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Karynn writes home after a fairly long silence.

((Karynn's quarters, USS Independence-A))

::Karynn sat at her desk staring at the screen. It seemed like the longer she went without sending a message to her parents, the harder it was. So much, and yet so little, had happened in the nearly six months since her last message to them. It was hard to figure out where to start.::

Ehlanii: Computer, begin message. Recipients: Kolen and Maryasta Ehlanii, in Larysta, Halii. ::she took a deep breath and smiled:: Hey Kolla and Nolla. ((OOC: roughly Mom and Dad)) I miss you both. They keep us pretty busy out here, but I think I might have some leave coming to visit Halii.

::She paused for a minute, trying to figure out how to bring up the next part. With a bit of a breath in, she started again.::

Ehlanii: If I do, I might be bringing Ethan home with me. I know I've mentioned him before and... well, it seems like he's staying around in my life for a while at least and it feels like maybe he should meet you... and you should meet him.

::She smiled, thinking about Ethan and Matthew. Maybe she'd bring Matthew too, but that was a lot more dependent on his Mom than on anything else. She hadn't specifically talked to Ethan about going to Halii with her, but... well, that's why she told her parents maybe. If he hated the idea she could always say he was too busy to come.::

Ehlanii: He's... really great Kolla and Nolla. Kind, loving, supportive, funny. I enjoy spending time with him. It's certainly never boring. And he understands Starfleet life...

::She wasn't sure what more to tell them. There were so many things she really enjoyed about Ethan. The adventures they had, the way he ran his hands through his hair... ::

Ehlanii: He makes me feel safe. I think that's what I like the most. I know that he'd move Zatayran to keep me out of danger.

((OOC: Zatayran = mountains))

::She paused to change gears. That was really all she could think to say about Ethan. As far as her career went...::

Ehlanii: I'm still mostly a counselor, although on most of the missions I end up contributing from my science background. I prefer counseling, though. It's interesting to listen to people, to understand their perspective, and to attempt to help them learn, grow, and handle life's stresses more productively. It's so rewarding.

::She paused again, not sure what to say. She'd exhausted the subjects of Ethan and her job. Beyond that...::

Ehlanii: I've struggled making friends since transferring to the Independence. I'm still friends with many of the people who came from the Ronin but... I wish I could develop some other friendships too. I suppose I've started with the First Officer. I ran into him in the corridor once and we had a good conversation... :: she paused, realizing that she was wandering off topic.:: Anyway... I miss you all. Give my love to Lynette and Kole. I'd love to hear from you all sometime. Maybe we can at least work out a time when we can speak live instead of leaving messages for each other. I love you!

::She paused.::

Ehlanii: Computer. End message and send.

::The familiar beep sounded in acknowledgement, and soon her message was on its way. With a sigh, she turned her attention to her studies. She was much farther behind than she had intended to be in her coursework. For some reason, her Klingon Psychology class had been a lot more difficult to get into than she had expected. Soon, though, she'd be done with it...::

The End

Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Independence-A

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