SIM:Lt JG Sasak - Settling In (Part 1)

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238612.27

((Candar and Sasak’s Quarters, USS Tiger))

::Sasak had already packed up all of his things and only had to go back to his quarters to pick up his bag before he disembarked. When he entered the room, Candar was finishing his packing -- he had more belongings on the Tiger than did Sasak.::

Candar: So, did you get the type of quarters you wanted?

Sasak: Indeed, I did.

Candar: That’s great! ::Beat.:: I got my third choice. ::Break.:: Where are your new quarters?

::Sasak had, of course, already memorized their location.::

Sasak: Starship-style quarters room 19407, Section 47-Alpha, Deck 1041.

Candar: I got Starflee t-style qaurters too; however, I’m down in the lower habitat section.

Sasak: That is logical, as you are an engineer.

Candar: True.

::There was a pause and Sasak picked up his messenger-style bag and put it over his shoulder.::

Sasak: I am going to depart now. ::Sasak formed the Vulcan salute with his right hand.:: Live long and prosper, Candar.

::Candar was somewhat surprised, but smiled.::

Candar: Thanks, you too!

::Sasak promptly turned and left their quarters.::

((Mini-Timewarp) ) ((Sasak’s Quarters, Deck 1041, Starbase 118))

::As he was no longer sharing quarters with anyone, the first thing Sasak did upon entering his new quarters was to order the computer to adjust all the environmental factors -- among them being temperature, air composition, and gravity -- to Vulcan standards.::

::It had not taken long for Sasak to arrange his few possessions -- a meditation lamp, a red Vulcan banner, a few ancient texts, several PADDs, a few outfits -- in his new quarters, as they were quite large (about as big as what a captain could expect to have on a starship). The quarters were already outfitted with a personal monitor, furniture, and plants. Also, being the new assistant chief medical officer, Sasak had managed to get a room with windows. (Although, he had had to sacrifice proximity to the main medical facilities in order to obtain it.)::

::Sasak was now on leave, and had not yet been notified when to report to his post, but he had decided to go to the main sickbay onboard the base anyway, in order to familiarize himself with it.::

((Mini-Timewarp) ) ((Main Sickbay, Starbase 118))

::Ensign Taneko was at the main display when he heard the doors to the sickbay swish open behind him. He turned around in time to see a Vulcan male in a Starfleet uniform walk in.::

Taneko: How may I help you?

Sasak: I am Lt JG Sasak, the new assistant chief medical officer aboard this base. ::Beat.:: You are Ensign Taneko, a nurse, are you not?

::Sasak had memorized the medical staff while en route to the base.::

::Taneko was a little surprised that the man knew his name, but what else could he expect from a Vulcan, right? (And from the sound of things, there were a lot more Vulcans transferring into the department as well.) However, none of this showed on his calm, serious face.::

Taneko: I am. ::The thinner-than- average-Bolian was not quite sure what to say next.:: Do you need help with anything, Sir?

Sasak: No, I do not. ::Beat.:: I simply wanted to familiarize myself with my new place of work.

::Sasak looked and walked around the large and advanced medical facility. It was more than agreeable.::

Lt JG Sasak


SB118/USS Tiger

Ensign Candar (PNPC)

Engineering Officer

SB118/USS Tiger

Ensign Taneko (PNPC)


Starbase 118