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As Karynn's relationship with Ethan deepens, she realizes she has someone she needs to contact...

((Ehlanii's Quarters, USS Independence-A))

::Karynn was pacing. Back and forth across the small living area she walked, pausing sometimes to sit in a chair and then hopping back up a few moments later to keep walking. She knew the gist of what she wanted to say, but figuring out how to word it and how to send it? Well, that was another story.::

::It didn't matter that they had become friends - that he had given her permission to use his first name, at least when they were off duty. He was still.... well, he was still the man he was. The one who had ambushed her in her own office over a year ago, demanding to know what her intentions were.::

::She hadn't known at the time - other than knowing that she cared for him and would never purposely hurt him or his little boy. The scene had been tense, although looking back she almost found it comical. Almost. There was a part of her that still feared him... just a little bit anyway... especially when it came to his family. His words from that day echoed back through her mind. oOI don't have many friends Counselor...Ethan was my first that I didn't marry.Oo::

::Now she knew.... well, sort of. In a way, the Haliian knew no more than she had the day the Terran entered her office. She cared for him and his son.... she loved him. She had even told him so... they had told each other so. And now, she needed to know that his friends were ok with that.::

::Taking a deep breath she sank into the chair at her desk, trying to steady her nerves. At least he wasn't empathic. And even if he was, it wasn't as though he could read her emotions over subspace. His wife... well, she could probably smell her fear. Everyone thought so. But perhaps, maybe just maybe she could get through this without sounding like a bumbling idiot.::

Ehlanii: Computer. Begin recording message. Recipient: Captain Benjamin Walker, Commanding Officer, USS Ronin.

::There was a slight beep as the computer proceesed the request. At least it was only going to be an audio recording. Karynn wasn't sure if she could keep herself composed enough to send a visual one.::

Computer: Begin when ready.

::The computer's voice sounded entirely too cheery for this. It was annoying really. Why did it always have to sound so happy? No sooner had she thought that, than she started laughing internally. She was being entirely irrational about this. But knowing that still didn't calm the butterflys in the pit of her stomach. Taking a breath she started speaking.::

Ehlanii: Captain... Ben... It's not an official address so I suppose I can call you Ben.

::The Haliian paused. She was rambling. Rambling wasn't good.::

Ehlanii: Computer. Erase message so far and begin again. ::Another beep.:: Ben... I've been thinking a lot lately and I've come to the conclusion that....

::She paused again. This didn't sound right either. Sounded too... well, she wasn't sure what it sounded like, but it wasn't right.::

Ehlanii: Computer. Erase message so far and begin again. ::The computer beeped.:: Ben... A year ago you came to my office and demanded to know my intentions with Ethan. That day, and in the months that followed, I came to see that you and Ro are two of his closest friends. ::she paused. Yes, this was better.:: I can't promise that my answer to your question is any more concrete now than it was back then, but I think I have an answer for you. I love him. Both Ethan and Matthew. And while I don't know for certain where that love will take the three of us, or what the universe has in store, I know that I want him to be happy, truly happy, for the rest of his life.

::She stopped, considering her next words carefully. This was really why she was contacting Ben in the first place.::

Ehlanii: I know friends, and family, are important to him. They're important to me too. I'm... I ... I'd like to know. I need to know if you and Ro are ok with... well, with the two of us. If you approve. Do you... do you think I'm good for him? Or do you still have your doubts? ::She paused, letting out a slow, quiet breath, hoping that it wouldn't come across on the recording.:: When you have a chance... I'd love your honest answer. Karynn.

::She paused so the computer could process the data.::

Ehlanii: Computer, save and end recording. Record sender as Lt. Karynn Ehlanii, Ship's Counselor, USS Independence-A. ::A beep sounded as her request was carried out.:: Send with the next data dump.

::A sigh escaped her lips. She still had the chance, if she wanted, to delete the message before it went out. But... on the other hand... it was really a question that needed to be asked. She needed to know that his friends were behind them. If they weren't ... well, she wasn't sure what the next step would be, but she knew that it would be somewhat different than if they were.::

::She had other messages to send. She hadn't written home in ages. But... for now... she just wanted to get out of here. Tapping the panel on her way out to extinguish the lights, the Haliian headed out the door. The Free Spirit would be the perfect place to distract herself.::

Lt. Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Independence-A

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