means matched the burning of her leg. And her arms. And you know what, just her entire body.


And those are her ear drums that have now blown. She cracked her eyes open, greeted by the view of a very frantic-looking Ensign- no, that's not right. She couldn't recall what was right. Right?

Whatever. A very frantic-looking officer Teller was there - you get the picture. Red-haired person freaking out, it's not hard to imagine

Blake: Did you- just- slap your- ::She coughed, hacking out what was probably smoke from her lungs.:: -slap your superior officer?

Teller: You have to stay awake! Talk to me. Sing me a song. You know I love shanties! Anything!

Yeah, no. No song singing. For one, she was a terrible singer, and two, she felt ill. Really ill. Like, glad that she wasn't singing, ill.

((End flashback))

Teller: Funny...I was just thinking of that myself. Seems like another lifetime.

Blake: So much has happened, in such a short amount of time too. I am honoured to have witnessed you go from our resident savvy, sea shanty engineer, to a well-respected and strong Commander. ::A shaky sigh:: And still so young, at that.

Teller: If I’ve grown, it’s only because I could stand on the shoulders of giants.  ::He cracked a grin, tears mixing with laughter.:: Besides, it was either that or get a step stool.

Blake: From one XO to another; if you are ever overwhelmed, or you need anything at all, even if its inconsequential: call. At any time.

Teller: I do, and thank you. For everything.

Teller extended a hand, but found himself drawing the woman into a tight embrace. When he wasn’t immediately electrocuted he knew they had forged a deep & lasting bond. The moment lingered before they both took a step back.

She paused, taking an everlasting look at the two officers. Lieutenant Commander Blake didn’t fear self-expression, never hid her feelings. But today, she was in an emotional game of tug-o-war. She felt an immense surge of pride for her officers, an immense satisfaction that their best were getting the chance to move upward in the Starfleet chain. But an overwhelming sense of loss threatened to crush that pride.

Why did their people have to go? Why was it when someone from outside the Shoals called, Veritas was always one of the first few to answer? It was like a sick joke -- call in the ship potentially months out of its way for something someone else could handle. Veritas was crewed by a rough 200 or so people -- was it really so hard for an embassy outside Federation space, staffed by an upwards of 900 people, to locate new officers to fill these positions? How dare they take those this crew held dear.

And yet... why shouldn’t their people go? Here stood Geoffrey Teller and Addison MacKenzie, lightly seasoned starship commanders of their own right, having single-handedly lead a rescue of the USS Veritas on their own accord aboard a ship held together with little more than duct tape and self-sealing stem bolts. They’d both saved Blake’s life specifically at least twice between them. Their leadership and initiative in their day-to-day duties made them unlike many others. There was no one quite like these two. The Embassy of Duronis II benefit from their additions.

This was a dark day for Veritas.

This was an incredibly bright day for Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller and Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie.

Tears swelling at the corner of Blake’s eyes began to bubble over, her eyebrows crinking. Her voice struggled through a tightening throat.

Blake: I don’t want to let you go. You are my friends. My family. ::Her shoulders shuddered through a deep breath.:: You are nothing short of incredible. So know that wherever you end up in your lives, I will support you. Always.

Addison embraced her quickly, then released. Neither one of them were particularly good when it came to demonstrating more sensitive emotions, but this scenario was certainly getting the better of them both.

MacKenzie: ::straightening up:: I want weekly progress reports from your new physician. And none of this, “Oh, communications is bad in the Shoals” crap, either. Weekly.

Geoffrey Teller had seen many rare and unique sights in his time on the Veritas, but none had moved him like seeing the tears in Lt. Cmdr. Skyleena Blake’s eyes. An ancient quotation from a book he’d loved as a child suddenly forced its way to the front of his mind.

Teller: “How lucky am I to have something...that makes saying goodbye so hard.” You are, and always will be, my friend.

Jansen Orrey had stood quietly and stoically beside those at the end of the line, saluting as everyone in the room did before tucking his hands behind his back.. Staying quietly back as Sky Blake shared her thoughts and, perhaps surprisingly or not, emotions regarding the departure of the pair.

Orrey: ::clearing his throat slightly to gather their attention:: It has been a pleasure serving with the both of you.

Addison moved in front of him and clasped his shoulders before embracing him.

MacKenzie: Thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the last year.

Teller: I owe you, Jansen. I can walk up this ramp ::he nodded to the nearby shuttle:: because of you.

Orrey: Understandably, by this point, there are not a lot of words left to say on either side, likewise a lot of tears have been shed on both sides. ::side glancing at Blake despite his own blue eyes going glassy.::

MacKenzie: ::smiling slightly, gesturing to the crew assembled around them:: I think we all know how we feel.

Teller smiled. Addison was right - more than ever before, in these final moments, Geoffrey Teller was humbled by the radiance of this crews emotions for them. In his heart, he felt the warmth of a star.

Orrey: One of the ideals I have held from my youth, is one of those things you don’t hear about in the Academy but it is one of those things you learn once deployed. Starfleet is billed as the principal means by which the Federation conducts exploration, research, defense, as well as peacekeeping and diplomatic manners. One of those things they don’t teach you, that you have likely discovered is that above each and every one of those things Starfleet is a family. The Veritas is your family. ::patting his chest:: My family…::indicating the two women on either side of him.:: Our family, is your family. ::clearing his throat, without the need to get their attention this time.:: So, though it may be a long time until I lock you with me in a small room ::nodding to Geoffrey.:: for your own good, or until you knock on my door during lunch for a chat ::nodding to Addison.:: That family will keep us united together.

MacKenzie: ...wherever we go.

Geoffrey Teller smiled and fixed eyes with his first commanding officer for the final time.

Teller: And that’s a Good Job Guarantee.

With her first and second officers having finished their farewells, that left Roshanara. She’d welcomed and bid farewell to her fair share of officers over the years--first as a fellow colleague in the junior ranks and now as their commanding officer. In an age where freedom from the burdens of material need and basic survival allowed a Federation citizen the freedom of choice to follow his or her life’s passions, a life in Starfleet was still one of the few where the needs of the service came before that of the individual.

Yet all of them here now--Teller, MacKenzie, Roshanara and the crew assembled around them--had chosen this life of service. Perhaps that was why these departures were so emotional, even painful. Because in an age of post-scarcity, transporters, and replicators, the most precious resource was what little time they had together. Nothing in life was guaranteed, certainly, but perhaps nowhere else in Federation society was that understood and felt so keenly as in its Starfleet.

Rahman: Mister Teller, Dr. MacKenzie, you leave this ship forever changed. You both came to the Shoals, to Veritas, and to me as green ensigns. And while you now head off to your next assignment with the experience and confidence that befits your ranks, I hope you never lose that curiosity and wide-eyed wonder that you first brought with you to the stars.

The captain turned to address MacKenzie first.

Rahman: Doctor, I’ve had the… “good fortune” to have been under the care of many physicians over the years. And while we only just recently established our first bond as doctor and patient, I have seen how you care for this crew, not just as a healer but as a leader. I have no doubt you will tackle this next assignment with the same tenacity and innovate the delivery of care for an entire community on Duronis II.

MacKenzie: Your faith in me speaks volumes - compounded many times over by the woman I know you to be. I hope that I’ll do you proud, Captain.

She stepped closer to embrace the woman in a hug.

Rahman: They’re lucky to have you.

MacKenzie: ::clearing her throat, choking back tears:: Serving with you had been an honor. This crew is lucky to have you. All my hopes, Captain.

Stepping back, Roshanara then turned to Teller.

Rahman: Mister Teller…

Geoff couldn’t resist a smirk at her reproachful tone.

Teller: Skipper.

Rahman: I believe I may be going gray no thanks to you.

Teller: You wear them with great dignity, ma’am.

Rahman: Yet despite your occasional juvenile antics and eccentricities, ::A quick flash of images suddenly raced through the Kriosian’s mind, starting with a reckless disruptor field test and ending with a cannonball dive that had sent a wave of pool water to drench the captain.:: I have seen the future leader you are capable of becoming emerge through your actions in the course of our missions, like a sculpture taking form.

She reached out and adjusted the collar of his now-command red uniform.

Rahman: The task ahead of you is great, but the man you are is greater. If I have been able to instill a standard for yourself that you carry for the rest of your career as a Starfleet officer--and one day, a future captain ::nods:: --then a couple of gray strands was a fair trade.

Geoff dropped all pretense at humor as he absorbed the gravity of the Captains words. For a moment, he was transported back to his very first meeting with Captain Roshanara Rahman, the fearsome, indomitable shipmaster that had taken him under her wing and driven him to accomplish things he never would’ve imagined. Somewhere along the way, she had also become his conscience, and his guiding star. In that moment he was certain that, for the rest of his life, any destination he reached would be due to her, pointing the way.

Teller: Thank you, Captain...for helping me build the best version of myself. You’re a great leader, and you’re still the best damn engineer I’ve ever known.

She reached out to shake his hand.

Teller took his hand in hers and met her steady gaze. For all the times he’d been leveled by that look, he now found in it something new. A depth of emotion too great for words existed between them and he knew, with absolute certainty, that he had never felt this way for another living soul before. To Teller, she was, and always would be, The Skipper. Neither time nor tide could change that.

Stepping back once more, she looked at them both.

Rahman: Godspeed, you two.

Teller: Ilal Liqaa’, Roshanara.

MacKenzie: Fair skies, my dear friends, and all my love.

As Teller and MacKenzie stepped aboard shuttlecraft Prospero and the hatch slowly began to raise, an order of about face was called out. A thunderous clap of heels against the hanger deck echoed through the bay, and the assembled men and women of the USS Veritas watched as their friends and former colleagues sailed back out into the stars, to adventures unknown.


Lt. Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
Duronis II Embassy


Lt. Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS
Chief Medical Officer
Duronis II Embassy


Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey M.D. M.Sc
Second Officer
Mission Ops/Intelligence Officer
USS Veritas


Lt. Commander Sky Blake
Executive Officer
USS Veritas


Captain Roshanara Rahman
CO, USS Veritas

Easter Egg Sim for Embassy List

JP: Lt. Cmdrs Teller, MacKenzie and Special Guest - The Buddy System

((Shuttlecraft Prospero, en route to Esperance))

Dropping his duffle to the deck of the shuttle, Teller all but collapsed into one of the jumpseats in the rear. He felt strangely distant from himself, as if watching from some outside viewpoint. There was an overwhelming fullness to his emotions and he thanked whatever deities existed that he hadn’t broken down in front of the entire crew. He was, in a word...spent.

Addison made her way in and put her hand on his shoulder before taking a seat opposite of him. They sat in one of the most comfortable silences she’d ever experienced, sharing in the weight of what had just taken place without needing to say a word to one another.

Teller: That was….

MacKenzie: Exhausting? Emotionally draining? Something I never want to have to go through again? am I doing?

Teller: I honestly can’t tell if this was the best day of my life, or the worst. Either way....I’m pretty sure we’re the two luckiest people in the Fleet.

MacKenzie: Probably right about that… I wouldn’t count my chickens until we find out just what we’re in for, if I were you...

Teller: Alright, let's get this bucket going before they decide to build us a statue.  ::He stood and crossed into the cockpit, slumping heavily into the co-pilots seat.:: Pilot, have we received clearance to jump to warp yet?

When the pilot of the shuttle saw Teller take the copilot’s seat, they spun their chair around, revealing their full identity.

Shandres: Heya, Commander!

Once, while driving an unusual motorized contraption as part of a holodeck simulation, Teller had accidentally shifted gears incorrectly, going from 4th to 1st while the vehicle was traveling at extremely high speeds. The resultant explosion literally slammed the transmission through the vehicles engine block and upwards through the hood.

He now knew how the car felt as his heart fought its way out of his chest.

Teller: TAZ!?

Engineering admin assistant Crewman Tasnim “Taz” Shandres didn’t even try to hide her laughs at her--now former--department chief’s expense.

Shandres: I traded this gig with Lieutenant Maravosh.

She leaned over a little, her voice lower as if Captain Rahman could still hear them back in the shuttlebay as Veritas continued to grow smaller in the distance.

Shandres: Which was really nice of her because you know technically, you have to be an officer to fly one of these…

Geoff had lost the capacity for human speech. He was reduced to a strangled series of sputtered exclamations.


The 19-year-old Kriosian/Betazoid hybrid shook her head, waving him off.

Shandres: Ah, I’m just #$@%-ing with you, Commander. I was flying these things back when I was fourteen, outrunning Jem’Hadar patrols.

Finally taking a breath, Teller rubbed his head with both hands. He spoke without looking up, somewhat hopeful that this was all, perhaps, a bad dream.

Teller: Taz...what...what’re you doing here? You know the Captain’ll have you scrubbing plasma manifolds for a month when she finds out. Hell, she’ll probably have Admiral Turner assign us to groundskeeping duties when we get to the Embassy just for being here.

Taz nodded.

Shandres: Well, you didn’t think I could let you leave the ship without making sure you made it safely to your next stop, did you? It’s called the “buddy system,” Commander. ::smiles.:: Some old fogey taught me that.

On his very first mission as Acting Chief Engineer, Taznin Shandres, then working as part of one of his repair crews, had nearly gotten them both killed when she missed the recall order to get back to the ship. She made it up to him by saving his life shortly thereafter and, ever since, the Engineering away teams aboard the Veritas had a strict adherence to the buddy system so that no one, not even Taz, would get left behind again. On his orders. He shook his head ruefully and began laughing until his ribs ached. oO I love this little twerp. Oo

Teller: Well, tempted as I am to beam you straight into the pool, you’re here and I’m clearly unfit to operate a shuttlecraft. Plot a course and engage when ready, Crewman Shandres. rush.

Taz took his meaning and banked the shuttle gracefully, giving them one last look at the Veritas, sitting far above the world of Ketar V. She looked indomitable. She looked titanic. She looked like home. None spoke, for no words were needed, and in the quiet of the moment, Geoffrey Teller said his final goodbye.

After an exchange of nods, the three of them turned their attention ahead as Taz plotted a warp course to Esperance and engaged the engines, ferrying her precious cargo out of the Shoals.

Shandres: Sir, we received a transmission right before we jumped to warp. It’s from Wil. No message, just a data packet. It’s an audio file.

Teller and MacKenzie shared a curious look and, with a nod, Taz pressed play. As the shuttle filled with the ringing brass of horns and a gentle quartet of voices, the three of them listened to Wil’s final gift with tears in their eyes and love in their hearts.

Taz recorded the entire thing. It’d make a killer reaction holo for her followers on FedNet.


Lt. Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
Duronis II Embassy


Lt. Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS
Chief Medical Officer
Duronis II Embassy


Crewman Taz Shandres
Engineering Administrative Assistant, USS Veritas

Coda for Veritas List

Lt. Wil Ukinix: It's Easy

((Chief Engineer’s Office, Deck 8, USS Veritas))

Wil sat at Geoffrey’s desk, with the door closed, his arms crossed, and his feet up on the desk, his left ankle resting on top his right.

On the console in front of him was the exterior view of the shuttle that was carrying Geoffrey Teller and Addison MacKenzie from the Veritas.

Wil wiped his eyes, as he watched the shuttle circling. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes to compose himself, then looked away at the far wall. The tears didn’t stop, so he wiped his eyes yet again, before he looked back at the live feed.

The ship was speeding up. Tears welled up in his eyes even more. Watching the screen became hard, so he once again looked at the far wall as he quietly sobbed.

As he tried to wipe the tears away from his eyes, two thoughts occurred to him. He was going to miss them both so much, especially his best mate Geoffrey. That made him sad. It was going to take a long time to get over.

But he also was so happy for both of them. It was a fantastic opportunity.

He didn’t want to be sad anymore. And he wanted to remember seeing the shuttle leaving as a happy memory, not a sad one. As an idea entered his head, a smile came to his face, and, somehow he managed to laugh a little through his crying.

He picked up his nearby PADD, and tapped it frantically. Finding the data packet he was looking for, he smiled again, before composing a message to both Addison and Geoffrey.

The message had no words. Just the data packet. As the shuttle engines began glowing brighter, looking like it was about to go to warp, Wil sent the message to them.

He watched for a few more seconds, before the screen showed the ship turning into a long, seemingly infinite beam of light.

Then there was nothing, but the stars and the blackness of space.

Wil covered his mouth, nodded, and through his crying, smiled.

Ukinix: ::Quietly to himself:: Bye you two. There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. I’ll miss you.

Lieutenant Wil Ukinix
Acting Chief Engineer
USS Veritas