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Lieutenant JG Aresee Ventu - "I'd like to thank"

238301.17 (January 17, 2006)

(( U.S.S. Victory - Mess Hall ))

:: Aresee failed spectacularly at stifling another yawn. She mentally chastened herself: How could she have slept for days and STILL be tired? Besides, the presentation hadn't even started yet. She gave herself a mental slap on both cheeks...and just in time, as Commander Phoenix tapped her glass for attention. Immediately, Aresee's attention was on her...::

:: She listened attentively as her tired mind would allow as Phoenix and the Andorian captain, Avatar, spoke at length, explaining Captain Hurne's absence and the well-deserved promotion of Phoenix to captain. Aresee clapped hard with everyone else...but she was quickly jolted out of her happy reverie as her name was called. Her heart started skipping along at what seemed like three times its normal speed; despite being a counselor, Aresee still didn't like being in front of large groups. She realized that Doctor Harden had been called up to, but she couldn't quite catch Harden's eye. All too soon, both of them were standing at the front of the room...Phoenix was smiling....::

PHOENIX: Counselor Ventu, ::looking her into the eyes.:: Upon your arrival fresh out of the Academy, you came aboard Victory to become ship's counselor. This happened during one of our toughest missions, not the easiest time to join a crew. But you did, and how. Counselor, rarely have I met a counselor with such dedication, with such potential and with such a hard head.

:: Aresee felt the beginning of a blush start to crawl up her face as Phoenix smiled...::

PHOENIX: For performing above and beyond the call of duty, I am hereby very proud to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade, effective immediately.

:: Dumbly, Aresee stuck her hand out to grab Phoenix's and shook it, her stunned look turning to one of incredulity and then into a wide smile. Next to her, Vicky Windsor pulled out a small, black pip and handed it to Phoenix. With infinite delicacy, the new captain pinned it on Aresee's collar.::

:: Aresee, despite her new smile, was still in shock. Even with all her talk of being on the command track...actually being promoted was something else entirely...:

PHOENIX: Congratulations counselor.

VENTU (thickly): Th-thank you...Captain...

:: Aresee turned to return to her seat, but Captain Avatar had different ideas... ::

AVATAR: Counselor Ventu, before you return to your seat. Commander Phoenix requested that I distribute the Victory's personnel awards for the year 2382 this evening. Counselor, I am pleased to award you The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement Second Class. It is an award that has been won previously by several other Victory officers such as Lieutenant Commander Beta, Lieutenant Commander Hapgood, and Lieutenant Commander Makal Kora. Congratulations, Counselor.

:: Aresee shook the Andorian's hand as her uniform was further decorated with the TOSMA II pin.::

VENTU: I...Me? You chose me...? Thank much....

:: Her mind spinning, Aresee was vaguely aware of the mess hall applauding again. She looked out at the sea of faces, drinking it in...somehow, applause is very different when you're on the receiving end. Amid the claps and smiles, she wended her way back to her seat, ready to watch the rest of the ceremony....::

Lt. j.g. Aresee Ventu
U.S.S. Victory