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((Bernard's Surf, Cocoa Beach, 1969))

::Ash was sitting in the darkened corner trying to figure out why she felt Her vision seemed a split second behind her eyes, and the darkness seemed to close in on her. At the same time, her body felt less and less like it wanted to move when she commanded it to. It was like a sensation of floating, yet she felt as if gravity was stronger than normal. When her mind finally came around to the thought of how odd everything had become, she realized that she just didn't care.::

::It was the most incredible thing...::

::Her scientific mind tried to but in, but it seemed like a voice that was far away. The rest of her felt as if she had fallen into a large container of glue, or syrup. Yes. Syrup. Everything seemed to fall into slow motion then, even the voice that came from her commbadge.::

Frost: =/\= Frost to MacKenna. Everything alright? =/\=

::At first she had no idea what the voice was. The names were familiar, but it took her a few moments to place the names, the voice, and the device. It wasn't that she had forgotten anything; it was just that her mind was on other things at that moment, like how the colors on the sign at the bar seemed to drip down the mirror into a pool of paint. Paint, that the bartender was then pouring into glasses and serving. She looked down at her own glass in front of her and saw that she had gotten blue paint.::

::She smiled. Blue was her favorite color.::

MacKenna: =/\=We're fine over here. How are you Liam? What color did you get? =/\=

::Somehow, she remembered that she was supposed to hide the badge, so she never did pull it out for all to see. At the same time, her voice was not exactly what some people would call 'quiet'. A few people at the table next to her looked over for a moment, and she just smiled back. As her vision tracked back towards where she had seen the paint falling down the mirror, she noticed two men walking towards her. Again, it took her a moment to fit the faces with names, and then remember why they were both dressed so weird.::

::Ash did her best to smile, but she burst out in laughter first. They looked quite hilarious in her mind, especially the wings. Pinned to the chest, the wings flapped like a bird trying to escape. Why had they hurt the creature? It concerned her as much as she possibly could be concerned at that moment.::

Deron: Commander its me, Eliaan. Can you follow my finger with your eyes please?

MacKenna: Oh hi there doc. How am I? ::For a moment the part of her mind struggling with the whole things came through. :: I feel kinda odd.

::There was a finger in front of her face, and she tried to focus on it, but half of it seemed to move much faster than the other half. It was like two fingers, and she had trouble focusing on both places at once.::

:: Her responses were slow. Even without Eliaan's medical training, Liam could tell that something was very wrong with her.::

Deron: What happened to her?

Frost: I don't know for sure. She was talking to someone, but by the time I noticed he was getting up to leave.

::Ash could hear the voices, but they too sounded far away. The door to the room opened, and a man walked in. Ash watched as he made his way to the paint bar. A moment later, his shadow caught up with him. Ash blinked. It didn't make sense.::

Deron: Who was he?

Frost: I don't know. The waitress said his name was Donny Smith, and that he had a reputation for being a less then upstanding citizen.

Deron: Okay, well I can't exactly examine her in the restaurant. We need to get her outside before we draw attention to ourselves. Commander, I need you to come with us outside, can you do that?

::After the incident with the delayed shadow, Ash didn't mind heading out. Of course, getting up and moving was proving to be more difficult that she had hoped. The restaurant seemed to spin around her and she tried to stand, but she felt sick due to the vertigo.::

MacKenna: It might be too dangerous to go out there while the building is spinning like this. ::She groaned.:: Ugh, make it stop.

Deron: Liam, get her other arm. If anyone asks, she's intoxicated and we have to take her back to the base.

::Liam nodded, and forced himself to suppress a smile. He'd helped his share of intoxicated friends to get home after a night of partying a bit too hard, and had to be helped home himself just as many times. But this was more serious than a bit too much whiskey, and he would be damned if he didn't get her home safe. The two slowly managed to get her out of her seat, each putting an arm over their shoulder. She was able to propel herself forward just enough to convince the crowd at the bar that she was just drunk, instead of the more serious reality of her situation.::

::Ash could feel a pulling sensation and she closed her eyes. Their fingertips felt as if made of ice, the cold cutting through the thin layers of the uniform. Pinpricks danced around where they supported her, but she tried to follow their lead. She knew that they would take her home somehow, and all she wanted at that moment was to lay in bed.::

::One step, then another. Finally, she could feel the breeze from the ocean on her face. It seemed to hang around her body in exactly the manner that a cement brick doesn't. Opening her eyes again, she saw an entirely different scene, and she strived to 'see' the air that she could feel. It was dark; oh, so incredibly dark. The stars were out, but they seemed to move about in the sky leaving trails behind them like a million tiny meteors. She gasped at it; both beautiful and odd at the same time.::

MacKenna: What happened to the stars?

::She looked worriedly at the doctor.::

Deron: They are still there, Ash.

::The worried look turned into one of puzzlement.::

MacKenna: But they are clearly not very star-like.

::And they weren't, but she took his word on that. Instead, she focused on walking, which took some work. After a few moments, however, she found herself spinning down the sidewalk on the main road through the small town. Spinning, until she was stopped by a wall...or another person.::

Deron: They are fine, don't worry about them.

::She sighed. She had no idea what they were supposed to do next, and her mind wouldn't even stay on the right page long enough for her to figure out what they had just done. It was like she had memories and thoughts, but none of them came together; they were all puzzles with pieces missing. Looking to the men who were with her, she smiled.::

MacKenna: I guess you will have to figure out this one.

::The grin on her face didn't fit the situation, but she didn't know that, and if she had, at that moment, she probably wouldn't have cared.::


Lt. Commander Ash MacKenna
Science Officer (Acting First Officer)
Starbase 118/USS Victory
As simmed by: Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

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