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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
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"The Festivities"

238402.18 (February 18, 2007)

(( Gosport Galley ))

:: Aresee mentally chided herself. If she didn't want to talk about the Borderlands, then WHY did she mention it? Unless, of course, she did want to talk about it... Shalom looked slightly panicked, as if he was afraid he was making her uncomfortable. Well, she wanted to reassure him that she was doing that all herself.

They both decided to stare over at Robin at Paul at the same moment, and Shalom voiced his thoughts a moment before Aresee was about to do the same for the same idea. ::

WINTERS: Aha, it looks like we should join the queue. I'd really appreciate being introduced to her, if you wouldn't mind?

VENTU: ::standing up a little too quickly:: Of course not!

WINTERS: Oh, thank you! I'm so bad at meeting new people.

VENTU: I think you're doing fine.

WINTERS: Aww, shucks, Counselor, you're making me blush.

:: She smiled at him and gave him a quick pat on the shoulder. Her fingers lingered for just a moment, right at the seam, but then they were gone, and they were turning back towards Robin.

Robin and Paul were making for the stage, where another newly arrived crewman had been singing. They joined the growing crowd around stage, and it looked like their rendezvous with the captain would have to wait until after the ceremony. ::

VENTU: ::to Winters:: Here's the actual 'ceremony' part. It's usually quick, though; we'll talk to them afterwards.

PHOENIX: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for attending. ::she smiled as she briefly paused.:: I know how tired most of you must be because of our last mission, so I will try to keep it short.

:: The ever-present Vicky Windsor handed some very familiar boxes up to Paul while Robin continued to speak. ::

( snip )

PHOENIX: Counselor Ventu, please step forward.

:: Aresee looked around at the crowd for a minute, searching for the lucky Counselor Ventu, before she remembered that *she* was Counselor Ventu. She shook her head, barely seeing the crowd as she climbed up to the stage, only remembering her work on crowd dynamics... ::

PHOENIX; Counselor Ventu. As counselor, you have the difficult task of monitoring and assuring the crew's psychological wellbeing. You have done so with great skill and commitment. For this, Starfleet has granted you the Order of the Valiant Heart award. Congratulations Lieutenant.

VENTU: Really?

:: A moment later, she could've slapped herself. She chose!. pull a 'gosh wow' attitude maneuver? She was just glad she got to leave the stage...although she was about to have a shiny new badge... ::

VENTU: ::quietly:: Thank you.

:: She turned to go... ::

PHOENIX: Not so fast Aresee... ::beat:: It also gives me great pride to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, effective immediately. Well done Counselor, well done. ::pinning the Award and pip on Ventu's collar.::

:: Okay...well. that 'gosh wow' attitude might be justified. Still, she was determined to make a better showing of herself than that. ::

VENTU: ::smiling widely:: Thanks, Robin.

DIAMOND: Congratulations Commander, you deserved it.

:: She shook Paul's hand, and smiled more widely still. ::

VENTU: And thank you, Paul.

:: She stepped down from the stage.... ::

Lt. Commander Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory
NCC - 362447