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SIM:Lt Rogg: Putting down roots

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238810.26
The last portion of this SIM which tells of Sister Cruella is incomplete. As it pertains to Sister Cruella and not Inarr Rogg, Cruella's story will be told in a separate SIM entry.

:: Inarr Rogg adopts the latest PADD technology. An old piece of equipment finds a new use. Rogg meets with some of the Science team and gets to thank one of his rescuers. The lights dim briefly. Sister Cruella gets a job. ::

(( USS Discovery-C, Corridor ))

:: Rogg studied his PADD. Not the information on it, but the device itself. Its power source was improved. The immediate downside the Dachlyd Engineer noted was that the display device was shaped differently. New ship, new equipment - it made sense. Rogg's old PADD had fit perfectly into a niche of his prosthetic ambulatory enhancement suit. The new PADD would not. Of course the old 'suit was gone, in more pieces than Discovery-B. Plans for replicating the old prosthesis were stored, but it was a relic. More easily replaced than an old Ronin class, but considerably less useful. ::

:: Chief Engineering officer Eskyys and Rogg were working on plans for an improved prosthesis. The plans were now, unfortunately, on hold. For the time being, Rogg made do and adjusted to the newly minted Sovereign class ship. There ought to be plenty of time for Rogg to finish the schematic now that Eskyys had resumed his place as CEO. ::

:: In Rogg's other claws was an abused PADD which had seen more action than the Dachlyd's phaser. On the scratched, small screen of the PADD was displayed "Transfer completed." All the data were on the new device, and the old one was more of a relic than Rogg's former prosthesis. The PADD had traveled with Rogg most everywhere. It was overdue for retirement. ::

:: The assistant chief Engineer had an idea. ::

ROGG: Computer, identify.

COMPUTER: Lieutenant Inarr Rogg, serial number SE21448G. Assistant chief Engineer of the the USS Discovery-C.

:: Rogg winced over the ship computer butchering his first name. The inflections and enunciation were even sharper than they had been aboard the -B. Of course, these software improvements served to make the voice sound more than ever as though it was deliberately mispronouncing "Inarr". Some people would have been comforted by the consistency, but it never failed to irk Rogg. ::

ROGG: Good enough. Initiate diagnostic test of waste port.

COMPUTER: Please specify.

:: The Engineer looked about, strode over to a Replicator. ::

ROGG: This one.

:: With no further preamble, Rogg produced his Dachlyd multi-tool. The casing of the PADD was pried open by a thin shim. Working from the exposed weakness Rogg used the largest of a series of hook-like extensions to reduce the technological marvel to its components. The plastic casing was wadded up and went first, followed by the screen folded in half, the actual data components must have been tiny and gone with the casing. Finally Rogg fed the power cell into the Replicator's waste port. ::

:: The Computer made no complaints. ::

ROGG: State test data.

COMPUTER: Analysis of intake by mass: polycarbonate compounds one hundred thirty grams, silicates twenty two grams, lithium crystaline matrix three hundred and four grams. Matter retention one hundred point zero zero percent.

ROGG: Good enough. Test concluded.

:: Rogg skipped merrily off, pleased by having rendered his old PADD a proper, useful send off. Plus, there were no techniques known to the Engineer which would have a chance of recreating the PADD or its data traces. ::

(( Later ))

(( Deck 7 ))

:: Rogg's personal effects were all stowed securely. As for the Engineering tchotchkes and other equipment, alpha shift had transported the bulk of them off the old ship at the CEO's request. There were likely a few bulkier items still finding new homes, but that was not of Rogg's purview. Rogg and Raj's eggs had been re-installed in an incubation unit in Raj's quarters. However, Rogg had a few other items which needed careful attention. ::

:: Rogg entered the Main Science Lab. ::

:: Rogg was immediately impressed. In truth, the Ronin class had possessed ample equipment and laboratory space. Nonetheless, the Sovereign had it beaten. A tingly feeling crept under the Dachlyd's scales. ::

oO I feel like a student again, the excitement of exploring the order of the universe both filling and embracing me. Oo

:: Rogg's elated reverie ceased when a pleasant, human shape in a pleasant, green shade asked to help him. The Orion appeared to belong to the Science Department. ::

VEDRA: Hello, Lt Rogg. May I help you, Sir?

ROGG: I certainly hope you will. Could you direct me to Valdivia's office?

VEDRA: Sure. Boss' office is right that way. ::He pointed yonder.:: Great view of the aquarium from there.

ROGG: Thank you, Ensign.

VEDRA: No problemo.

:: Rogg had almost moved, when he decided a few moments longer would not hurt. ::

ROGG: Pardon me, but I do not believe we have met. Hello, I am lieutenant Rogg.

VEDRA: I know who you are, Sir. You are like.. a hero! Oh, excuse me. I'm Ensign Raine Vedra, intrepid science officer.

ROGG: Pleased to make your acquaintance, Raine Vedra. I hope you will join us for the Halloween party. If you will excuse me, I am pressed for time.

VEDRA: Wouldn't miss it for anything, Sir. Okay, ::stepping aside:: I shan't be in your way, Sir.

:: Rogg was soon speaking to the Discovery's chief Science officer. ::

ROGG: I have to thank you! Thank you so much, Commander. Every time you see this face or even the tip end of my tail, know that my presence is an appreciation of your effort.

VALDIVIA: Wow, wow, slow down. I suppose that you are talking about Eric and I getting you from the adrift nacelle.

ROGG: Quite good luck for me that you two came to my rescue.

VALDIVIA: Quite good luck for you that Delwyn used his telepathy to find you there. After that, rescuing you was our duty as part of this crew and family.

:: Rogg was uncertain whether Valdivia was aware of Rogg's forced boldness. From reputation Rogg knew that the CSO was less of a xenobiology fan and more devoted to the pure, hard sciences. Although the Terran might have been ignorant of Dachlyd culture and traits, Rogg did feel a kind of kinship with the man. Valdivia seemed considerably less loquacious than Nickels. Socializing was always a bit tricky, particularly when someone barged into your work space unannounced. ::

ROGG: Well, with that said and acknowledged, I admit I have a department-relevant reason for coming. I have a series of experiments I was performing on the old ship. No irreplaceable equipment is required, but I should like use of one of your isolated laboratories. As well as storage space for the specimens we collected from Long Night. Just a request, sir.

VALDIVIA: ::surprised.:: Oh. That's good, it's always good to have people interested in science in the other departments. Don't worry about the equipment, the lab is far from full, considering the upgrade we just got from the -B, so we'll find a place for your experiments.

(( Later ))

:: Inarr Rogg appreciated commander Valdivia's candor. He headed back towards his new quarters, lost in worlds of science and engineering vying for his attention. For no discernible reason, the lights seemed to flicker and dim in the corridor. Suddenly, the Engineer won out. ::

ROGG: oO That should not be. Not on a new ship - not on any ship. Lights are only slightly less important than artificial gravity... Oo

:: Rogg was busy waving his Tricorder at the lights. He never noticed anything else until a minute later, when the lighting returned to normal without explanation. ::

:: Sister Cruella, expatriate from Long Night and refugee from the violent vampire Reman varlets last led by the late Cenarius, crept through the corridor. She was re-learning how to move through a Starship without attracting attention. This still involved the dimming of dangerously day-like light fixtures to less injurious wattage. ::

:: The new Cruella was less about espionage and subversion than simply trying to fit in with everyone else. The concealing veil, robes, and shroud could not be helped; it was doubtful that anyone aboard the USS Discovery could function so well as the Sister in the dark. Even less common were people on board whose skin began burning while exposed to light. Further, finding a way through the ship without resorting to telepathic intrusion required a level of darkness where the Reman woman could actually see. Trying to fit in was difficult when one was reduced to a darksome shade lurking in artificial shadows in a ship of artificial light, but Cruella believed she was doing tolerably. Every trip from her sepulchre she felt her skills improving. ::

:: Usually Cruella avoided people. Especially those able to read minds. And most especially that child whom had skittered off like a roach dropped on a hot rock once she laid eyes on Cruella amongst the wedding guests. That experience did not bear a second encounter. So Cruella felt fortune favored her when the lizard person saved her any trouble by determinedly looking away as she neared and passed by. ::

CRUELLA: oO Now if only finding an officer capable of assisting me proves as trivial a task I shall be pleased. Oo

:: The door with the guard stationed outside was the Security Office. Naturally. ::

:: Cruella was not surprised to have a phaser drawn at her. The whole of her people including herself tended to elicit such hostility on sight. As unpleasant a gesture as the raised weapon was, it was quickly lowered in neutral recognition. Perhaps someday a friendly set of eyes would see her and there would be no anticipation of threat? ::

:: In short order, Cruella was escorted into the recesses of Security. ::

:: After the brief wait reserved for highest diplomatic priority as well as those undesirables that Security officers wanted to go away immediately, Cruella received assistance. ::

CRUELLA: Greetings, sir. I humbly request a security clearance. Such is required by my position.

SECURITY (any): (response)

CRUELLA: I do commend your brave soldiers for providing me meals and protection as I require. My stay aboard your vessel thus far proves ..agreeable. However, obtaining my own sustenance is preferable. Of course, I welcome any security detail that you wish to maintain.

SECURITY (any): (response)

CRUELLA: More than Replicator access, sir. I wish to work here, truly. As I understand the situation, Paylar Jones has opted to stay aboard Deep Space two eight five.

SECURITY (any): (response)

CRUELLA: Well, simply stated I wish to tend the Eagle's Roost. I am familiar with many customs regarding libations as well as casual, social drinking. I can serve your crew in a useful capacity, no?

:: The Reman woman eagerly anticipated working in the USS Discovery's premier lounge and casual, non-holographic recreation facility. She was a social creature; relating with others brought her joy as well as kept her out of trouble. The change from near-isolation to facilitator of mingling was a welcome one. She would have a purpose. Even if a simple one, occupation was in innumerable ways its own reward. Also, as a bonus, the likelihood of any unsupervised children encountering Cruella in the Eagle's Roost was nil. ::

Lieutenant Inarr "Steve" Rogg d'Squamos
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Discovery-C


Sister Cruella
Unemployed civilian