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Stardate: 248602.11
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Satish Janzar
Title: Like Something Out of Jurassic Park

((Jeffries Tube, Deck 14 - USS Challenger))

Satish whistled happily to himself as he crawled along inside the Jeffries tube, pushing the Engineering tool kit along in front of him. He was on the Challenger, fixing problems that no one even knew about yet. It wouldn't be long before the Captain would be looking in awe at the broken plasma relay in his hand as he explained how he had saved the entire ship from exploding!! They'd probably promote him straight to Lieutenant -- no, straight to Commander! He could have his own ship within a year. He'd be an Admiral by age 25, the youngest in history by far.

The whistling stopped when he banged his head on the top of the Jeffries tube with a heavy thunk.

Janzar: Ow!!  ::muffled curses::

The Trill continued to crawl forward, not quite as happy now that he had smacked his head, but just as sure of the job well done he would get from the Captain when this was all over. Reaching his destination, he snapped off the cover of the hatch and began scanning, opening the tool kit with his other hand. Just as he was about to reach into the relay circuits, he thought he heard something behind him.

Satish stopped and listened closely. There it was again. Someone was obviously trying to spoil his plot and steal all the glory for themselves!! Well, he'd show them. Leaving the conduit exposed in his haste, he hid in the adjacent tube, grabbing a heavy plasma torch and holding it in his hand, waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. They were probably alien intruders! Ha, he'd save the ship twice in one day!!! Ti squished his eyes up tight, listening hard. Was that -- ? No, he was hearing things now. Shifting slightly, he cocked his head to the side as if it would help him hear better. Instead, someone yanked on his head, grabbing his finely combed hair and throwing him to the desk a story below. He yelped as he crashed to the ground, holding up the plasma torch in his defense.

Boles-Barnes: ::shouting, sticking her phaser into his face:: Make one move, and I'll blow your freaking head off!

Janzar: ::forgetting his fear for a moment.:: You can't blow my head off with a phaser!! You can stun me or vaporize me, but my head stays intact, I'll thank you to note!

Boles-Barnes: What were you doing in that conduit?

Janzar: Fixing things!!  ::He pulled at his yellow collar:: I'm an Engineer!

Boles-Barnes: And I suppose someone can collaborate your story?

Janzar:  ::Looking sheepish:: Well....

Boles-Barnes: =/\= Lt. Commander Boles-Barnes to Fleet Captain T'Pen and Lt. Hella. I'm bringing one out. Please have the security team to stand by outside the tube. =/\=

Hella: =/\= I'm there, Ashley, send them out. =/\=

Boles-Barnes: Now drop that torch, and move down that ladder. And don't be all night about it, either.

Janzar:  ::Ti looked from her phaser to the torch in his hand, eyeing Ashley suspiciously.:: How do I know you aren't an imposter?

Boles-Barnes: Either go down the ladder or I'll throw you down. Better still I could have Lt. Hella come drag you out. Your choice.

Janzar: Going!

He dropped the torch without a second thought, scrambling out of the Jeffries tube. As he exited, though, a large lizard in a scene not unlike something out of Jurassic Park, attacked.

All the creature did was shove him to the ground, but Ti curled up in a ball and screamed, a high pitched, feminine scream. He briefly wondered if this was the end, realizing that at least if he died a sissy, no one but the cute Lt. Commander would know. And the alligator.


Ensign Satish Janzar
Engineering Officer
USS Challenger, NCC-12886

With Contributions by:
Lt. Commander Ashley Boles-Barnes, CoS
1st Lieutenant Hella, Marine