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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238612.09

((Sickbay, USS Tiger))

::Sasak walked into sickbay to begin his shift for the day, not expecting any patients, as most of the crew was taking advantage of shore leave on the station. But there was certain Benzite patient waiting to be treated -- Sasak’s roommate.::

Candar: ::smiling:: Oh. Hey, Sasak.

::Sasak rose an eyebrow.::

Sasak: Greetings. ::beat:: What is the matter?

::Sasak picked up a tricorder from a nearby tray.::

Candar: I was repairing a plasma conduit and my hand got burned. ::Candar held up his right hand.::

::Sasak replied without looking up from his tricorder’s readout.::

Sasak: Indeed.

Candar: Is it serious?

Sasak: ::looking up now:: It is treatable. ::beat:: You will be able to return to duty momentarily.

Candar: Oh! Good. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to finish my shift.

::Sasak walked over to the tray, put down the tricorder, and picked up a dermal regenerator. He walked the few steps back to Candar.::

Sasak: Please hold your hand as still as you can.

Candar: Of course.

::Candar help up his had for Sasak.::

::Sasak activated the device and began moving gently it back and forth. Candar had to move the position of his hand two or three times so that Sasak could reach the entire burned area with the dermal regenerator, but not a minute after the process began, the burn was completely gone. Sasak turned off the dermal regenerator.::

::Candar made a fist and released it, a number of times. He smiled broadly, his brown eyes sparkling.::

Candar: Thanks! It feels a lot better now.

Sasak: It is only my duty; you may now leave.

::Candar got off the biobed.::

Candar: See you later, Sasak.

Sasak: Indeed.

::Ensign Candar exited sickbay and Lt JG Sasak began his daily duties.::

Lieutenant JG Sasak


USS Tiger

Ensign Candar (PNPC)

Engineering Officer

USS Tiger