SIM:LtJG Ayelet Kadosh: The Many Causes of Tears

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Ayelet Kadosh SIMs

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238803.07.

((Ayelet Kadosh's Quarters, USS Independence-A))

::Ayelet rubbed the tears out of her eyes again and blew her nose once more over her bathroom sink. How embarrassing! Having lived through encounters with the Vaadwaur, filthy pirates, and blood-thirsty ogres, the nurse prided herself on her composure. Sneezing like a child seemed hardly dignified! She'd have to find an appropriate medication to deal with her...reaction to the friendly man she had met earlier in sickbay.

Ayelet tilted her head back up to see herself in the mirror. The redness was beginning to subside. She gave a "test" smile to see how she looked before quickly frowning.::

Kadosh: oO You look like such a dreadful mess... Oo

::A voice over the comline chimed in.::

Bakari: =/\= Deep Space 17 to Lieutenant Kadosh. =/\=

Kadosh: =/\= ...yes, this is Lieutenant Kadosh, go ahead. =/\=

Bakari: =/\= Are the pencil-necks on that ship not letting you enjoy your leave yet? =/\=

::Ayelet rolled her eyes, and a new smile reformed, this one genuine.::

Kadosh: =/\= Msafiri, I thought I told you to try to be nicer. =/\=

Bakari: =/\= I am being nice! You should have been here when the last ship docked to help keep me cool. I swear...just another boat full of paper pushers who think it's fun to play dress up and hold rifles long after the true warriors have finished the job and died. =/\=

Kadosh: =/\= Ahem...anyway, yes I am on leave now. =/\=

Bakari: =/\= Then why aren't you here? =/\=

::Despite the fact that he couldn't see her, Ayelet still shook her head.::

Kadosh: =/\= God, you're impatient. =/\=

Bakari: =/\= They say patience is a virtue, and I harbor few of those these days. =/\=

Kadosh: =/\= Msafiri, I never knew you were so poetic. =/\=

::There was a pause.::

Kadosh: oO Wait for it... Oo

Bakari: =/\= ...are you coming out of that tin can or not? =/\=

Kadosh: =/\= Yes, *Lieutenant.* I'll see you at the docking port. =/\=

Bakari: =/\= Already there. =/\=

Kadosh: =/\= ...of course. Kadosh out. =/\=

::Ayelet focused her attention back to the mirror. Though she was wearing a fresh uniform, she hadn't really been in off-duty wear since...well, since she had been captured by the pirates, but she didn't want to make Msafiri wait any further. The man would probably suffer an aneurysm.::

((Docking Port, Deep Space 17))

::Ayelet didn't even have to step out of the docking umbilical before she saw Msafiri standing in the opening. The man had quite the imposing figure as he stood there with his arms crossed. The nurse walked up to him.::

Kadosh: What? No welcoming committee?

Bakari: That's only for VIPs. You know? People that matter.

Kadosh: You're such a bastard.

Bakari: Welcome home.

::And with that, survivor, tag ID 24, and survivor, tag ID 25, of the Vaadwaur occupation reunited in a hug.::

((later, in Msafiri Bakari's Quarters, Deck 37, Deep Space 17))

::After DS17 had been recaptured by Starfleet through Operation Bright Star, then-Lieutenant JG Msafiri Bakari was recognized for his actions in leading a small insurgency against the Vaadwaur during the occupation. He was subsequently promoted to full lieutenant and was offered the chance to become part of the station's command staff as DS17's second officer but declined, choosing to remain among his Starfleet security brethren.

In truth, he would have resigned his commission rather than ever wear the red tunic of those he felt had betrayed the crew left on the station to their fates. And it didn't matter how many "regretful" explanations were given in the following months after Operation Bright Star: Bakari had never forgiven those in command for not taking more caution in avoiding the slaughter of dozens of brain-washed Starfleet officers used by the Vaadwaur to fight the Federation forces during the station's liberation. No, the only red on his collar would be that of his own blood given to protect those who had no one else to care for them.

As part of that loyalty, he had decided to keep his former junior officer's quarters as well. The accommodations were modest and rarely saw guests, but today, it was the site for evening tea.::

Kadosh: It actually feels good to be back here. ::beat:: In this room.

Bakari: When the Independence went silent with local communications, I wanted to take a runabout to investigate.

::He rolled his eyes.::

Bakari: Unfortunately, command felt otherwise. They have very short memories of whom they owe debt.

::The nurse gave a dismissive shrug.::

Kadosh: It would have been pointless anyway. I was probably on another ship by then. Or maybe even a second. I don't even know for sure how many times I changed hands.

Bakari: To think a pathetic bunch of low-bit thugs like the FTU could even challenge a Starfleet ship-of-the-line, even if it's the Independence... ::shakes his head:: This definitely isn't my father's Starfleet.

::Msafiri's disdain when he mentioned the Independence made Ayelet change the subject a bit.::

Kadosh: You really shouldn't be so hard on the Independence. They're good people.

Bakari: Oh, I have no doubt. And I remember their marine captain seemed honorable enough.

Kadosh: Well, good. Because... well... you might be running into a situation where tempers could flare, and I don't want that.

::Msafiri put down his cup on the table, and his expression became almost as emotionless as a Vulcan.::

Bakari: ...what are they planning?

Kadosh: Um... well... apparently, there are suspicious of sabotage during their last visit's repairs.

::The station security chief exhaled loudly.::

Bakari: This issue again?! Just because they cannot fly ONE kilometer out of spacedock without their precious rust bucket falling apart does NOT mean our repair team is any less professional than any other Starfleet facility!

Kadosh: That's not what they're saying-

Bakari: Ayelet, you're not one of them! You actually know our engineers! Sanchez, T'Yor, Ri... you think they'd do something stupid like that? Hell, I might have my issues, but even I'm not going to do something that would possibly hurt or kill other Starfleet officers!

::Ayelet stood up and put her hands up to stop the security chief from talking.::

Kadosh: Msafiri, listen for a minute! I don't think it's anybody we know! You're right, Juanita, Ri...none of us would do something like that. And I know they would do their best to make sure no one on their team compromised security. And I know YOU would do your best to ensure security.

::She sighed.::

Kadosh: But the Independence engineers say they have evidence...

((Flashback: Holodeck 1))

::After the Independence's assistant chief engineer LtJG Walker made a terrifying entrance that hit a little too close to home for Ayelet, the nurse watched as the pink-haired woman revealed why she had called the junior officers to the holodeck.::

Walker: When the repairs were made, they were faked. Internal sensors showed all boards as green, but in nearly every case there were weak patches or even ground outs that made things fail as soon as we used them. We fixed some of the worst elements, but have no idea how many surprises remain. So here is what I'm asking of you. I need some technically minded people to be going back over repairs that have been done and checking them out. I need some people to be watching the repair crews and giving us some idea of who might be responsible, and I need some people to be pulling that information together so we can find out what happened and why. Any questions?

::There was a brief discussion. Finally, people began chiming in their agreement to the plan.::

Page: Wilco Sir.

Mevra: Count me in, Lieutenant.

sh'Shar: I'll do whatever you need me to do. You can rely on me.

::Ayelet remained silent.::

((End flashback))

Bakari: Just great! The fleet that spies on each other flies together, right? Or is that lies and dies together?

Kadosh: Stop it! Just stop it!

::There was an uneasy silence. Finally, Ayelet spoke again, this time softly.::

Kadosh: Look, it has been a long day...a long week...

::She cleared her throat.::

Kadosh: ...a very long year. Let's call it a night.

Bakari: Indeed. ::stands up:: Well, thank you for informing me. I'll make sure we have security teams sent with the repair crews if the engineers are so worried.

::Ayelet crossed her arms. She knew Msafiri better than that.::

Kadosh: Are they going to be looking out for potential saboteurs or for Walker's volunteers?

Bakari: They'll be looking out for trouble. Because they're professionals. That's what they do. That's what *we* do! I'm sorry breathing the recycled air on that ship has made you think so lowly of your former family.

::Ayelet's eyes became watery again, but this time it wasn't allergies.::

Kadosh: Damn you, Msafiri... if it had been anyone else...

::Quickly, she stormed out of his quarters. The sound of the doors closing seemed to make the security chief realize he had gone too far. He looked down and sighed before he ran out after her.::

Bakari: Ayelet, wait! Ayelet!

::It was too late. All Msafiri saw was yet another corridor of the station that had seen too much heartbreak.::


Lieutenant JG Ayelet Kadosh

USS Independence-A