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USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A)
Lieutenant (J.G) Bryan MacRae

Personal Details
  • Birth Name: Bryan Andrew MacRae
  • Callsign: -
  • DoB: 235705.24 (Age: 41)
  • Birthplace: Edinburgh, Earth, Alpha Quadrant
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5’ 11” / 181cm
  • Weight: 187 lbs. / 85kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Distinguishing Features: N/A
  • Telepathic Rating: N/A (See Below)

Service Details
  • Allegiance: United Federation Of Planets
  • Branch: Starfleet
  • Years Of Service: 2390 - Present
  • Service No.: HG-145-177
  • Rank: DS9style-ltjg red.png Lieutenant (J.G.)
  • Ship: USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A)
  • Current Assignment: HCO Officer

Writer ID: A239005BM0

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Ensign MacRae arrives in the Operations Centre of the USS Avandar.


Bryan MacRae, HCO Officer

Fancesca 'Frankie' Deveaux, Computer Systems Technician (NPC)


Original Posting Date: 239006.26

((Operations Centre - Deck Five - USS Avandar))

::The door made the characteristic hiss as the hydraulics opened it to allow MacRae entrance to the nerve centre of the Avandar.::

::Opinions of others may differ, the Captain and First Officer for two. He wasn't sure what their backgrounds were but he was quickly coming to the conclusion that if you hadn't served in an HCO department you didn't quite have the appreciation of the sheer power this region of the ship had.::

::He looked up at the view screen which showed the Avandar in a schematic form. The ship was looking good, most of the damaged systems were up and running and various data streams were zipping between consoles. He logged onto the first vacant console he could find to check the operations log for any new alerts, requests of updates. He was scanning over the last list when he became aware of someone approaching him followed by their voice.::

Deveaux: Can I help you?

MacRae: Oh, just checking in...crewman... ::He tailed off, suddenly realizing that no-one down here would have the faintest idea who he was - and he hadn't a clue who they were. Fortunately the young woman he was talking to was more than prepard to help out.::

Deveaux: Deveaux, Sir. Francesca Deveaux....but everyone calls me Frankie. I'm one of the computer system technicians.

MacRae: Ensign Bryan MacRae. ::He extended his hand.:: A pleasure to meet you Frankie.

Deveaux: Ah, so you're our new HCO officer. Welcome aboard, Sir. We noticed your log on from the bridge. Getting straight to work?

MacRae: Sort of. I came back with Captain Vetri and, with so many of the crew off-ship at the time I got put on station a little earlier than expected. Perhaps you can give me a run down on things here? I'm sure Commander Tan will be busy so I'd like to offer what help I can in the meantime.

::MacRae smiled at the young woman. She must have been a couple of years younger than him and nearly a foot shorter. Her eyes gleamed a little and her hair was a dark blonde, worn in pulled back pony tail of tightly bound curls. If he had to sum her up in one word it would be 'energetic'.::

Deveaux: Well, as you can see from the screen we're looking in better shape now. A large part of that can be attributed to Ensign Ben'thal - our chief engineer. He's been working on the computer core among other things. It's been a big help.

::MacRae nodded. He remembered from the academy that there were a large amount of engineering cadets in the operations and communications program he had been enrolled in.::

MacRae: Would it be possible to see his report, once it's in of course?

Deveaux: Certainly sir, you should have access to all HCO related reports...although you will have a lot of late nights if you're going to read every single one.

MacRae: ::Smiling:: No, no. Nothing like that, just the ones related to the last mission so I can get a feel for what the ship's been though. Anything else?

Deveaux: Just these. ::She handed him two PADDs.::

MacRae: Thank you.

::MacRae looked down at the information. The first was an instruction from Commander Dickens to monitor for communications from Lieutenant Kilis and add her to the secure communications protocols. The second was much more important, it was his updated quarters assingment. He turned back to the expectant looking crewman - he felt he should say something.::

MacRae: So...could I get the guided tour?

Deveaux: Absolutely, walk this way.

MacRae: oO If I could walk that way I wouldn't need the tour. Oo

::They walked to the slightly rasied platform in the centre of the room.::

Deveaux: This is the main operations terminal. The duty supervisors post is here. Just below you is the main communication station and flight control terminals, they take care of your H and C. To your left is the EPS distribution network and next to that is a direct link to the main computer core. The main core runs from here, deck five, down to deck nine. The secondary core runs from deck ten through to fourteen.

::MacRae was trying his best to take in all of the information. Deveaux continued.::

Deveaux: To you right is the engineering console, to help us coordinate our work with our colleagues down in the aft section, decks thirteen to fifteen and beside that is a monitor for the environmental and life support systems and then a logistics/supply terminal next to that.

::She stopped. She was certainly something, he wasn't sure if she came with an off switch.::

MacRae: Remember to breathe. ::MacRae ventured with a smile which Deveaux returned.::

Deveaux: So, as you can see, everything the ship does comes though here - in one form or another.

::MacRae paused and looked around the operations centre one more time. A smile spread across his face.::

MacRae: You really love you job here, don't you?

Deveaux: ::blushing slightly:: Yeah.

MacRae: You know what Frankie. I think I might too.