SIM:Lee and Unum wedding sim

JP by MCapt. Miles Unum and PNPC LtCmdr. Talon Lee - Wedding Celebration

((Stardate 238712.21 - USS Ronin - Deck 3 - Holodeck 2 - Earth - San Francisco - Federation Embassy))

::The day had finally arrived. After more than a year of courtship and thousands of light years traveled to be together, Talon and Miles met at this point in time and space to enter the next chapter of their lives together. All of the required documents had been signed, and they would soon be officially wed.

Miles arrived at the holodeck early to make sure that the program was set up properly so that Talon would not be disappointed. The six Marine holograms were in place at the entrance wearing their formal uniforms with hats and gloves along with ceremonial swords. Miles was dressed similarly and proudly displayed his new rank. He looked around and found his father, uncle, and Boyd gathered near the altar decorated by an assortment of pink flowers at the top of the seven stairs entrance to the Federation Embassy. The two fathers, wore a black tuxedo with a bow tie and medium length jacket, Uncle Tom wore his Marine dress uniform.

When Miles reached the top of the stairs, he found the three men spreading dirt between the altar and the ledge of the stairs.::

Unum: ::chuckling:: Did you guys go to an after dinner party that you forgot to tell me about, and you're still recovering?

Stephen: ::laughing and smoothing the area of dirt in front of him:: No. It was Boyd's idea actually.

Boyd: I understand a certain little lady had wanted to be married on Earth, so I brought some for you and her to stand on during the ceremony.

Unum: ::grinning:: Awesome idea, sir! Thank you. ::shaking Boyd's hand:: It really means a lot for you to do this.

Boyd: ::shaking his hand, he put his hand on Miles' shoulder:: You're welcome. Well, Miles are you ready to take the responsibility of a wife?

Unum: ::smiling:: I'm ready, and we'll be here waiting for the lady you're escorting.

Boyd: Good, good, speaking of which, I best not keep her waiting.

::When Boyd went to get ready to escort Talon, Miles stood with his father and made small talk to pass the time. That uneasy feeling in Miles' stomach wasn't one of doubt but was one of anticipation.::


((Bride's dressing room))

::Boyd walked into the Bride's dressing room, and the vision of his daughter in her wedding dress was about more than he could take. A lump grew to almost choking size, while he fought back the tears he had promised himself he would not shed, while Commander Turner adjusted Talon's veil.::

Turner: ::smiling:: There, isn't she lovely, Ambassador?

Boyd: ::quietly, in awe of the sight of her:: Yes... beauty personified.

Talon: Oh Dad, you're just prejudice.

Boyd: Yes, I suppose so when it comes to my only daughter. ::turning to Toni:: Commander, would you give me a moment alone with her?

Turner: Of course. I'll wait outside in the corridor with Vee and Jamie. Just don't let her forget her bouquet.

::When the door closed behind Toni, Boyd turned to Talon, placing his hand on her shoulders.::

Talon: This is not going to be the Birds and Bees talk is it, Dad.

Boyd: No, just a Father-Daughter talk. I know your anxious to go to your young man, but indulge me a few minutes.

Talon: ::softly touching his face:: Oh Dad, I always have time for you.

Boyd: ::choking up a little:: Talon, you have always been the light in you Mother's and my life. We couldn't be prouder of you, and your choice of a lifemate. He's a good man. Be good to him and he'll always be good to you.

Talon: I intend to do just that, Dad. I love him.

Boyd: I know, but in a few minutes I will be giving you to him in marriage, but that does not mean, I give up my rights as a father. If you, or he, ever need anything, please don't hesitate to call on me.

Talon: ::hugging him tightly:: Dad, I'll never stop needing or loving you. Even though Miles nearly fills my heart, you and Mom will always abide in a special place there too.

Boyd: ::kissing her forehead:: That's all I needed to hear. ::stepping back, straightening her veil then pulling it down over her face:: Let's not keep Miles waiting.

(Time warp)

::What seemed like an eternity passed as the guests arrived and were seated. Amilla and Cara were escorted by Marine ushers to their seats, and soon after, the music started. Miles turned to look at the entrance. Vee, the flower girl and Jamie, the ring bearer, were the first to come down the aisle, followed by Toni, wearing a pale pink gown and carrying a bouquet of assorted hues of pink. When she had climbed the steps to the platform, and was in place to stand behind the Bride, Talon on the arm of her father, slowly walked down the aisle. Her eyes fixed on Miles.::

::Miles smiled at Commander Turner, Vee, and Jamie as they approached the top of the stairs, but as his eyes and mind focused on Talon walking down the aisle, Miles knew why the Best Man and the Maid of Honor played such important roles. He was oblivious to everything but Talon.

Vee stepped up next to her mother, and Jamie presented the Groom’s ring to Toni and the Bride’s ring to Stephen. Jamie joined his father who was sitting on the front row of guests.

Boyd walked with Talon to the top of the stairs, and when she was standing next to Miles, four-star Marine General Norman began the ceremony. When asked, Boyd announced the family blessing by stating that he and Amilla gave Talon to be married, and he lifted Talon’s veil. Both Talon and Miles stated their intentions to take the other as their lawfully wedded spouse, and General Norman continued with a few readings. With the spoken promises of their vows, each placed the wedding rings on the other’s finger. When the general called them forward, they each picked up their individually lit candles and together lit the center unity candle. Then standing at the top of the stairs again, facing each other, and holding hands, they listened as the general spoke to the guests.::

Norman: Before us all, Talon and Miles have professed their love for each other and have pledged their vows, and it is with the authority vested in me, that I declare they are husband and wife. ::smiling and looking at Miles:: You may kiss your bride.

::Miles held Talon’s hands and closed the short distance between them to kiss her briefly but lovingly. The general then had them turn toward the guests, and he spoke once again.::

Norman: I have the honor of presenting to you Marine Captain and Mrs. Miles Unum.

::Applause and one whistle from the crowd caused Miles to smile and chuckle.::

Norman: There will be a reception in the adjoining room for the newlyweds following the ceremony.

::Holding hands, Talon and Miles walked down the steps and down the aisle toward the exit. As they approached the Marines posted at the exit, they waited as the senior officer issued commands. The six Marines stood opposite each other with three on each side and their hands to their sides while they stood at attention.::

Marine Commander: Officers, draw swords!

::All six drew their swords in one continuous motion rising gracefully to touch the tip of the opposite sword.::

Marine Commander: Officers, invert swords!

::With a quick turn of their wrists, the Marines turned the swords’ cutting edges up and perfectly formed the Arch of Swords. Talon and Miles walked underneath and continued on to meet with the photographer and their families to have photos taken. The Marines returned their swords to their sides and remained in position until the guests had either walked to the reception room or left the holodeck.::

JP by

Marine Captain Miles Unum

SFMC Flight Leader

USS Ronin, NCC-34523


PNPC LtCmdr. Talon Lee

JAG Officer

USS Ronin, NCC-34523

as simed by...

Commander Toni Turner

Commanding Officer

USS Ronin, NCC-34523