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Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "The Matriarch"

238301.21 (January 21, 2006)

(( U.S.S. Victory - Mess Hall ))

:: Matilda Tayler-Ventu, retired starship captain and self-appointed Queen of Everything, sauntered serenely into the Victory's mess hall and was immediately greeted by the sight of the dancing, laughing crew. She turned her nose up at such frivolity immediately, and looked around for the distinguished-looking individual who would undoubtedly be the captain. In her mind's eye, she saw a regal bearing along with some fine white hair...perhaps a nice mustache, if the captain was a man.... She was distracted, however, as the volunteer band struck up a jauntier song and the crew began to dance in earnest. Matilda turned away from the crowd and to the bar, feeling sure that the captain couldn't be debase him- or herself by dancing with that rowdy lot.... ::

MATILDA (sniffily): How provincial...

:: Just then, Matilda's sharp eye picked out a young woman walking towards her. She immediately noticed the three pips glinting on the woman's collar, and her fears were allayed a little; perhaps this was someone important? There was the fact, too, that she'd come from the bar rather than out of the unruly mob populating most of the hall. ::

PHOENIX: Greetings... Commander Robin Phoenix, commanding officer of the Victory.

MATILDA: Ah, a commander, eh?

:: Matilda looked Phoenix up and down.... ::

MATILDA: Aren't you a bit young?

:: If Phoenix was annoyed by this remark, she chose not to rise to it....::

PHOENIX: You look familiar… have we met before?

:: Just then, the mess hall doors opened, disgorging a more familiar face.... ::

:: Aresee sprinted into the mess hall, clutching at the stitch in her side and hoping she wasn't too late. She immediately spied her mother, and groaned inwardly: Matilda had already cornered Commander Phoenix. She hurried over to her mother, hoping that too much damage hadn't been done.... She approached just as she heard her mother's response to what was (she assumed) a question Phoenix had raised about who she was. ::

MATILDA (a bit affronted): My dear, can't you tell? I'm Matilda Tayler-Ventu...mother of your esteemed...and recently promoted, I see...counselor.

PHOENIX: Of course, I can see the resemblance. Delighted to meet you madam... had I known you would visit your daughter…

:: By this time, Aresee had made it over, and she decided to make it perfectly clear that she'd neither known nor approved of this sudden visit. ::

VENTU: It was quite a surprise for me, too, Commander Phoenix. Imagine my surprise when my MOTHER arrives on the VICTORY without EVER TELLING ME!

MATILDA: Now, dear, don't get your uniform in a twist. Surprises are much more fun than boring old schedules...wouldn't you agree, Commander?

:: Aresee noticed that Phoenix seemed to be asking herself the same questions that Aresee was: Namely, how should they get Matilda off the ship? ::

PHOENIX: I would arrange you some quarters to stay a while…however we…

MATILDA: How very kind of you! I've staying in some of your Federation quarters before, and those little rooms are...well, tiny, but I'm sure Starfleet doesn't want you getting TOO comfortable...otherwise, you wouldn't do your job as well, would you? No, no...

PHOENIX (affronted): I assure you our VIP quarters...

MATILDA: Ah, finally...someone begins speaking reasonably! VIP quarters sound quite sufficient, Commander. If you'll just assign a lieutenant to carry my luggage and such...or perhaps a lieutenant commander?


:: Phoenix cleared her throat loudly. Aresee wanted to hide behind the bar; her only comfort was that the crew was dancing and talking so loudly that few people could hear them.

PHOENIX: Yes well... ::cough.:: ... can I get you a drink perhaps? Our collection of beverages probably can not compete with the usual number of choices you are accustomed to... but I think you will find them acceptable.

MATILDA: I should think not...but I'm sure you have SOMETHING that's acceptable.

:: Matilda took Phoenix's arm in a grib that felt distinctively crablike and led her towards the bar. Aresee, seeing no choice, followed along behind like a stray puppy.... ::

MATILDA: For example, I once ran a mission to the Gamma Quadrant and sampled some of the best tulaberry wine I ever tasted! I'm sure you won't have any on this little ship, but never mind.... And then just last year...

Lt. j.g. Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory