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USS Excalibur-A


Benjamin Livingston


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Columbia
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 236004.21
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown

Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards DutyPost PhoenixAward 2011.jpg Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg KlingonInvasion.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg

Ben Livingston

Sim Archive

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Stardate 239011.08

((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Excalibur))

Livingston: oO That’s it, then, just say it honestly. Oo Captain, the
crew has been talking about the … Walker incident. It’s got us all
concerned – not least of all for him. But we also want you to know we
trust you to get us through it.

::The important parts were out in the open, now. The rest was just detail.::

Nicholotti: ::Slowly nodding.:: I appreciate that.

::Appreciation was good. What it meant, exactly, Ben wasn’t certain.
Apprehensive about what should come next, Ben stood, waiting. After a
moment, he gave a curt nod and prepared to be dismissed.::

Nicholotti: It will take some time, but we’ll make it.

::He’d already taken the first step when he realized that she had not
dismissed him, but carried on the discussion. He gave her words some

Livingston: We’ve been through a lot. ::beat:: The crew, I mean. But
we’ll be back to nominal before long.

::It was strange using the expression. Normally, he’d apply it to the
main deflector, or to the hull. But today, the ship was the only one
of them left unscathed. Today, they bore the burden themselves,
waiting and hoping for some improvement. That improvement would come,
but he felt that an innocence – what little there was – had been lost.
Gripping the seat back of a chair, he slowly shook his head.::

Livingston: But something has changed.

::The words effected some change in her eyes, and she looked directly
at him for a moment. Then, offering him a seat by the slightest
gesture, she continued.::

Nicholotti: They say that everything changes, and nothing ever stays
the way you want it to. ::Sighing.:: I can attest to the truth behind
that statement.

::Ben had never sat here before, across from the captain. From this
angle, she seemed different. Somehow, she seemed not to be the
stalwart figure of command. She was not Fleet Captain Nicholotti from
this angle. This was Kalianna. And now, sitting here, Ben understood
why he’d come. He understood what Brek and Katy had been saying.::

::Ben Livingston was not a counselor. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t
recognize a hurt.::

Livingston: Let’s leave it at “nothing ever stays the way it is.”

Nicholotti: It’s been difficult, these past few months. We’ve lost a
lot of people.

::It was true, and it was a truth difficult to face. Ben sat in silent

::The door chimed, and they both looked to one another.::

Nicholotti: Come!

::Ben turned to face the woman who entered.

Laveaux: Response?

::Ben contained a smile. That first interaction was nerve-racking. He
distinctly meeting Kali for the first time. She commanded respect on
sight; he was certain to give it. First impressions really did last a
long time, it seemed.::

Nicholotti: At ease, Ensign. Welcome aboard.

Laveaux: Response?

::Ben stood and extended a hand.::

Livingston: Lieutenant Ben Livingston, Engineering.

::Usually an officer reported in to the – to Walker. A lump formed in
his stomach even as he shook her hand. This was another unseen

Livingston: Captain, I can get Ensign Laveaux settled. Given the circumstances.

Nicholotti: Indeed. Everyone is resting after a rather difficult
mission, but I’m sure the morning will bring you the necessary

Laveaux: Response?

::With everything settled, Ben prepared to be dismissed – again. All
that was left was for her to give the order.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant ::She paused as her impish grin grew a bit
larger.:: Commander Livingston can assign you quarters for the night.

::He opened his mouth to correct her. It had indeed been a very long
day, but for a Captain to lose track of -- ::

Livingston: oO Oh. Oh, I see. Oo

::He expected some sensation of the floor falling out from beneath
him. That was what he’d experienced each time before upon realizing he
had been promoted. Each time, he felt not-quite-ready for the
responsibility. No such sensation came. This time around, whether he
had been hardened by experience or whether had undergone some unknown
growth since then, he did not feel unprepared. Instead, he felt eager.
He was ready to push forward and take on whatever new responsibilities
would await him. At last, he smiled and felt his chest swell.::

Livingston: Yes, I can. Right this way, Ensign.

::He extended a hand toward the door, ready to lead the way.::

Laveaux: Response?

Nicholotti: In the morning, you can report to Lt Commander Orman for
your security clearance, and sickbay, for your physical and counseling

Laveaux: Response?

::Patiently, Ben waited for them to finish the exchange. No longer
needed as part of the discussion, he waited at the ready. He had all
night, after all.::

Nicholotti: Welcome aboard. ::Smiling.:: If you ever need anything,
please don’t hesitate to ask. My doors are always open.

Laveaux: Response?

::As they left, he risked a glance back through the closing door.
Framed momentarily was the Captain. He gave a small smile and a nod.
Then, they were off.::

::Ben led her off the bridge at a brisk pace and into the turbolift.::

Livingston: It’s been a long day for you too, I’m sure. That’s quite a trip.


::Ben had already said more than he was accustomed to say, but
something inside urged him on to continue. The lift opened and he led
her out into the corridor.::

Livingston: Yes, of course. Lieutenant Commander Orman will expect you
in the morning, but that doesn’t take long. Have you spent much time
aboard 118?

Laveaux: response?


Lt Commander Ben Livingston
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Excalibur-A