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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238702.16

((Sickbay, USS Tiger))

Moon: Dr Sasak?

Sasak: Yes?

Moon: Sir, I've been assigned here for part of my practical training. Will you be my mentor? I'm sorry but they weren't very clear when they assigned me here, seemed in a bit of a rush.

Sasak: Indeed; that would be acceptable. ::beat:: Do you know your duties?

Moon: Yes Sir. Er, do you want me to run everything by you first or just get on with it? Sasak: If you are unsure of something, it would be acceptable for you to…“run it by” me or another member of the staff; however, if it is within standard operating procedures you may “get on with it.”

::Cadet Moon nodded and bit her lip.::

Moon: It's just... I get a little nervous sometimes, Doctor. I like to know when I'm doing something right.

::Sasak tried to be “encouraging.”::

Sasak: Do not let your emotions make you forget your training. ::beat:: You are still a cadet, so do not worry if you have not yet mastered basic skills. Everything will be…::Sasak paused, trying to think of the appropriate word to utilize in this situation.:: okay.

Moon: Yes, Doctor.

::Just then Sasak’s combadge chirped.::

Thelev: =/\= Commander Thelev to senior staff. Please secure your departments and be ready for a meeting in stellar cartography in twenty minutes. =/\=

::Sasak caught Ensign Rox’s eye and gave him a meaningful look.::

::Nilan immediately excused himself from the conversation he was having with a nurse and walked over to Lt Sasak.::

Sasak: Ensign Rox will be in charge while I am attending the meeting.

Moon: RESPONSE? ((OOC: if any))

::Nilan had heard the Vulcan’s orders while en route.:::

Rox: Understood, Sir.

((Timewarp, Stellar Cartography) )

::Sasak arrived at the meeting precisely on time.::

Thelev: ::indicating the display:: The Neutral Zone. We have a delicate situation ahead of us, convincing the Romulans that events at the starbase are none of their concern. I'm not expecting them to be easily persuaded. Any suggestions on how to conduct the talks?

::Avandar glanced down at his PADD and then spoke.::

Avandar: Intelligence suggests we may encounter Commander ST'rell Aben t'dor. According to recent reports, this particular Romulan has been known to react particularly emotional in his command. So much that he was recently reprimanded by his superiors for such and given a lesser command. This should cause him more hesitation in dealing with us than otherwise, and present a potentially physically weaker opponent. Like many Romulans, their weakness is their demand to completely know everything about a situation before entering. They desire more than anything to learn everything and simultaneously be completely unknown. ::Avandar took a breath and then proceeded with his theory.:: Therefore, the best approach I believe is to convince him we know everything about him, and that he knows nothing about us. Regardless of how trivial, the more information we keep from him about us, and we share of him should have a great impact on him. For example, if we can tell him the exact armament of his craft and shielding strength, we strip him of a great deal of his security. This will increase his feelings of vulnerability making him hesitant to act, as Romulans rarely if ever commit to an action without first, thorough reconnaissance of the situation. ::Avandar paused to emphasize his next point.:: With his recent disgrace, his natural species-tendencies of know before you act, should be even further heightened. He is likely to probe aggressively, but until he is sure, will not fully commit, so changing the rules on him should keep him off-balance.

::Sasak could not help but acknowledge the half-Vulcan’s logical delivery.::

::Thelev nodded thoughtfully.::

Thelev: A very in-depth brief, Counsellor, well done. I think we should adjust our deflector to block the Romulans’ scans. Or even to emit false readings. Anything that will keep him guessing will give Captain Riley more time to find out what's going on.

Clack: We can do that for so long before they suspect something. Captain Riley had better work fast.

::LtCmdr Thelev highlighted a system on the map, just within the Federation side of the Neutral Zone.::

Thelev: Assuming the Romulans take the most direct route they'll enter Federation space here, in the Alpha Onias system. The region has a history of subspace anomalies. Commander Clack, is there any way we can use the anomalies to our advantage?

Clack: The presence of Starbase 23 nearby will greatly diminish our ability to hide successfully. They know we are out there and lack of info from sensors will not impede them. ::looking at Avandar:: If your assessment of Commander ST'rell Aben t'dor is correct, he will be very aggressive in his approach. The presence of anomalies will not give us much support. However, if you are looking for anomalies for help the Ulson Nebula is not too far off.

Thelev: At present speed we'll arrive there shortly before the Romulans. Make any modifications to the sensors that you need to.

Clack: I have one of the best in PO Che'tara onboard. Everything will be ready.

Thelev: Mr Gee, I don't want to end up in a fight, especially given the Federation/Romulan relationship at present. But if it becomes necessary, is there any tactical weakness we can exploit in the Warbird design?


Thelev: Dr Sasak, anything you can tell us the Romulans’ physiology?

Sasak: Romulan physiology is nearly identical to Vulcan physiology; however, the main differences are: inferior mental abilities and consequent neurological differences, lesser muscular strength and endurance, a less efficient respiratory system, and a lack of inner eyelids.

Thelev: And Counselor, how do you think the Romulans are going to react if we tell them to turn back?

Avandar: I believe ordering the Romulans to turn back will cause them to believe all the more that the information they are being kept from is of all the more valuable to them and will give the Romulan captain further belief that if he can ascertain the full depth of this guarded Federation secret, that he may increase his status with his superiors. Making him risk more to achieve more.

Thelev: Alright then, it sounds like our best tactic is going to be a bluff. Keep this Romulan Commander on the back foot to buy time. ::he smiled:: I'm open to unconventional suggestions.

Clack: Romulans respond much like Klingons, they are fuel by emotional fire. You can't expect to speak to them on a logical level and not get burned. A bluff will only last so far.

Sasak: I concur.


((Timewarp, Sickbay))

::Thirty minutes after the briefing ended, the Tiger dropped out of warp in the Alpha Onias System.::

::Sasak exited his office and addressed the medical staff.::

Sasak: We have arrived at the Alpha Onias System. I request that you continue to perform your duties at your peak efficiency; however, if that is not possible, I ask that you inform me now. ::Sasak paused for a moment, and then continued with his instructions when no one spoke.:: The command staff does not expect the Tiger to be involved in a conflict today; however, I expect that you will be prepared to skillfully deal with that eventuality. ::beat:: Are there any questions?

::Nilan had none.::

Moon/Anyone: RESPONSES

Lt JG Sasak


Starbase 118