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The events in this SIM occurred before and on stardate 239006.26 This transcription encompasses three separate posts, "Counselor, guerrilla", "Overheard and ignored, down in the deck once more", and "Never look run".

((OOC: Alright, had to scrap my original writing but I managed to salvage a bit of it. Let's rock and roll!))


(( USS Discovery, Counselor's Office ))

:: A few soothing-hued plants decorated the room, hanging from what appeared to be a reptile's take on macrame. The Computer dutifully produced distant ocean wave noises. Apart from the aforementioned plants and cushions everywhere, Rogg had not had a chance to properly outfit the place to induce as much therapy as possible. For the moment it had to do. ::

ROGG: ::non-judging:: And how did that make you feel, Kristina?

BLANKENSHIP: I- I don't know. Angry? I guess angry. ::She searched for more descriptive words.:: I joined Starfleet to do my best for the civilization. All of civilization, not you know, life as I knew it. And now we're going out of our way for some ..some...

ROGG: ::suggestive:: Spiritual idolators?

BLANKENSHIP: Not what I would have said, Steve.

ROGG: What would you have said? You can trust me.

BLANKENSHIP: Whacko cultists.

oO Yeesh. Oo

:: Crewman first class Kristina Blankenship looked sheepish for a moment. She took her military bearing seriously. Admitting her private beliefs and feelings to a large lizard whom seemed to be relaxing more than she was, well, it was taking some effort. From the impassive face with its inexpressive scales, she could not tell anything the Dachlyd might be thinking. So she decided to trust "Steve" Rogg because it is what Starfleet would have expected of her. ::

BLANKENSHIP: I'm sorry, it's just- I don't usually-

ROGG: This is no place for inhibition. Release your feelings and they will lose their control over your mind.

:: The Dachlyd gazed at her with curiosity and what might have been the hint of a smile. ::

BLANKENSHIP: I know everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Like how Berus was always wearing his silly, dangling earring. Or that weird woman in The Eagle's Roost ..I don't know what she believes but darkness seems to be a big factor in it. Creepy.

ROGG: Cruella has a physiological aversion to light.

BLANKENSHIP: Oh! I didn't know she just seemed to, she's always ::The Dachlyd Counselor waved her off the matter.:: Right. So I haven't had a problem working around or even with people and their archaic ideas before now.

ROGG: ::prompting:: Now?

BLANKENSHIP: Now there are these cultists and because of their beliefs with no basis in this world we have to divert to the Aurix system. It's a waste of Federation resources. Or.. that's how I feel, sir.

ROGG: Kristina, Kristina. May I call you Krissy? Krissy, sometimes the Federation will expect us to investigate strange phenomena in uncharted space. Sometimes we may have to safeguard tense diplomatic relations with our stellar neighbors.

BLANKENSHIP: Like when we rescued those Romulan refugees? ::quietly:: I prefer Kristina, actually. Steve.

ROGG: Right and sssometimess we have to face our fears and are called upon to battle the Borg collective. We have the unknown, and the known though distasteful, and the feared. And which group are you placing these pitiful devotees into?

BLANKENSHIP: ::She sighed, knowing in advance where this was going.:: I'm afraid of them.

ROGG: Excellent. And they are no parallel to the Borg, Krisstina. What are they actually?

BLANKENSHIP: They're unknown. I'm just over-reacting to them because I know so little about them and their anachronistic behavior.

ROGG: I think you have made real progress today. ::The Dachlyd got up, moving about to stretch gangly limbs.:: I would not recommend confronting them right away, but perhaps learn more about them from reports or the other crew.

BLANKENSHIP: Praise Arthfael?

ROGG: ::conceding:: Praising Arth-fae-l might not be the.. What?

:: The woman looked a bit confused. As Rogg watched her expression did not immediately change, although her lips seemed to know what they were doing. ::

BLANKENSHIP: Praise Arthfael.

oO Epiphany? Oo

ROGG: That iss a bit of a leap. These "whacko cultissts" might not appreciate an inssincere-

BLANKENSHIP: ::She cut Rogg off.:: Praise Arthfael! Surrender to him!

ROGG: ::aback:: Uh.

oO Oh bother. Oo

:: The crewman advanced. Rogg backed up, hitting a hanging plant and then tripping over a mound of pastel-colored cushions with tassels. Soon the Dachlyd was against the wall. ::

oO I do not want to call Security my first day of duty. Oo

BLANKENSHIP: ::She was incensed, her passion now evident across all of her features. A fine sweat had broken out on her forehead as she pressed Rogg.:: I am Yours, Lord Arthfael! Your vengeance on the Infidels! ::Her intense eyes met Rogg's placid, reptiloid stare. Her uneven breath was warm between the scales of Rogg's face.::

oO She means to harm me. Oo

ROGG: Session over.

:: With a single motion the Dachlyd pushed from the wall and turned. Bodily shoving Blankenship off balance, on turning Rogg's tail finished the job and tripped her. With no cry of alarm nor dismay, she plunged backwards into a mess of plush cushions. ::

oO Like a fallen doll ..or killbot. Oo

:: Rogg lunged for the desk. A single peek over the top assured danger: Kristina Blankenship was awkwardly clambering out from all the pillows. A slight dazed expression was immediately replaced as something once more came over her. She, or perhaps something possessing her? began looking around with determination. ::

:: The Dachlyd hurriedly rummaged around in the desk. A biometric lock opened, revealed something precious. It was a keepsake from a departed friend, although not so valuable as to be locked up. It was locked up as a sensible precaution. Rogg was cautious in every capacity. ::

:: The type-2 phaser pistol looked comically small in Dachlyd claws. By its vintage design, though, it was significantly larger than the modern type-2s. With experience and drilling flooding back by ingrained patterns Rogg checked the charge, then set it to "stun". There was a bit of calligraphic scroll engraving along the body of the weapon. ::

:: Rogg risked a glance over the desk again. The crewman was no longer looking around. ::

BLANKENSHIP: You are not of the flock.

:: The frightened Dachlyd nearly jumped a kilometer, settling for a meter instead. From the top of the desk Rogg fired at her. The beam hit Blankenship full on, rendering her unconscious. ::

ROGG: Flanked! argh, I am bad at thiss. ::tapping commbadge:: Security.

:: There was no response from Security. At least, no audible response. Being attacked was enough to fire Rogg up. The eerie lack of a response set the Dachlyd's crest on edge, though. Something was amiss and it could only be serious. ::

:: Muttering a string of Dachlydish curses Rogg locked down the office. The intrepid Counselor produced a Dachlyd multi-tool and in seconds was within the guts of Discovery. Artful claws set the commbadge to the utilitarian "compromised" setting, where it would not immediately reveal Rogg's position in the ship but still allowed communication. These same, strong claws propelled the reptiloid through the labyrinthine Jeffries tubes. It was going to be a long day out of the office. ::

(( Concealed places ))

:: After having to subdue a patient, and flee from Security, Rogg was concerned for the state of the ship. Upon noticing that the warp core had been ejected the Dachlyd Counselor was positively giddy with fright. Everything was going wrong. After wasting time heading towards Engineering (out of habit) Rogg was now sinuously approaching the Bridge. For practical reasons, there was only one access to the Jeffries tubes network from the Bridge. Fortunately, the Dachlyd was narrow and limber enough to fit through air vents. ::

oO I used to do this all the time for fun. I must be getting larger or lazier. Oo

:: Rogg peeped a glance at the Bridge of Discovery. There was a conspicuous absence of familiar faces. ::

oO Not good. Oo

:: The prudently intrepid Lieutenant Commander retreated around a bend. ::

ROGG: ::hushed:: Computer. What is the location of Captain Waltas?

:: The Computer quietly responded that the Captain had been confined to the Brig. ::

ROGG: Well that iss jusst perfect. ::a brief thought:: Where are the Bridge crew?

COMPUTER: They are on the surface of Aurix II.

oO Even better. No, they cannot all be in the Brig. That would be easy. Oo

:: Rogg had been about to depart, not looking forward to a redundant trek down into the belly of Discovery. However, a familiar noise drew the Dachlyd to once more observe the Bridge. ::

:: The bridge was much darker than when Rogg looked at it a few minutes ago. Also, Tyr Waltas was on it, though not in his customary chair. Also he was armed. Rogg knew from experience that once the Captain bothered arming himself, Tyr would have little hesitation from attack. Sure enough - he aimed at Ghyurn and fired a long burst of heavy stun, knocking the Gorn backward over the back of the Captain's chair and to the floor. He turned the phaser on the monks, his voice taking on a determined edge which only intensified Rogg's trepidation. ::

WALTAS: I've activated the self-destruct sequence, Ishtahr. One word from me and I'll send you to meet your deity personally.

ISHTAHR: And He will love to meet you too, Captain.

WALTAS: Your God may have omnipotence through your lives, but on this ship *I* am the final word. Surrender. Now. I have no reservations about taking a life to save a thousand.

:: Something about what the Captain said resonated within the Counselor. Rogg considered the importance of sacrifice, even of other people. A bit preoccupied with thoughts and schemes, the Dachlyd nearly missed the reappearance of Daisha Waltas and a few unfamiliar children. ::

:: Daisha was held by the monk Samael with a knife to her throat. ::

SAMAEL: Make a wrong move, Captain, and we will all go and meet Him right now.

WALTAS: Daisha..who.. ::Tyr looked at the two children.:: Tye? Sanuye?

TYE: ::Voice filled with terror, looking back and forth from his sister to the man who appeared to be his father:: Father?

SAMAEL: Heart-warming. ::grinning sardonically:: Brings a tear to my eyes.

ISHTAHR: ::sternly:: Enough, Brother Samael. Perhaps you need to pray and reflect an extra hour on the Psalms of Ifteq tonight.

WALTAS::Turning to ISHTAHR:: You bastard! Not even YOU could be that cruel.

oO Reflecting on psalms must be really bad? Oo

ISHTAHR: Please, Captain. Think of your children. Your precious, precious children. They have so much to live for. Don't snatch that away from them..

:: Tyr's shoulders slumped in defeat, he tossed the phaser to the ground with a clatter and spoke. ::

WALTAS: Computer. Disengage auto-destruct sequence and re-establish bridge control and command protocols. Authorization Waltas six one four bravo November.

oO No. Our best chance. Oo

COMPUTER: Self-destruct sequence Omega disengaged. Command protocols reinitialized.

ISHTAHR: Thank you, Captain. ::He walked up to the CO, his face mere inches from the Ba'ku. Unfortunately, Rogg's hearing did not allow what the robed monk said to be captured.::

WALTAS: ::Voice cold but louder than Ishtahr's:: Don't you DARE compare the love a father has for his children to the brainwashed fools you travel with, Ishtahr. Before your "God" appears I WILL break you, and I will show you what true faith is.

:: From being about the blow the ship up to ad hoc discussions of faith, nothing Tyr said gave Rogg confidence. Apparently the Discovery was compromised from conscious, capable crew to Captain. If Captain Waltas could not perform as necessary there was only one thing for it. ::

oO Alright. I will just jump down there, knock over Tyr and incapacitate the monks. And Ghyurn.. looks like Ghyurn is back up. Alright. Our Captain is unfit for duty so I have to relieve Tyr. And maybe while I am fighting Tyr will get back up and help? Clearly I am in the right. This is the right decision. Oo

ISHTAHR: The children need their rest. They have had a long journey. And the Captain needs to get reacquainted with them after such a long separation. ::He smiled at the Ba'ku and his offspring.:: See to it they get all the rest they need in the Brig, and ::casting Ghyurn a cold, hard stare:: you will make sure what just happened does not happened again, will you not? ::sly smile:: You are after all, Chief of Security.

GHYURN: ::Bowing low:: I beg your forgiveness, brother. I will not fail you again.

ISHTAHR: Excellent, brother Ghyurn.

DAISHA: ::Pleading with her friend:: Ghyurn! Why?! STOP THEM! GHYURN!

:: Tyr Waltas said something quietly to one of the monks but once more, Rogg could only speculate as to the words. ::

:: And then they were dragged off the bridge, the powerless Captain, the two boys and the furious Security officer, headed for their own brig. ::

:: Smothering mouth with a clawed hand, Rogg uttered a few serious curses. Foul curses not only to Inarr Rogg's ancestors, but to the deities and ancestors of the Waltas family, Ghyurn, and anyone who came to mind. Curses so profane they defied Rogg's outward meek and calm demeanor. ::

:: A security detail consisting of eight men and women escorted Captain Waltas, Daisha, Tye and Sanuye off the Bridge. Ishtahr turned to Samael. ::

ISHTAHR: Once the warp core is online, we shall head to the coordinates where the Gateway is due to open.

SAMAEL: Another six hours, Brother Ishtahr.

oO What? They have almost restored it? Oo

:: A weird paean to someone who Rogg assumed was not on the Bridge followed. The voice echoed into the ducts where a disgruntled Dachlyd Counselor was having a terrible first day. ::

:: The only upshot was that no one seemed to hear Rogg cursing openly. The Dachlyd turned about to make a long and unpleasant scuttle down to the Brig. ::

oO Alright. Depose the Captain to Tyr's face -- I owe Tyr that much. Then make certain the Warp Core is neutralized. Though might neutralizing the invaders be simpler? Well, time enough for that later. First to the Waltas family. Oo

:: Rogg had many matters to mull over and muse upon. Apparently Ba'ku children matured faster than Rogg knew, for one. And if Rogg had to forcibly depose Tyr it was going to be unpleasant. ::


(( USS Discovery, lower decks ))

oO I need a drink. Oo

:: Subduing an apparently crazed and controlled patient, fleeing and outmaneuvering ship Security, and then hearing that the Bridge of Discovery was now a haven for crazy talk had galvanized Rogg's determination. Yes, the ship appeared to be taken over. Yes, the Captain put family before duty just as the invaders clearly anticipated. Yes, Rogg could scarcely think of anything sane or practical to do so far as overcoming these problems. But was the Dachlyd Counselor going to let anything stop the restoration of order? No. ::

oO Control has to be maintained. Otherwise we have chaos. Oo

(( Brig ))

:: There was a faint noise, a nearly inaudible scraping noise coming from the air vent. It could easily have been an air impeller with deficient lubrication. ::

:: The guards shifted uncomfortably. Their primal, subconscious minds picked up on cues of which they would only later become cognizant. In a general holding cell, the Waltas family reacquainted themselves. ::

WALTAS: I don't know. You're part Talarian, maybe something about Talarians resist suggestion. Or it could be the more obvious..

DAISHA: which is?

WALTAS: You're female.

ANONYMOUS GUARD 1: Pipe down in there! ::The guard's directive was ignored.::

DAISHA: He did seem to want to get rid of me awfully quickly. I wonder if that's it. How did you avoid getting ensnared?

WALTAS: You can thank my sensei for that. His first rule was calming the mind. I can't block telepathy but after a few years..

TYE: A few HUNDRED years..

:: There was a quiet noise, as of some metal objects being surreptitiously unjoined. One of the guards looked about uneasily. The conversation in cell continued and Rogg was glad for it. ::

ANONYMOUS GUARD 2: Did you hear something? Just now?

ANONYMOUS GUARD 1: ::suspicious:: Like what?

DAISHA: ::Chuckling:: Yeah, he IS old..

WALTAS: Yes, after a few HUNDRED years I've learned to block some things. But I doubt if I were subjected to the full chant I'd last long. We need to get out of here. Raj and the rest of the bridge crew are marooned on the surface looking for the monks' toys. And I don't know of anyone we can rely on here.

ANONYMOUS GUARD 2: Like a, a ::The guard stuck one hand in a pocket and the other, holding a phaser, gestured in ponderous loops.:: like that time the Engineers- ::suddenly cut off::

:: There was a drawn-out, angry hiss from a near air vent at ceiling level. ::


:: The first guard rolled their eyes. Although under the influence of the cult, pointing out the obvious still failed to impress. ::

:: The guard moved closer to the vent to inspect it. ::

oO The proper procedure would be to check in and inform your superior of your decision. Oo

:: An unfortunate Starfleet Security guard had only a split second to realize their mistake. There was a louder hiss which degenerated into a screeching noise, accompanied by the sound of the vent cover separating. ::

:: With four pointy ends and a phaser, a Dachlyd landed heavily on the first guard. Emotionless, reptilian eyes fell on the second guard a second before phaser fire did. Feet with long claws grasped the first guard, shifting, pinioning them to the deck as a second round of fire mercilessly landed on the unconscious second guard. ::

ROGG: ::to no one in particular:: Jusst to be sssure. ::Rogg glared down at the prone guard whom had made a handy perch. They were only coming out of shock, one pinioned arm feebly seeking a phaser which had been dropped out of reach. Rogg leaned down, bending over on himself gymnastically. A free claw picked up the guard's phaser, awkwardly holding the small weapon. Rogg's nimble claws managed to successfully hold it at last, as unblinking eyes never left Rogg's prey.::


:: Rogg leaned an inch or so closer, unleashed a primal screech which had no translation. And while so doing Rogg fired a phaser burst into the helpless guard's protesting face. ::

:: The sounds of a scuffle came from elsewhere in the Brig, unseen by those present. ::

ROGG: Where is Ghyurn? ::Knobbly claws brandished miss-matched phasers meaningfully.:: Never-mind.

:: The Engineer-turned-Counselor gave Tyr Waltas a brief look of accusal. Then Rogg put the small phaser between some teeth and set to freeing the Waltas clan. For "Steve" Rogg it was easier than falling from a branch. Ensign Nickels (allegedly a functioning part of Discovery's Security Team) had been freed by the trusting Dachlyd several times from the Brig, so it was routine enough for Rogg to do with one free claw. It did demand Rogg's attention, though. ::

ROGG: ::through clenched teeth:: Waltafs, ::pause:: Tyrr. Thiss could eafssily haf been awoided, you know. Only fssheer dedicahfssion hafss me d'ing thifss forr you.

:: There was a squeedly-beep of protest from the manual force field controls. ::

oO Well, I am no longer responsible for fixing these, am I? Oo

:: Rogg jammed a dagger-like claw into the innards of the panel and the field fell. No longer occupied, Rogg resumed holding both phasers and levelly regarded Tyr Waltas. Older model phaser at the ready for whatever might come from down the Brig corridor, the other phaser was trained on the occupants of the holding cell. ::

WALTAS(es?): (response)

ROGG: Captain, my duty is to inform you that you are no longer fit for command. In accordance to Starfleet Regulation 121, section B, I relieve you your command.

WALTAS: (response)

ROGG: Promisse you will not let it happen again?

WALTAS: (response)

ROGG: Yess, sorry. ::Rogg handed Tyr the small phaser.:: Not unwarranted given your history, Tyr.

:: They exchanged looks. Rogg would have have shot the Captain in front of his family. There was no need to belabor what Tyr would have done if he suspected a lone reptiloid offered direct threat to this family. During the brief conversation, Daisha had armed herself with the unaccounted for phaser. ::

ROGG: ::to Tyr:: What happened to your sword?

WALTAS: (response)

ROGG: ::nodding:: A common precaution when one jailboid repeatedly breaks out of the joint.

:: Someone approached. Three phasers were trained on the new arrival, and as quickly lowered. A confederate had joined. ::

WESTERBRIDGE: (response)

:: Rogg smiled a wicked array of pointed teeth. ::

ROGG: I suspected I heard your handiwork, Tom. The other guards did not give you too much trouble?

WESTERBRIDGE: (response)

:: Rogg and Westerbridge had met in the Jeffries tubes, the little-explored and often dangerous conduits joining the ship's living areas with the ship's systems. They met purely by chance, but managed to hastily forge a plan of attack. Rogg went directly for the Captain. Westerbridge had secured the path from the Brig. ::

WALTAS: (response)

ROGG: I have assumed command, have I not? Now, as your acting Captain, I order you to lead us to victory.

WALTAS: (response)

:: Rogg shared a good laugh. They could all stand to shed some tension. ::

ROGG: Oh, and you might want this. ::The Dachlyd's grotesquely articulated hand dropped a small, bound cylinder of pressed leaves into the Ba'ku's free hand.:: Light 'em up, Cap'n. ::Rogg arduously lit a contraband cigar, easily holding it between teeth but struggling to get a good glow going.:: I figure we should make for the Battle Bridge. Let our enemy re-establish the Warp Core. Then we lock them out and get our ship back. ::Rogg produced a small gourd and sipped something spirituous from it. Then the grimly-determined Dachlyd exhaled a puff of rank smoke.::

WALTAS: (response)

ROGG: ::flat:: You have no idea how dedicated I am to this, sssir. oO And I am counting on Esk not having invalidated my Engineering authorizations. Oo

:: It was a courtesy that Chiefs were seldom rigorous about locking out their predecessors. Although confident in their own abilities, Chief Engineering Officers both acknowledged and respected the work of those who had gone before them. (Although in Rogg's case, the Dachlyd was only filling in for a while.) ::

ANYONE: (response)

((OOC: I am going to leave it up to Westerbridge as to the exact events before he joins Rogg and Tyr Waltas. Also, I'll leave it up to Tyr whether his captors found a place to keep his sword(s) from him. And someone else can determine whether Ghyurn has been taken out of commission, or if he still has to be confronted once more.))

Lieutenant Commander Inarr "Steve" Rogg d'Squamos
Counselor, Captain (acting)
USS Discovery-C