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((Captain's Ready Room, USS Tiger))

Riley: I'm not upset Doctor...not by any means, I'm disappointed in Wittburn, not in you. Would you like something to drink?

Satscher: Jestral Tea, please.

::Sidney walked over to the replicator and retrieved a couple drinks. She handed the Doc her tea lightly and set her own Chai Latte on her desk and took a seat again.::

Riley: Wittburn is an excellent Nurse Practitioner always has been. He has aspirations of becoming a Doctor, but with this on his record it's going to be difficult for him.

Satscher: Last mission was hard one, and lot of people actually connected with each other and the ship. Not many ships have a sense of community we have despite the fact that we're actually still newly commissioned ship. He just wanted to stay where he feels… at home.

::Sidney nodded. She knew what it was like. The feeling of home...::

Riley: What do you think we should do about this situation? You're his immediate superior Doctor, what would you like to see happen? And can you justify that action?

Satscher: Justify action, Sir, I'm the last person to judge anyone. If you'll still want me in your crew after I show you this, I would really like to keep him as a resident.

::The Terran/Deltan Commanding Officer folded her hands softly, a look of concern crossing her face. What in the world was wrong? One didn't have to be a telepath to sense the air in the room had turned cold. Vojana Satscher stared at the PADDs in her hands for a moment before standing to place them on Sidney's desk.::

::Sidney looked at the PADDs for a moment not reaching out for them. Something was wrong and she knew it. A sense of nervousness gripped the pit of her stomach but her face had returned to a poker stare. Here was a woman who was an accomplished Doctor, a trusted senior officer of her crew and a friend.::

Riley: oO What could Vojana have done?Oo

::Sidney tentatively reached out for one of the PADDs. She turned it over in her hand before looking down at its contents as Doc Satscher began speaking.::

Satscher: This, Captain, is proof of my betrayal. Here are my logs about first encounter with Kelrod. At the moment I didn't know what… who it is, but I was aware of case. Why I didn't report it then I cannot say. Most probably curiosity and disbelief. It was after the Hell… of a promotion ceremony.

::Sidney looked at the PADD for a moment and up at the Doctor in disbelief.::

Riley: Kelrod? Who is this Kelrod? And LtCmdr. Dickens?

Satscher: No, at the time I wasn't sure, and for a long time didn't have a chance to check.

::Sidney looked from the Doc back to the PADD. What was the Doctor trying to tell her? She looked down at the PADD, surely it wasn't as bad as it looked.::

Riley: You've gotten a chance to check Doctor?

Satscher: Yes, Sir. I got a chance to check, here are those readings. It was just before we got transferred here on Tiger.

::Sidney looked at the PADD Satscher indicated and a frown creased her normally cheerful face.::

Riley: This is information from the Independence's computers?

Satscher: Yes, those readings are made in Independence Sickbay, while Marcus was unconscious after a hit in the head.

Riley: I remember the incident Doctor. I thought he had recovered fully from that incident.

::Sidney looked down at the information on the PADD again. Years of medical training came rushing back in an instant as she looked at the readouts. The question was, was Kelrod a parasite or a symbiont. To know that the original readings from sickbay would have to be analyzed. Sidney thought back momentarily to LtCmdr. Dicken's performance over the last mission. It had been exemplary, whatever Kelrod was, it appeared Dickens was still able to perform his duties. Sidney breathed a small sigh of relief. It wasn't as bad as Satscher thought if Dickens could still function, in fact this may fall under doctor - patient privilege.::

Riley: I don't remember seeing anything about this presence/being in any official report.

Satscher: No, they didn't find it. They couldn't. After transferring those to the PaDD I completely erased them from system and both backups.

::Sidney nearly dropped the PADD she was holding. She looked up at the Chief Medical Officer, was she serious? A doctor wouldn' couldn't joke about such a thing. It was unethical, it went against everything they swore they would hold sacred. To do no harm, to help the helpless...erasing medical records was unthinkable. It was a betrayal of not only her duty as a physician, but a Starfleet officer. Sidney swallowed and looked up at the woman she trusted. She had to have heard her wrong...::

Riley: You erased the medical records and the backups? ::Pause.:: Why?

Satscher: Because I'm in love with Marcus and didn't want to lose him.

::Sidney regarded the Doctor for a moment as she paused.::

Satscher: Sir, Marcus will not tell, but Kelrod may. He want to live, and may do whatever is needed to preserve his existence.

::There was another pause as Sidney thought about what she was being told. Trying to judge how bad it actually was.::

Satscher: You have to arrest me.

::Sidney frowned. She felt like she had been betrayed. Everything she believed in, everything she had learned herself in medical school and then command school the doctor had betrayed. This woman, this Doctor was her friend. She was her colleague...She had to do what she knew was right.::

Riley: I do not need to be reminded of my duty, Doctor...

Satscher: I know, thank you, Sir.

::Sidney sat back in her chair and crossed her arms as she looked across the desk at the woman she had trusted so completely. There was a long silence as Sidney simply thought about the situation. It stretched on for nearly five minutes. Sidney reached down and took a long sip of her chai latte before setting back down on the desk rather forcefully with a thump.::

Riley: Don't thank me Doctor. You've put me in a situation I never wanted to be in. Your service has been exemplary, and it may be the only thing that saves your career at this point. You are aware of the seriousness of what you've done?

Satscher: Yes…::This time it was just a whisper, Vojana sat hard in a chair, squeezed her knees. She expected to feel better, but she didn’t. She was broken.::

::Sidney felt the anger begin to rise. While she was mad at the Doctor for what she had done she was even more mad at knowing what had to be done, knowing what was going to happen. The destruction of medical records was a serious offense, one that would have to be dealt with by Starfleet Command, one which would most likely ruin the good Doctor's career in that could lead to a court martial. Sidney reached up and tapped her comm badge.::

Riley: =/\=Commander Riley to Lieutenant Storos.=/\=

::Bron looked up from the report he had been writing on the...Somers incident. He tapped his comm badge.::

Storos: =/\=Storos here. Go ahead, Sir.=/\=

Riley: =/\=Lieutenant I need you in my ready room immediately to escort someone to their quarters, bring a guard which will be stationed as well.=/\=

::Bron blinked in surprise but kept his reply carefully neutral.::

Storos: =/\=Understood, Sir. If I may ask...=/\=

::Bron let his question trail off. Explanations weren't really necessary.::

Riley: =/\=I'll explain when you get here. Riley out.=/\=

::The comm channel closed. Bron ran a hand over his bald head. Then he pulled up the current duty rotation on his console. He tapped his comm badge again.::

Storos: =/\= Lieutenant Storos to Crewman Z'Leah. =/\=

Z'Leah: =/\=Z'Leah here Sir.=/\=

Storos: =/\= Meet me in five minutes at the Captain's Ready Room. =/\=

::Z'Leah's eyes sparkled with anticipation.::

Z'Leah: =/\= Yes Sir, on my way.=/\=

Storos: =/\= Storos out. =/\=

::Z'Leah smiled only slightly as the security chief arrived at the same time she did. He gave her a nod.::

Storos: Crewman.

Z'Leah: Lieutenant... oO Isn't it fun to state obvious ranks? Oo Any idea why we're here Sir?

Storos: I do not. But I am certain we will find out shortly.

Riley: Lieutenant Vojana Satscher you are confined to quarters and relieved of your duties until Starfleet Command is informed of this situation and a decision is made concerning a possible Court Martial. I make no promises about your fate...

Satscher: ::This time no word, Vojana was unable to squeeze no reaction. She was like a puppet on a strings, puppeteer discarded there and forgot.::

Riley: Do you have anything else to say for yourself while we wait for security?

Satscher: ::Her throat was dry and soar. She was crying in silence, not crying actually, just tears were flowing unstoppably. She wanted to say she’s sorry to say…oOYes, you were my friend and I betrayed you.Oo but was unable to voice her thoughts. Faces of her friends passed through her mind, and a last one belonged to her loving one. oOLost, all is lost…Oo ::With that thought new wave of tears rolled down her cheek.::

::The two sat in silence until Storos and another security officer arrived. When the door swished open Security officers entered showing honest surprise to see the Captain and Doctor Satscher. Surprise crossed the woman's face and she came to attention almost immediately to hide her shock.::

::Summoned to the Captain's Ready Room, Lt Bron Storos was completely surprised when the door opened and Dr. Satscher was standing there with the Captain. Bron could hardly have been more surprised if Sidney had ordered him to arrest herself.::

Riley: Lt. Storos escort Miss Satscher to her quarters. She is confined to quarters until further notice, no visitors and under guard.

Storos: Understood, Sir. Doctor, if you would follow me?

::The Doctor paused to wipe her face and then almost ran to the Bridge. She hesitated on the threshold though, turned, and grabbed Bron's shoulders. The Deltan tensed, closed his eyes, took a slow breath, opened his eyes again. He was not big on physical contact, not because he was cold but because Deltans had a tendency to be oversensitive.::

Satscher: I can't, I can't, please. Is there another way.

Z'Leah: Sir?

::Bron turned to the other Security officer. Sidney closed her eyes as she heard the Orion security officer's voice. She didn't want to watch the scenario that was playing itself out in the ready room. These people were her friends....her family.::

Storos: Just a moment, Crewman. I will handle this.

::Sidney opened her bright green eyes and focused them on Satscher and Storos. Bron turned back to Dr. Satscher; Sidney swallowed and kept her outside expression even. Inwardly however, the scene was tearing at her heart. It was her duty....::

Riley: oO Duty....Oo

Z'Leah: Yes Sir...I'll follow your lead...

Storos: Thank you.

::Bron turned back to Dr. Satscher. She was staring at Bron in a panic, and the Deltan felt something soften in him. He did not know all of the story, but there was a woman here that needed him. He had a duty to perform, but he was going to make it as easy on the Doctor as possible.::

Storos: If we walk casually, I imagine no one on the Bridge will think anything of it.

::Sidney nodded even though she wasn't a part of the conversation per say.::

Satscher: Give me a second, please.

::When Dr. Satscher rested her head on his chest, Bron was able to keep his reaction more controlled. He even managed to give her an encouraging squeeze on the arm.::

Storos: As you wish, Doctor.

::The Doctor finally pushed herself away, took a deep breath.::

Satscher: Let's go!

::Bron led the way, the Security crewman pressing close behind. In fact, she bumped into him before they headed for the Bridge. His nerves already tense, Bron had to clench his teeth to keep from saying something.::

Z'Leah: Sorry Sir...

Storos: It was nothing. We should go now.

::Bron turned slightly to see Z'Leah staring back over her shoulder at the Captain's Ready Room. No doubt Sidney was wondering why the trio hadn't left yet. Once they finally reached the Bridge, they made their way across it without anyone apparently even noting their presence. Bron felt himself relax.::

::The turbolift voyage was similarly uneventful. Bron, still in a highly sensitive state, could smell the tension in the confined space. He could understand why Dr. Satscher would be so tense, but why would Crewman Z'Leah be so affected? Nervousness? This was a new assignment for her, after all, and the last mission had seen the loss of nearly the entire Security department. He offered her an encouraging smile.::

::The two Security officers marched Dr. Satscher to her quarters, and then the Doctor dismissed them with a nod. The Chief of Security turned to Z'Leah.::

Storos: You understand your orders, Crewman?

Z'Leah: Of Course Sir...

Storos: No one is to come in or out without the Captain or my knowing it and approving it.

Z'Leah: Understood...

Storos: We have no reason to consider the Doctor dangerous. You will extend to her every courtesy possible. But she is not to leave these quarters or receive visitors.

::Z'Leah frowned and felt herself getting a little irritated.::

Z'Leah: Yes Sir, I understand...

Storos: Report in every two hours. I will send you relief at the end of the current shift.