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USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A)
Lieutenant (J.G) Bryan MacRae

Personal Details
  • Birth Name: Bryan Andrew MacRae
  • Callsign: -
  • DoB: 235705.24 (Age: 39)
  • Birthplace: Edinburgh, Earth, Alpha Quadrant
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5’ 11” / 181cm
  • Weight: 187 lbs. / 85kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Distinguishing Features: N/A
  • Telepathic Rating: N/A (See Below)

Service Details
  • Allegiance: United Federation Of Planets
  • Branch: Starfleet
  • Years Of Service: 2390 - Present
  • Service No.: HG-145-177
  • Rank: DS9style-ltjg red.png Lieutenant (J.G.)
  • Ship: USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A)
  • Current Assignment: HCO Officer

Writer ID: A239005BM0

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MacRae continues to settle in to his new duties as an HCO officer.


Bryan MacRae, HCO Officer

Fancesca 'Frankie' Deveaux, Computer Systems Technician (NPC)


Original Posting Date: 239007.02

((Operations Centre - Deck Five - USS Avandar))

::MacRae was sat at the central console in the operations centre, finalising the last checks on the ship following its mission, while still technically on station there was little more the Avandar had to accomplish in the immediate area. Currently he was reviewing the communications logs from the previous forty-eight hours. One entry in particular caught his eye.::

MacRae: oO Fleet Captain Turner? Must be nice to have friends in high places, Anora. Oo

::If the logs told an accurate story, and there was no reason they shouldn't, it had certainly been an interesting time for the Avandar. He was, in a way, a little disappointed he had come to the ship mid-mission. Undercover work and infiltration was what he had been trained for after all, amongst other things. It was, however, those other things that he was now trying to wrap up…and wrap his head around.::

MacRae: oO Computer systems checks out, operating at one-hundred percent – subject to normal variances. Oo

::Ben’thal and his team had done a really good job, as far as MacRae could judge. The same could be said of their work repairing the EPS conduits that were damaged in the attack. A few grey areas that needed a little refinement and modulation but nothing drastic.::

::He had been making several notes while reviewing the attack on the Avandar and top of his list was to review the computer systems security and the capacity of the vessel for cyber and information warfare and countermeasures against the same. He slid the display across to the next set of readouts.::

MacRae: oO Auxiliary power reserves are climbing steadily, ninety-three percent and rising. Hopefully we won't need them anytime soon. Oo

::He rubbed his eyes, running his hands down his face.::

MacRae: oO Environmental controls check out, life support systems are running as normal. Oo

::The console flashed with a notification from the tactical station about helm and navigation control tests. Well, the duty pilots would be able to handle that, and besides piloting and navigation was definitely a weak area for him.::

::He looked up at the main screen. Everything appeared as it should. He had to be honest, it came as somewhat of a relief::

MacRae: Looking good. ::He noted several of the other crew turned to look at him. ::He shrugged.:: Well...we are.

::The ship was like he had often felt after he had spent a day walking in the hills in the west of Scotland - working fine but in need of a good rest. It occurred to him he should probably do likewise.::

::He signed off his console and turned towards the door, next to which he had left the crate with all his worldly possessions. Leaning against the frame of the door, clutching a PADD, was Deveaux.::

Deveaux: Leaving us so soon, Sir?

::He smiled and stifled another yawn::

MacRae: Frankie. I have been up for almost... ::He looked at the time display on the main view-screen.:: ...twenty-six hours. That's a long day even by Bajoran standards. I am going to go to my quarters, unpack, have a drink and pass out. In that order.

Deveaux: Well, I don't think anyone would blame you for that. ::She pushed herself away from the wall.::

MacRae:' Will you be here all night?

Deveaux: Yes. I got the short straw on the roster, but it's not so bad really. I get time to try new things while there's less drain on resources.

MacRae: Well, have fun with that. If you see Commander Tan before I do could you let him know I'll formally report for duty as soon as I can. Everything has been a little...fraught these last few hours.

Deveaux: If I see him I'll pass that on. ::She pushed herself away from the wall.:: Good night, Sir. Sleep well.

MacRae: I don't think that will be too much of a stretch. Good night, Frankie. ::He picked his packing case and headed for his new accommodation.::