SIM:Lt JG Sasak - Physical Evaluations

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238703.23

((Sickbay, Deck 501, Starbase 118))

::While Sasak, as assistant chief medical officer, was on leave, he took the liberty to more fully attend to his duties as chief of the surgery department on the starbase. He had performed two surgeries previously that day and had one more scheduled before he went off duty.::

::The medical practitioner led Lt JG Townson and Ensign McNair through the corridors to Sasak’s office.::

::The three walked into the first compartment of the office, which contained the desk of Sasak’s yeoman.::

::Taneko stood and smiled at the two new officers.::

Taneko: Hello, I’m Nurse Taneko. Welcome to Starbase 118.

::Taneko reached out and shook their hands Terran-style. ::

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

Taneko: Please wait here while I get Dr Sasak.

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

::Taneko walked over to the door to the left of his desk and took a few steps into Sasak’s office.::

Taneko: Sir, Lt JG Townson and Ensign McNair are here.

::Sasak picked up a large PADD and exited his office with Taneko.::

Sasak: Greetings. ::beat:: Please follow me.

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

::Sasak led the two officers down the corridor to a turbolift and then to Deck 500. There he located a battery of standard biobeds.::

Sasak: Please take a seat on these biobeds. ::He indicated them with his free hand.:: Your physical evaluations will take less than ten seconds.

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

::Sasak walked between the two biobeds while Townson and McNair sat up on them. He tapped in a few commands into the displays above both biobeds and the scans began.::

Sasak: ::while perusing the officers’ medical files on this PADD:: Do you have any medical conditions or are you undergoing any treatments of which I should be particularly aware?

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

::The biobeds beeped, signaling that the scans were finished, the results downloading onto Sasak’s PADD.::

Sasak: Your physical health is within acceptable parameters and you are cleared for active duty; I will record as much in your medical files. ::beat:: You may now depart sickbay.

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

Sasak: There is no need for expressions of gra--

::Sasak was cut off by Thelev’s announcement. ::

Thelev: =/\= This is Commander Thelev to all senior staff. There will be a meeting in Conference Room 1 in one hour. =/\=

Sasak: Excuse me, I must return to my office in order to prepare for the briefing.

Townson/McNair: RESPONSES

::Sasak began to walk down the corridor to the turbolift when he was approached by a young male.::

Lyes: Hello...

::The officer’s voice was shaky and quiet. Sasak rose an eyebrow.::

Sasak: Greetings. I am Lt JG Sasak.

Lyes: Oh sorry, I'm Ensign Lyes, I just arrived for my placement here on this ship and had direct orders to report to you sir.

::The ensign looked around. He appeared to be emotionally disturbed.::

Sasak: Indeed. I was informed of your assignment to this base; however, I did not expect you to arrive so promptly. ::beat:: If you will follow me, I will perform your mandatory physical evaluation now, before the senior staff meeting.


::Sasak accessed Ensign Alan Lyes’s medical file on his PADD, as they walked back to the biobeds.::

Sasak: Do you have any medical conditions, or treatments that you are currently undergoing, of which I should be particularly aware?


Sasak: Do you have questions, of any nature, that I may be able to answer?


Lt JG Sasak


Starbase 118