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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((Salaks' Head, on a Biobed in Sickbay, Deep Space 17))

::A void, a barren black void filled Salak's field of vision. But there? Did he see something? A dim light in the distance, a slight tint to its' colour, a purple or a red... It grew brighter, larger... it's presence increasingly clear. Salak felt himself become warmer, sweating...::

::The sweat caused a singe as it poured over his wounded arm, the heat seemed very real... The source of the growing light became clear; a star to which his distance decreased... his breath insignificant as his sight became overwhelmed in the light radiating from it...::

::The light faded away, the star vanishing... the black void of previously was replaced; a room? The walls were a shade of orange, there were markings on the walls... They seemed familiar from somewhere, some sort of Vulcan text...::

::But not one which was used any more... the text was ancient, a language not used since an age distant passed. Such writing was rare away from Vulcan, it's use now restricted to little more than ceremonial writings. But why here?::

::There was a figure near the end of the room, little more than a silhouette. His gowns seemed to be those of a priest, thus Salak began to walk towards him... How and why was he in a temple? Perhaps, so he thought, the priest might know...::

::As he approached the priest, the holy man turned to face him, but the priest was not a man... Salak recognised her, and she wasn't a priestess either... but in Priests gowns? He could not understand, surely this woman was not on Vulcan?::

::But before he could ask any questions, the scene faded again, his body jolting. He heard a faint, constant sound, another jolt of his body... the sound hesitated, became more an irratic beeping. Salaks' vision went black once more...::

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