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The Awards Ceremony on the Independence where Karynn recieves the B-Plot Award and the Nebula Bar. I've included it less because of my writing and more because of its importance to Karynn's career.

((1900, Double Shot, USS Independence-A))

::Karynn was again in dress-whites, this time for a small ceremony aboard the Independence. With a plate of food in hand, she was happily sampling food from across the galaxy and hoping that sometime this evening she would get to dance with Ethan.::

Mar: Welcome to our little celebration. Every year Starfleet Command makes a point of taking the time to honor stand-outs across the fleet. I have a list of those so honored. Sarion, Lt. Ehlanii, Commander Brice, Commander Maria… front and center.

::With slight surprise, Karynn approached the small podium with three of her closest friends on the ship close by. Once they got there, the Captain continued speaking.::

Mar: Sarion Matsur has integrated better and better over the last year into operations aboard Starfleet ships, despite not wearing a uniform herself. In recognition of this, she is being given the Barclay Bead.

::Karynn would have clapped for her much older friend, but the red-headed Trill kept going. She had already given Sarion her award in a wooden box, but as she spoke she began pinning a medal on Karynn's crisp, white uniform.::

Mar: Karynn Ehlanni has constantly shared with us her own and our own secrets, parts of her life that don't necessarily deal with duty hours. For that, she is receiving the B-Plot Award. She has also been instrumental in the researching and recording of several new species over the last year. For this, she is additionally being awarded the Nebula Bar.

::Karynn would have pondered the immensity of the two awards she had been given, but the Captain moved on too fast, and she really wanted to hear what the Trill had to say about her Kiimosa.::

Mar: Lt. Commander Brice, during an incident that involved my kidnapping, took one for the team… a chandelier to be exact. This was a trial for him, physically and emotionally and I'm sure he was enlightened by the experience.

::Karynn groaned slightly at the pun, but already she was thinking back to his injury and its aftermath. They had fought for the very first time as a result, a fight they had managed to weather just fine. She had even gotten him to see a counselor after that. Smiling, she listened as Captain Mar continued, announcing the award that accompanied the story while pinning it to the brownhaired Terran's uniform.::

Mar: For this, he has been granted the Order of the Sheathed Sword.

::If she hadn't been in front of everyone she probably would have brushed his hand with her own in congratulations. But they were still standing near the podium, with the eyes of the crew watching him, so she'd have to wait until later. Besides, the Captain was continuing on, already moving to pin an award to Commander Maria's dress-whites.::

Mar: Commander Maria is not the typical officer. She takes a usual problem and more often than not finds an unusual solution to it. With this in mind, she is being awarded the Scotty Cross.

Mar: I have one additional award before I leave the stage and let everyone move on to their food. Lt. Rogers, please join me up here.

::Karynn smiled as the Chief of Security joined them at the podium. She had really come to respect the man, over the past year and a half that she had grown to know him, even if he had caused her some trauma with that grenade on the bridge...::

Mar: Over the last few missions, on both Ronin and Independence, Mr. Rogers has shown his versatility and dedication to his crewmates, his ship and Starfleet. On the recommendation of the command staff and with my own blessing, Mr. Rogers, I'm promoting you to the rank of Lt. Commander. Congratulations.

::She pinned the extra half-pip on the man's collar and shook his hand.::

Mar: Now, everyone enjoy the food and have a good evening.

::Smiling, Karynn stepped down and turned to those gathered near her.::

Lt. Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Independence-A

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