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Karynn Ehlanii Brice
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Chief Counselor
USS Columbia

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Lieutenant JG Karynn Ehlanii - The Mark of a Good Friend

((Counseling Office, USS Ronin))

Ehlanii: ::laughing:: I'm glad you like the idea. ::She stood and walked to the replicator.:: Computer. A block of artist's clay, a wooden board dimensions 1 foot by 1 foot, a small bowl of water - lukewarm, and a towel please. ::The items materialized in the replicator and she picked them up and walked over to Jack.:: Here you go, Lieutenant. I'll go over to my desk and do some work. You can sit here ::she set the items on a nearby table and pulled it over to Jack:: and work until you're done.

Kolk: What? You've got to be -

::Both of Karynn's eyebrows shot up and her mouth tightened. Her look said "This isn't a joke- I mean it." Apparently the ACEO got the message.::

Kolk: Alright, Counselor, have it your way.

::With that, Karynn turned on her heel and walked back to her desk. As the ACEO got to work on his sculpture, she sunk into her chair and sighed, almost inaudibly. oOWhat a day.Oo She checked the chronometer - they had about two hours until the memorial service started. oOPlenty of time. If he's not done in an hour, I'll let him take it home for the evening and tell me about it tomorrow.Oo She closed her eyes as she began to process her conversation with the First Officer.::

((Flashback - about half an hour previously, Counseling Office, USS Ronin))

::Karynn felt like she hadn't slept nearly enough to make up for her extra-long day, but she had needed to get to the Counseling office in time to prepare for her appointment with the First Officer. She nursed her cup of replicated coffee, trying to banish her weariness. oOIts a good thing its shore leave.Oo She was looking over the human's record when the door chime rang. She stood.::

Ehlanii: Enter

::The doors slid apart, revealing the Lieutenant Commander.::

Ehlanii: Lieutenant Walker, please come in and make yourself comfortable. ::Karynn walked around her desk and motioned to the comfortable seating area.:: What can I do for you, sir?

Walker: oO Lieutenant? Oo :: Ben made an elaborate show of looking around him. :: Is there someone else you are seeing Lieutenant?

::Her face took on a deep crimson color and started radiating excessive amounts of heat. oO Oh crap. Did I just call him "Lieutenant"?Oo Taking a deep breath she tried to calm the stress and anxiety flowing through her.::

Ehlanii: No, sir.

::Karynn took another deep breath before launching into an apology, but before she could start, the first officer continued with his reprimand.::

Walker: Because...unless things have changed overnight...last I looked these pips say I'm a Commander...not a Lieutenant.

Ehlanii: Yes, sir. I'm aware, Sir. I simply... ::she paused:: oONo, that's not right. Just apologize.Oo I'm sorry, Sir. It was a slip of the tongue, that I will try to keep from happening again, Sir.

Walker: So, is this a sign of your abilities or can I at least presume that you know the basic rule of counseling...that anything discussed here remains here?

::A look of shock crossed her face and was quickly replaced by one of determination. oOI made a mistake in rank. Granted, it was a big one, but that wasn't called for!Oo She spoke firmly and confidently.::

Ehlanii: No, sir. I'm well aware of the rules and principles of counseling. Anything you say here remains here. oO Surely you don't think that I'm that unprofessional?Oo

Walker: Good. In that case...what are your intentions toward Lieutenant Brice?

::The blood, which had mostly left her face attempted to rush back in. Using all the control in her power she forced herself to be calm and confident.::

Ehlanii: ::cautiously:: Sir? I don't really think that has any relevance right now.

Walker: It is entirely relevant. You are dating someone who I know has been hurt previously by jumping in too quickly. He appears to be doing the same are your intentions?

Ehlanii: ::She raised an eyebrow.:: You aren't ordering me to disclose personal details of my private life, are you, Commander?

Walker: This isn't about rank...or position. The question is, are you going to date him and rip his heart out...or do you actually care?

::Karynn was a bit frustrated. She knew she had been ambushed and she didn't like it in the slightest. She cared for Ethan, yes. She cared for him a lot. And she had absolutely no intention of hurting him ever if she could help it. But she and Ethan were still working on figuring out exactly what their relationship was and where it was headed. They hadn't even really made any overtly public announcement. She certainly wasn't prepared to formulate in words what her "intentions" were - particularly not while being cornered. She spoke in a careful, calm, firm voice.::

Ehlanii: With all due respect, Commander Walker, that really isn't your business - and it certainly doesn't seem right for you to ambush me in what is scheduled to be a counseling session for you. ::she held up a hand to preempt any comment by the first officer:: However, I do understand the concerns of a good friend. I can assure you, Sir, that I would never intentionally hurt Ethan. Ever.

::Feeling his control of the situation slip, Ben pounced on her words. ::

Walker: Walker: Never intentionally? So you see yourself hurting him? Perhaps we should talk about the ways that you see yourself unintentionally hurting him.

Ehlanii: No, Commander, I'm afraid that will have to do. I am not the type of woman that goes around ripping men's hearts out. I'm shocked and surprised that you would even think that I am.

Walker: As I said Counselor, you are new..I don't know I need to find out as much as possible. So, about that...

Ehlanii: ::standing:: Sir, I have politely assured you that I do not intend to inflict pain on Lieutenant Brice. I have endured the insinuations about my character and patiently tried to correct them. I am sorry that it isn't good enough for you. If you must know, yes, I do care about him. I also care about Matthew. I would do just about anything in my power to keep those two from getting hurt. You will have to be satisfied with that. Now ::she walked toward the door and turned to face the human male:: if you have nothing to discuss other than my personal life, I think we're done here.

Walker: One last thing...not discussing either of our lives directly. Ethan was on the bridge when the incident happened. He might need to talk.

::Karynn was near fuming on the inside. On the outside she tried to maintain a calm, polite confidence, but she definitely wasn't prepared for the sharp change of subject. She almost snapped at the human in her office.::

Ehlanii: I'll look into it.

Walker: Maybe he doesn't...but he hasn't signed up for any more bridge shifts either...and is too proud to talk about it...

::Karynn knew he was right. And she hadn't really asked last night. Her eyes drifted closed for a moment as she pulled a few deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth, letting her anger cool.::

Ehlanii: I'm sorry Commander Walker. I really will look into it. I don't typically try to counsel Ethan, but I'll talk to him very soon - and send him to Counselor Grax if he needs anything official.

::Shrugging::Walker: There's a very old holostory I watched. In it one person is asked why he's risking his life. He answers.."because he's my friend". The first person laughs and says "So...I've got tons of friends, I wouldn't risk my life for them". The first solemnly says..."I only have the one". I don't have many friends Counselor...Ethan was my first that I didn't marry.

((Present, Counseling Office, USS Ronin))

::Before she could formulate an answer, he had left and the ACEO had walked into her office. Karynn sighed quietly again. She wanted to slump over on her desk - but that wasn't exactly something one could do with a patient in the room. She closed her eyes again. On the one hand, being interrogated about her feelings for Ethan by the first officer hadn't exactly been pleasant. On the other hand... oOAt least Ethan has friends. Not that I didn't know that, but its nice to know that Commander Walker cares that much about him.Oo She knew that loyal friends were hard to come by - and that having them usually meant a person was good and loyal too. oOAnd perhaps, if Ethan and I do work out, Commander Walker will come to count me as a friend too.Oo It was a pleasant thought. Her body began to relax as the tension flowed out.::

::Then, another thought crossed her mind. oOShould I tell him?Oo That was the real question. The conversation had deviated quite significantly from anything normally protected in a counselor-patient relationship. Most would probably say she wasn't legally or ethically bound to not discuss it. But then again, she had promised the First Officer that nothing would leave the room. oOI could always bring Ethan here...Oo A half-smile flitted across her mouth and she laughed silently. That would be sicking to the letter of her promise but not the spirit. oONo, unless there is a really good reason to tell him, I don't think I should. After all, there was no harm done. He was just trying to protect Ethan anyway. Telling Ethan could hurt any credibility with Commander Walker that I might have gained today.Oo She looked over at the younger human male sculpting on the other side of her office. oOTime to help himOo She walked over and pulled up a chair.::

Ehlanii: So, Lieutenant Kolk. How about telling me what you're doing...

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