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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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OOC: Trying to write an emotional yet believeable departure for a Vulcan... it even sounds difficult, in my mind anyway. I'll give it a go though.


((Main Engineering, USS Wallace))

::His imminent transfer had not taken effect yet, he was still the Chief Engineer of this vessel. Thus he still had a job to do in maintaining the Wallace, even if he was unsure of her fate. This ship would soon either be out of use or be in the care of another crew. If the latter was true, the new Chief would not appreciate a mountain of work as soon as he took over the job.::

::As illogical as it may seem, he was going to miss this place. He'd not admit it to anyone, but he knew it was true. This ship had been his first posting after the academy, his first posting as a department head, and the heart that kept beating through all that time was in clear view of his console and his office::

::The room was relatively empty; apart from a crewman working on a console at the far end, the young Vulcan was alone. He stepped away from his console and walked towards the core; the warp core which had been his responsibility for over a year now, despite the ship being laid up in dry dock for the majority of that time.::

::Salak stopped next to the guard rail around the core, it's pulse echoing through the room. He reached out, his right hand flat against the surface of the beating heart. The warmth radiating from it made his arm tingle, his thoughts turned to all the events that had occured to him in this room, on this ship, on this assignment... in a parting move, Salak took back his hand and turned away.::

::He returned to his console, checked for a third time that the main systems were working within limits, and shut his post down. The crewman had left the room, he was on his own as he climbed the ladder onto the balcony, the upper deck of the room. He walked along the walkway towards a door in the corner. Before it opened, he turned one last time to look at the Engine Room and turned off the lights. The room lit in the blue glow of the Core, he stepped out of the door into the corridors of Deck 7, and the door closed behind him for the final time...::

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